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Welcome to Pre-interdiate Topic 1. Expressing frequency of actions.

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1 Welcome to Pre-interdiate Topic 1

2 Expressing frequency of actions

3 always100% almost always95% usually85% often65% sometimes50% rarely35% seldom15% almost never5% never0%

4 Look at the word order: 1.- She usually comes to Tronwell. 2.- She is never at work on Sundays. 3.- She has always arrived early.

5 EXPRESSIONS OF FREQUENCY: Once, twice, three times a week, every two days, every other day, once in a while, from time to time. NOTE: expressions of frequency normally go at the end of a sentence. Example: Jillian takes her English lessons twice a week.

6 Activity 1 Work ActivitiesChores Send e-mails Cook Type reports Vacuum Answer the phone Iron File documentsDust Coordinate the staff Wash the clothes Look at the information about the different activities/chores and talk with your partner about what you do every day and say how often you do the actions.(You can repeat the conversation, referring to a family member or to another person). EXAMPLE: a) What do you do at work every day? b) I answer the phone. a) How often do you answer the phone? b) I usually answer the phone.

7 Activity 2 How often do you... ? play music read a book go shopping watch soccer ride a bicycle eat out write e-mails get your hair cut drink wine

8 How often do you............?

9 HOW OFTEN... ? YOUPARTNER wear jeans? wear hats? eat light food?drink beer? go to the theater?go to the university? take the subway?take the bus? listen to music?watch the news? play sports?read the newspaper? PAIR WORK: Using Frequency Adverbs or Frequency Expressions, ask and answer questions about the YOU column and the PARTNER column

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