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WORD STUDY Year 3 Trimester 3. Magna/Mega Latin, Greek Great; large -------------------- Magnify Magnificent Megalopolis.

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1 WORD STUDY Year 3 Trimester 3

2 Magna/Mega Latin, Greek Great; large -------------------- Magnify Magnificent Megalopolis

3 Magnify Verb To make larger The biologist will use a microscope to magnify the tissue sample and examine the cells.

4 Magnificent Adjective Grand The top of the Empire State Building offers magnificent views of New York City.

5 Megalopolis Noun An area with many nearby cities Andrew enjoys living in a megalopolis because it allows for easy travel between cities, whether for business trips or weekend adventures.

6 Anthrop/Andr/Andro Greek Man; human -------------------- Anthropology Android Androgynous

7 Anthropology Noun The study of mankind Bart, an anthropology student at New York University, loves to visit the Hall of Human Origins at the Museum of Natural History.

8 Android Noun Resembling a human The android was able to move, talk, and understand basic commands.

9 Androgynous Adjective Having both male and female human characteristics; neither clearly male nor clearly female The androgynous gym uniforms were functional, but they were not flattering on anyone. Many rock stars have an androgynous style.

10 Phob/Phobe Greek Fear -------------------- Arachnophobia Agoraphobia Hydrophobia

11 Arachnophobia Noun Fear of spiders David loves all insects, and is particularly fascinated by spiders. His twin sister Erin, on the other hand, has a terrible case of arachnophobia.

12 Agoraphobia Noun Fear of crowds Francine enjoyed spending time with her friends, but her agoraphobia prevented them from going to concerts, the mall, or any other crowded place.

13 Hydrophobia Noun Fear of water Chloe’s agoraphobia prevented her from swimming with her friends at summer camp.

14 Phon/Phono Greek Sound -------------------- Phonetic Cacophony Euphony

15 Phonetic Adjective Relating to human speech sounds Ms. Gravelle asked the eighth grade students to provide the phonetic spelling of their names in order to avoid mispronunciation at graduation.

16 Cacophony Noun Harsh or discordant sounds The cacophony coming from the orchestra room on the first day of rehearsal was soon replaced with beautiful music.

17 Euphony Noun A pleasing sound, especially in speech Hillary is often asked to perform voice-overs for commercials because her voice has a beautiful euphony.

18 Tend/Tens Latin Stretch, strain -------------------- Contend Tendency Extend

19 Contend Verb To strive against rivals or difficulties Krystal had to contend against many other talented athletes for the coveted softball scholarship.

20 Tendency Noun a natural inclination Because of her hydrophobia, Chloe has a tendency to choose activities where water is not involved.

21 Extend Verb to stretch out to full length After months of physical therapy for her broken arm, Laura was finally able to extend it enough to reach to the back of her locker.

22 Ambi/Amphi Greek Both, on both sides, around -------------------- Ambiguous Amphibian Ambivalent

23 Ambiguous Adjective Having more than one meaning or understanding Mr. Mooreland’s ambiguous answers did not help the students to understand the reasons behind the Holocaust.

24 Amphibian Noun Able to adapt to both land and water The blue-spotted salamander, found in woodland areas and small creeks, is an amphibian.

25 Ambivalent Adjective Having mixed feelings; being unable to choose between two opposing sides The whole family is ambivalent about the move to the suburbs; they love living in the city but know there are also many advantages to living in a quieter, less crowded place.

26 Dorm/Hypno Latin Sleep -------------------- Dormitory Dormant Hypnotize

27 Dormitory Noun A building with rooms for sleeping Nora and Olivia slept in a dormitory while away at summer camp.

28 Dormant Adjective In a state of rest or inactivity Mr. St. Helens was dormant for many years before a massive eruption in 1980.

29 Hypnotize Verb To put in a state of physical relaxation through mental concentration Paula allowed the doctor to hypnotize her, hoping that it would help ease the symptoms of her agoraphobia.

30 Ver Latin True -------------------- Verify Verdict Veritable

31 Verify Verb To establish the truth of something The post office had to verify Reid’s identity before issuing him a passport.

32 Verdict Noun A decision based on facts The judge issued a guilty verdict after hearing all of the evidence.

33 Veritable Adjective Being in fact the truth; not false, unreal, or imaginary Oscar Pistorius’s success at the 2012 Summer Olympics, despite the fact that he is an amputee, is a veritable victory for disabled athletes all over the world.

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