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2 The Early Church - moved in the power and authority through theocratic government (God’s rule), not democracy.

3 Restoration of Apostolic Government
God wants to restore the apostolic and prophetic ministries which have been lost through religion. (5-fold ministry: Ephesians 4:11) Mobilising the whole body of Christ

4 Denominations → Unity of the Spirit
Historical Overview Early Church Dark Ages → Revival → End Time Church 5-fold ministry: State Church 5-fold ministry 3-fold ministry   apostles apostles prophets prophets evangelists evangelists evangelists pastors pastors pastors teachers teachers teachers THEOCRATIC DEMOCRATIC THEOCRATIC PENITENCE → REPENTANCE ‘sin conscious’ Denominations → Unity of the Spirit

5 Church History About every 500 years there is a shift in the Church:
AD apostolic leadership: anointed, powerful in spreading the gospel structural church Constantine: State Church   Dark Ages false teaching: ‘salvation through works’   Reformation Martin Luther ‘salvation by faith’  2000- ‘Third Day’ Church apostolic-to take the End Time harvest Seek the face of God to prepare the Bride of Christ Refining through trials Latter and former rain Kindling the FIRE (Ezekiel 20:46-48) together (Joel 2:23) Refreshing in the FLOOD ( Ezekiel 47)

6 1400 ‘s John Huss got the bible into the hands of the people
 He spoke prophetically as he was burned at the stake: ‘You can cook this goose but there is a swan coming whose feathers you will not be able to singe.’ This was fulfilled in 1500’s Martin Luther - repentance from dead works

7 William Tyndale Translated the Bible into English enabling ordinary people to read it for themselves.

8 The Start the Reformation
Martin Luther a Catholic priest, re-discovered Salvation by Faith

9 The mind had to be renewed in order to see truth.
The church had to contend for the doctrine of salvation through faith.  The mind had to be renewed in order to see truth. 1800’s John Wesley –‘Holiness Movement’. Joy of hymn singing Spurgeon, Moody 1900’s Pentecostal Movement Azusa Street. Speaking in tongues. 1950’s ‘Laying on of hands’ for healing. Charismatic Movement. T.L. Osborne, Oral Roberts etc 2000’s Resurrection of the dead to be fulfilled by the ‘Third Day church’ (Hosea 6:2) Moving in the Spirit by revelation not religion. Seeking the face of God not his hand. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

10 1800’s John Wesley Preacher and Evangelist
Started the Holiness Movement

11 (Matthew 9:17) Old Wine Skin New Wine Skin
religion freedom of the Spirit  Pharisee mentality people released into their destiny and gifting  legalism operation of the spiritual gifts  tradition new movements dead works signs and wonders  maintaining status quo flexible  doctrine of man led by God

12 Restoration of The Five-Fold Ministry
Apostles Characteristics: Governing, warring, fathering & mothering, sending, completing, building 2. Prophets nabi – bubble up or stir the river nataph – those that preach or open up the heaven roeh – those that see shamar – those that watch chozeh – vision prophetes – those that foretell the future or expound with wisdom

13 The Apostle is a church planter, leader and overseer.
An apostle operates in all the five ministry gifts.

14 Characteristics of True Apostles:
glorify God not themselves long to see the saints equipped for the work of the kingdom point to God not man walk in humility and love are activators- recognise people’s giftings and release into ministries install government by God

15 Prophets or Seers- Announce or pour forth the declarations of God.

16 Seers - announce or pour forth the declarations of God.
Ro'eh and hozeh, are used to designate the prophet, both meaning "one who sees," and sometimes rendered "seer." The three words occur in 1 Chron 29:29. Ro'eh occurs twelve times (1 Sam 9:11,18-19; 2 Sam 15:27; 1 Chron 9:22; 26:28; 29:29; 2 Chron 16:7,10; Isa 30:10, 1 Sam 3:20; 2 Chron 35:18) Sometimes prophets are called watchmen sopim - (Jer 6:17; Ezek 3:17; 33:2,6-7); shomer, a watchman - (Isa 21:11; 62:6); ro`eh, "pastoral," a shepherd - (Zech 11:5,16).

17 Prophets experience Dreams and Visions
They may hear God’s voice and demonstrate God’s power in miracles or prophetic acts.

18 Prophets experience A call from God Direct visitations from God
Throne Room or heavenly court visitations Dreams, visions Demonstrations of symbolic acts and living parables The working of miracles Divine writing Divine supernatural discernment

19 3. Pastors The pastoral office is changing drastically in the new wineskin. Poimen (Greek) Roeh (Hebrew – the same as one of the prophet characteristics) Pastoral functions: Doorkeepers Watchmen Gentle and affectionate Called to comfort, exhort and to warn

20 The role of the pastor is changing in the new wineskin
The main function of a pastors is to watch over/protect/care for the flock/church members. Their primary pastoral role is being restored.

21 Doctrines needed to perfect the Bride of Christ
repentance from dead works holiness/sanctification baptism of the Holy Spirit- the power for service laying on of hands for healing resurrection of the dead

22 The End Time Anointing The Issachar Anointing:
Understanding Times and Timing of Blessing) The Biblical Calendar (Breaking into God’s Cycle ) Developing the One New Man (Christianity’s Jewish Roots) The Spirit and the Bride (A History of the Moves of the Spirit) Understanding or Enemy (the Antichrist System)

23 Is coming to equip the End Time Church
A New Anointing Is coming to equip the End Time Church

24 The Key to entering into the New Anointing
embrace transforming New Thought Patterns forgive those who have attempted to stop your progress receive God’s Grace to overcome! ‘So there is now no condemnation awaiting those who belong to Christ Jesus. For the power of the life-giving Spirit-and this power is mine through Christ Jesus-has freed me from the VICIOUS CIRCLE of sin and death’ (Romans 8:1-2) Ref: Cal Pierce’s teaching ‘Healing Wells’ , Spokane.

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