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0 Prompt Global Strike Update Col Rick Patenaude HQ AFSPC/DRM August 2005.

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1 0 Prompt Global Strike Update Col Rick Patenaude HQ AFSPC/DRM August 2005

2 1 Overview National Guidance Prompt Global Strike Common Aero Vehicle Conventional Ballistic Missile Issues and mitigation

3 2 Quadrennial Defense Review “The defense strategy rests on the assumption that U.S. forces have the ability to project power worldwide.” “…require the development and acquisition of robust capabilities to conduct persistent surveillance, precision strike, and maneuver at varying depths within denied areas.” “…emphasis must be placed on manned and unmanned long-range precision strike assets.” Range Global Precision Conventional Nuclear Posture Review New Strategic Triad includes nuclear and non- nuclear capabilities Guidance Contend effectively with future challenges: Traditional Irregular Catastrophic Disruptive Projecting forces in distant anti- access environments Denying enemies sanctuary DefensesResponsive Infrastructure ICBMs BombersSLBMs C2, Intelligence & Planning -Nuclear and nonnuclear strike capabilities

4 3 Prompt Global Strike (PGS) Mission Need Statement Strike globally and rapidly with joint conventional forces against high-payoff targets In a timeframe reduced from weeks/days to hours/minutes noEven when no permanent military presence or only limited infrastructure is in a region Regardless of anti-access threats In a single or multi-theater environment Prompt Global Strike Next Generation Bomber Sub Launched Missile Likely to produce… A force mix Not a single optimized solution Other Determine the best method (means) to create desired effects: Common Aero Vehicle Engage Responsively: hrs/mins Globally: anywhere Lethally: precision Analysis of Alternatives

5 4 Time Sensitive Strike Targets Tae Po Dong Launch Pad “pre-boost phase missile defense” Study by ADVATECH PACIFIC found satellites vulnerable to ground based laser High pay off command and control “pre-boost phase missile defense”

6 5 Campaign-Level Military Utility Two independent CAV Military Utility Analyses conducted using DoD validated scenarios…results indicate: “CAV provided significant military utility in a variety of scenarios and was the weapon of choice for a wide variety of target types.” “Results showed that CAV has value, not just as a “Silver Bullet”, but as part of a total munitions portfolio that cooperatively leverages each element” “Force application effect significant and increases as Blue reacts to access restrictions: 7% - 16% improvement” “Large CAV strikes early on [integrated air defense systems and high value targets]: “kick down door”” “Red [offensive counterspace] is a VERY lucrative target, more so if no replenishment: ‘An ounce of prevention…’”

7 6 Common Aero Vehicle Mission Rapid conventional theater support and global strike on time critical targets Application across the spectrum of conflict One hour from decision to done, worldwide Variety of payloads 3-meter accuracy Potential for in-flight re-planning CAPABILITIES

8 7 SLV HTV Joint Air Force/Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency demonstration program Hypersonic Test Vehicle Hypersonic technology development Long Range payload delivery vehicle technology Air Force /DARPA Hypersonic Cruise Vehicle Space vehicle to carry 12,000 lb payloads at hypersonic speeds Aircraft-like operations: reusable, recallable, launch- on-demand DARPA Small Launch Vehicle Spacelift booster capable of placing 1,000 lb spacecraft into low earth orbit 2-hour launch from alert <$5M recurring launch cost Air Force FY04FY05FY06FY07FY08FY09 Hypersonic Cruise Vehicle B Hypersonic Technology Vehicle (HTV-1) Hypersonic Technology Vehicle (HTV-2) Military Utility Analysis PDRCDR Concept PDR CDR Flt Demo FY10FY11 Flight Demos PGS AoA Design & Development HCV FALCON

9 8 Conventional Ballistic Missile Booster Weapons Guam Alaska Vandenberg AFB Basing Triax Inert Mk 21 Peacekeeper Minuteman CAV PGSEV Mk 4e2 Minotaur III

10 9 Land Basing Attributes Key attributes of a CONUS-based system Prompt response Low cost to operate and maintain High availability…capable of 24/7 operations High reliability Unambiguous launch location No co-location of nuclear and conventional capabilities* Minimizes risk of misinterpretation Clear intentions Best possible two-way communications… immediate, real-time, with immediate feedback Horizontal Coffin

11 10 Precedence has been established START declarations help mitigate concerns Build trust through transparency Avoiding miscalculations Need to ensure no surprises- share Concept of Operations Engage in activities that demonstrate capabilities Participate in ongoing, continuous dialogue to share intentions Mitigating measures Develop Doctrine to reassure allies and adversaries concerning intentions Build confidence through gaming and exercises Field Artillery Dual role nuclear/conventional weapon systems B-52 B-2 B-1 ALCM TLAM F-16 SSGN Overcoming the Nuclear Stigma

12 11 Mitigating Measures To ensure there is no misinterpretation of the intent or use of the FALCON/CAV programs (conventional vice nuclear), a credible “package” of tailored mitigating measures is required…elements of the package could include: Conventional-nuclear firewall Separate basing Unique trajectories and flight paths Cooperative signature enhancement Distinct CONOPs and mission planning Shared early warning and on site inspections Strategic Dialogue and advance notifications Doctrine, Exercises, Gaming Intended to represent advantage of trajectory planning (not an actual trajectory)

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