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LGBT intersections The challenges of multiple identities in Public Health.

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1 LGBT intersections The challenges of multiple identities in Public Health

2 Multiple oppressions  Race/ethnicity  Geography/ rural populations  Ability  Mental illness/ recovery  Religion  Class

3 Race and Ethnicity LGBT people of color must contend with:  Racism  Sexism  Heterosexism  Internalized racism  Internalized homophobia

4 Geography  Rural health  Differences by state

5 Ability  Inclusion in the LGBT community  Inclusion in the disabled community

6 Mental illness/ substance abuse  Stigma of mental illness  Double stigma  Challenges of addiction

7 Religion  Range in values and beliefs  Source of great support  Source of homophobia

8 Class  Composition of SES of LGBT people  Invisibility of diverse experiences

9 Movie: La Mission

10 Public health implications  How may the intersection of identities affect public health interventions?  What considerations could you make in public health education to cater to the diversity within the community?

11 Acknolwedgements This presentation was designed in Spring 2011 by Curran Saile, Program Director of the Pride Center of the Capital Region done in partial completion of Masters in Public Health requirements at the University at Albany School of Public Health. The project would not have been possible without the support of Mary Applegate, Jennifer Manganello, Cheryl Reeves and the Pride Center of the Capital Region.

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