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2 Fondation Zakoura Micro credit A private non-profit organization created in 1995 to contend with poverty to develop and promote a sense of civic responsibility 449 branches through the country 1 566 full time employees (more than 1000 loan officers) WHO ARE WE ?

3 Fondation Zakoura Micro credit OUR MISSION To significantly improve the quality of life of some of the poorest Moroccans in the urban, peri-urban and rural areas with financial services that would allow them create or develop a micro enterprise To tackle poverty alleviation issue through women as the most powerful leverage against poverty (84 % of ZAKOURA beneficiaries as of today)

4 Fondation Zakoura Micro credit OUR ACHIEVEMENTS 2 040 805 loans distributed since creation 421 024 active loans 130 millions US$ outstanding portfolio 99.79% reimbursement rate Mix Market transparency evaluation 5 diamonds Rating : Micro Rate A -

5 Fondation Zakoura Micro credit OUR GOALS To develop a large scale program enabling:  to provide 1 000 000 active clients with our services by the end of 2010  to invest in the rural less developed areas in Morocco  to adapt existing products/services and develop new others to meet the demand

6 Fondation Zakoura Micro credit MEETING THE NEEDS ServiceAmountDurationPre-requisite Solidarity group loans From 120 USD to 2400 USD 6 to 9 months with semi monthly payments 3 to 5-member group and basic business know-how Individual loans for micro enterprise, rural tourism and well- drilling From 600 USD to 6000 USD 6, 9, 12, 18 24 or 36 months Developing business know-how Individual Housing loans From 500 USD to 6000 USD 6 to 36 monthsTo be an existing Zakoura client

7 Fondation Zakoura Micro credit NON FINANCIAL SERVICES Since its creation, Zakoura foundation has accompanied its beneficiaries by providing them awareness-raising sessions related to the rights and dues, health, solidarity, education and illiteracy... ensured by the credit officer during weekly repayment meetings and loan releases. Zakoura Foundation has created two new means for this:  MOUFIDA, the audiovisual department of Zakoura Foundation  ZAKOURA journal, a monthly newspaper

8 Fondation Zakoura Micro credit MOUFIDA MOUFIDA (which means: « useful ») is the audiovisual department of the Zakoura Foundation for Microcredit. Its mission is to produce short awareness-raising TV programs, scheduled to be broadcast for the Zakoura Foundation’s microentrepreneurs and for other players in the social activism field.

9 Fondation Zakoura Micro credit  Programs produced in Moroccan Arabic, so as to be accessible to all Moroccans. They should be available in Berber, by the end of the year.  Programs which are at the same time educational, informative and entertaining.  Programs which reflect the daily reality of Moroccans’ lives. TV PROGRAMS CLOSE TO VIEWERS

10 Fondation Zakoura Micro credit  Make people aware of health and nutrition issues  Initiate TV viewers to environmental protection  Develop a taste for entrepreneurship and for initiative spirit  Contribute to the formation of responsible and democratic citizens  Improve the daily life of the Foundation’s beneficiaries  Give micro entrepreneurs basic management skills  Help the Foundation’s beneficiaries know about other trades ITS GOALS

11 Fondation Zakoura Micro credit  Al Mouhim houa assahha : this program deals with all the questions related to health and prevention, and gives to the TV viewers information and practical advice.  Horouf Ezzine : this module presents beauty recipes based on natural products, showcases specific Moroccan products while offering some hygiene tips.  Bessahha oua arraha : this module presents the nutritional virtues of various fruits or vegetables and gives some tips for the preparation and conservation of food  Fidni N’fidek : this module informs citizens on their rights and their dues and explains to them the role of the country’s institutions. ITS PROGRAMS (1)

12 Fondation Zakoura Micro credit  Tarik Annajah : this module shows examples of individual success stories based on the spirit of initiative, hard work, sustained efforts and integrity. Once a month, the program also presents associations, through which engaged citizens can participate in the development of a better society.  Yaqoulou al Matal : Moufida proposes the discovery of a proverb from the Moroccan popular culture. The sayings chosen have a moral scope which underlines the values of work, honesty, solidarity, etc.  Hsseb or rbah : this module helps the beneficiaries of micro-loans to better manage their project by training them to the basic rules of management. ITS PROGRAMS (2)

13 Fondation Zakoura Micro credit ITS PROGRAMS (3)  Biâa Soulouk: this program aims at correcting bad habits of citizens in environmental protection and make them understand the importance and the stake of these subjects.  Hyrafiates: this program makes discover to the televiewers, handicraft jobs, through detailed reports.  2007 DABA: 2 programs: A program which aims at encouraging women to participate in political life by voting and integrating political parties. A program which explains all about parliament elections.

14 Fondation Zakoura Micro credit Written in simplified Arabic, vowelled, and in large fonts, the Zakoura Journal has asserted itself after four years of publication not only as a pedagogical Tool, but also as a communication platform between its readers who participate in its editing. By creating this “Journal”, Zakoura aims at supporting the thousands of women taking literacy classes, at encouraging them and at bearing testimony to their success. Sold for 1 Dirham (0,12 US $) in the most areas of Morocco, it is distributed via the Zakoura Foundation’s branch offices, and through various associations, firms and ministries. ZAKOURA NEWSPAPER

15 Fondation Zakoura Micro credit The Newspaper’s columns:  Law, obligations  Civism  Success (shed light on women who have assumed their destiny by taking some initiative)  Health  Beauty  Cooking  Culture  Presentation of works  « Life history » (novels)  Crosswords & jokes Monthly circulation : 42,000 copies ZAKOURA NEWSPAPER


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