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Presented at the PSAT Parent Information Night at Radnor High School October 3, 2011.

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1 Presented at the PSAT Parent Information Night at Radnor High School October 3, 2011

2  Has external relevance;  Allows students to participate at no cost and during school hours;  Provides detailed score reports for student use in preparation for SAT.  Includes detailed support tools for using data to pinpoint instructional gaps;  Simplifies test scheduling and administration (2.25 hours, pencil & paper, common in-school administration October 12, 2011);  Correlates with improved SAT Scores (avg. 120 pt improvement);  Provides opportunity for students to contend as National Merit Finalists;  Allows RHS to identify students who may wish to consider taking an AP class..

3  Provide  Performance on individual skills;  Correct answers with explanations;  Personalized SAT study plan for each student;  Access to study resources;  Scholarship program information;  Access to SAT essay questions and real student essays at each score level;  Projected SAT scores.

4  To pinpoint instructional gaps;  To identify students with particular skill gaps;  To provide personalized tools for success in school and later on the SAT;  To identify students who may be good candidates for AP classes.  Colleges do not receive scores!

5  The deadline for ordering specialized tests or untimed test formats passed before we requested board approval to administer the test.  Any student who has been approved by CollegeBoard for extended time, extra breaks, or any other accommodation not requiring special materials will be tested using those accommodations unless we receive, in writing, a request to test under normal conditions.

6  Preparation is not necessary, but students who are well-rested and who are familiar with the test form are likely to perform better.  The CollegeBoard has many tools to assist those who wish to prepare.

7  Getting ready for the PSAT/NMSQT  The PSAT does not require students to recall facts—even the math formulas needed are supplied to them. Instead, the PSAT measures reasoning skills—for instance, knowing when to choose one of those math formulas and how to use it to arrive at the correct answer.  Long-term preparation  It takes time to develop reasoning skills, and that's why the best preparation for the PSAT/NMSQT is long term:  Taking the most challenging courses students can handle  Reading widely  Writing frequently  Studying hard  Getting involved in problem-solving activities through clubs, sports, hobbies, part- time jobs, etc.  This is the same preparation necessary for the SAT®—and for success in college- level course work.

8  Short-term preparation  Access resources on the CollegeBoard website  Test by Section: Take a closer look at the critical reading, mathematics, and writing skills sections of the tests. Test by Section  Approaches & Strategies: Tips on familiarizing your students with the PSAT/NMSQT before test day. Approaches & Strategies  Resources & Tools: Downloads to help you prepare your students and their families for the PSAT/NMSQT. Resources & Tools

9  Full-Length Practice Test: Answers & Explanations  Answers and explanations for the questions in the full-length practice test included in the PSAT/NMSQT Official Student Guide are available online. available online

10  The score reports you and your child receive provide valuable information about your child’s academic strengths and challenges.  In December, Guidance Counselors will be teaching all 9 th and 10 th grade students, in Health classes, how to interpret and understand their PSAT score reports.  The CollegeBoard provides numerous other resources to assist you and your child in college planning.

11 Provides a wealth of information about your child’s specific skill levels in math, reading and writing. Scores are delivered in early December.

12   My Online Score Report—an enhanced score report that allows students to review each test question, their answers, and the correct answers with answer explanations  My SAT Study Plan—a customized SAT study plan based on students' PSAT/NMSQT test performance, with hundreds of practice questions to help students improve their skills  My Personality—a detailed personality test that helps students learn about themselves and discover majors and careers that fit their strengths and interests  My Major & Career Matches—extensive information about majors and careers, including insights about what to expect and what courses to take now  My College Matches—a starter list of colleges based on students' home state and indicated choice of major

13 Provide:  Overall performance data: participation, scores, percentage of students who are on track to be college-ready;  Skill analysis: performance on individual skills;  Question analysis: performance by question type to guide assessment creation and practice;  Comparable group analysis: comparisons with like demographic groups to identify lower than expected performance;  Detailed overview for curriculum planning: compilation of strengths and weaknesses to guide curriculum revision and emphasis;  Clear direction for classroom activity: snapshot of skill gaps to provide to teachers for immediate response with current students.

14  On the November 8, 2011 professional development day, a representative from the CollegeBoard will present a workshop to our teachers about how to use the test data.

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