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Your Future Can you see it? What does it look like?

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1 Your Future Can you see it? What does it look like?

2 Foreign Languages Offering LCISD Students More Choices

3 The Future is Bright The Opportunity is Awesome

4 A R E Y O U R E A D Y?

5 Opportunity is There ½ of American Engineers & Scientists are 40+ years old. How is this an opportunity?

6 Opportunity is There 2/3 of Math & Science teachers will retire by 2010. How is this an opportunity?

7 % of all Bachelor Degree’s Now Earned in Engineering & Science

8 Engineering only degrees: China -46% Russia -25% USA -5%

9 “56% of Engineering Ph.D.’s awarded in the U.S.A. go to foreign born students.” U.S. News & World Report 3-27-06

10 Advice to our kids from U.S. corporate executives

11 “There are huge populations out there who are motivated beyond your imagination. That’s what you’re going to contend with. They didn’t grow up with what you had, but they want it. And you can’t believe how much studying goes on in those families. David Calhoun Vice Chairman, General Electric U.S. News & World Report Job Hunt 2000

12 “Figure out something that you really like. Because you’ll be competing against students in Russia, China, India and the Czech Republic.” Craig Barrett Chairman, Intel

13 “Make sure you are really good, because you are competing against people who are very, very good. Instead of going to Disney World, spend 3 or 4 weeks living with a family in a poorer country.” Roy Singham CEO, ThoughtWorks

14 “The attitudes I see in Estonia, Mexico, Brazil, China, Latvia – they’re hungrier than we are.”

15 “Europe to Eastern Asia are on a fast track to pass the United States in scientific excellence and technological innovation” -Task Force on the Future of American Innovation American Institute of Physics

16 To Compete… You need to be better prepared than the other guy.

17 Your biggest competition will come from… WORKERS IN Southeast Asia

18 C H I N A Just How Big? 1,240,000,000 1.2 Billion Chinese

19 More People Read Chinese

20 Chinese market is EXPLODING The Chinese people have more disposable income than ever before.

21 U.S. Companies are Investing Billions of Dollars in China These companies need people that can read and speak in Chinese.

22 60% of the products produced in China and exported from China are from businesses from other countries.

23 China has forced U.S. businesses into increased competition. U.S. businesses need people who can read and speak Chinese

24 So why learn Chinese? Chinese is the language of nearly 25% of the world’s population

25 Just how many people is that? 1,660,582,962 People And Counting

26 Learning Chinese seen as future tool. The Houston Chronicle, August 27, 2006 “In January 2006, President Bush unveiled a $114 million initiative aimed at increasing the number of so-called critical languages, such as Chinese and Arabic…” “This is the largest initiative of its kind focused on language in half a century.”

27 Learning Chinese seen as future tool. The Houston Chronicle, August 27, 2006 “…the scramble to recruit (from China) and train these teachers for the start of this school year underscores the urgency the Bush administration is placing on establishing Chinese programs in U.S. classrooms.”

28 Learning Chinese seen as future tool. The Houston Chronicle, August 27, 2006 “People are finally beginning to pay attention to Mandarin as a major cultural and economic prospect for students.”

29 China currently boasts the fastest growing economy in the world

30 Proficient speakers of Mandarin Chinese will find jobs in various fields Business, Engineering, Technology, Government, Education

31 Of All Foreign Languages offered at American Universities Chinese has the fastest increase in enrollment

32 So is Chinese in Your Future? Can you see how learning Chinese can benefit your long term goals?

33 Lamar CISD is offering a Chinese Language Summer Academy

34 We want you in the Academy Your teachers and counselors have information about the academy. Don’t wait to register. You May be Left Behind

35 June 7-July1, 2010 George JH 8:30-12:00 All incoming 7 th, 8 th, and 9 th grade students NOT enrolled in summer school can register.

36 How Much Does Something Like This Cost? FREE Funding is provided by federal grants.

37 How Do I Register? Social Studies teachers have information flyers on how to register online or see the district’s web site for a live link. Parents will need to complete the form.

38 Your Future is Bright Take advantage of the opportunities today Thanks for your time!!

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