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VOCABULARY For the High School Student HAROLD LEVINE

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1 VOCABULARY For the High School Student HAROLD LEVINE


3 1. CAPSIZE Verb Overturn; upset
When Sam’s canoe capsized, I swam over to help him turn it right side up.

4 2.CONTEND Verb Compete; vie; take part in a contest; fight; struggle
Every spring some baseball writers try to predict which two teams will contend in the next World Series. Argue; maintain as true; assert Don’t argue with the umpire. If she says you are out, it’s no use contending you are safe. CONTENTIOUS Adjective Quarrelsome; belligerent

5 3.DECEASE Noun Death; demise
Shortly after President Kennedy’s decease, Vice President Johnson was sworn in as the new Chief Executive.

6 4.DIN Noun Loud noise; uproar; clamor; racket
I couldn’t hear what you were saying because the jet plane that was passing made such a din.

7 5.DISTINGUISH Verb Tell apart; differentiate; recognize
The twins are so alike that it is hard to distinguish one from the other.

8 6.DIVULGE Verb Make known; reveal; disclose
Yesterday our teacher read us a composition without divulging the name of the writer.

9 7.DROUGHT Noun Long period of dry weather; lack of rain; dryness
While some regions are suffering from drought, others are experiencing heavy rains and floods Me

10 8.FAMISH Verb Starve; suffer from extreme hunger; make extremely hungry. The missing hikers were famished when we found them; they had not eaten for more than twelve hours.

11 9.ILLUMINATE Verb Light up; lighten; brighten
The bright morning sun illuminated the room; there was no need for the lights to be on.

12 10. INAUDIBLE Adjective Incapable of being heard; not audible
The only part of your answer I could hear was the first word; the rest was inaudible.

13 11.INCENSE Verb Make extremely angry; enrage; madden; infuriate
Some of the members were so incensed by the way Ruth opened the meeting that they walked right out.

14 12.INUNDATE Verb Flood; swamp; deluge
The rainstorm inundated a number of streets in low- lying areas.

15 13.JEOPARDY Noun Danger; peril
If you are late for the employment interview, your chance of getting the job will be in serious jeopardy. JEOPARDIZE Verb Endanger; imperil

16 14.MAGNIFY Verb Cause to be or look larger; enlarge; amplify; exaggerate The bacteria shown in your textbook have been greatly magnified; their actual size is considerably smaller.

17 15.MUNICIPAL Adjective Of a city or town
“Your mother works for the city? How interesting! My father is also a municipal employee.”

18 16.PUNCTURE Verb Make a hole with a pointed object; pierce; perforate
Our neighbor swept a nail off his curb, and later it punctured one of his own tires.

19 17.RUMMAGE Verb Search thoroughly by turning over all the contents; ransack Someone must have rummaged my desk; everything in it is in disorder.

20 18.SIMULTANEOUSLY Adverb At the same time; concurrently; together The twins began school simultaneously, but they did not graduate at the same time.

21 Later; afterward; next
19.SUBSEQUENTLY Adverb Later; afterward; next When I first saw the dress, it was $49.95; subsequently it was reduced to $29.95; now it is on sale for $19.95.

22 20.SURVIVE Verb Live longer than; outlive; outlast
After landing at Plymouth, the Pilgrims suffered greatly; about half of them failed to survive the first winter.

23 21.TRAVERSE Verb Pass across, over, or through; cross
The Trans- Siberian Railroad, completed in1905, traverses the Asian continent.

24 22.VELOCITY Noun Speed; swiftness; celerity; rapidity
Do you know that light travels at a velocity of 186,000 miles a second?


26 If that beached whale is to ***, we must get him back into the water.
At its maximum ***, the express train can *** the entire state in less than two hours. Though she has a strong voice, her words were almost ***d by the *** of the chanting crowd. While Sal ***d the attic, I *** searched the basement, but we failed to find the old comic books.

27 After the boat. d, we had to
After the boat ***d, we had to *** with the strong current as we swam shoreward. The *** employees were ***d when the Mayor refused to raise their salaries. The doctor’s *** put the health of the community in *** because no other physician was willing to practice in that remote area.

28 I know the Bakers well, but in their Halloween costumes I could not
I know the Bakers well, but in their Halloween costumes I could not *** them from the other guests. Driving is difficult on a moonless night when there are no street lights to *** the road. The candidate attempted to *** his achievements, but his exaggeration were ***d by the reporter’s sharp questioning.


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