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Anger Free Cool Calm and Undisturbed Life For every minute you angry you loose sixty second of happiness 1By B.K. Shib Prasad.

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1 Anger Free Cool Calm and Undisturbed Life For every minute you angry you loose sixty second of happiness 1By B.K. Shib Prasad

2 Undisturbed Mind and Life Anger without any reason but seldom a good one Benjamin Franklin 2By B.K. Shib Prasad

3 Competition, No criticism No Jealousy When Anger rises think of consequences By Confucious 3By B.K. Shib Prasad

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5 Self Infliction, Uncontrolled 5By B.K. Shib Prasad

6 No fault No Fear You have n’t lost your smile at all, it's right under your nose. You just forgot it was there.” You have n’t lost your smile at all, it's right under your nose. You just forgot it was there. 6By B.K. Shib Prasad

7 Types of Anger Visible, Outburst, Revengeful, Openly harmful Subtle Oh God Give me Power to Face the Friends, I will Handle my enemies 7By B.K. Shib Prasad

8 Desire free, Expectation Free Life Desire free but not destination free 8By B.K. Shib Prasad

9 Form of Anger Revengeful thought Back Biting frustration irritation Negative thinking Curse Headache Burning Psychological Pressure Discussing about some one faults 9By B.K. Shib Prasad

10 Busy and disturbed life No time to manage own emotion, self talk Self doubt removal Time required to settle down disturbed thoughts 10By B.K. Shib Prasad

11 Adverse Consequence of Mind Temperature of mind Hot Mind Aggression Physical harm Emotionally torturing Creating hindrance Creating unnecessary Barriers or hurdles Ill Speaking of other 11By B.K. Shib Prasad

12 Affecting the Physical health Anger effect often the Body and Mind Mind gets disturbed Lose its balance Increase heart beats, palpitation, blood pressure, heart attack Why not to prevent self from Blood pressure and heart attack 12By B.K. Shib Prasad

13 Anger affect the Appearance Disfigure looks Everyone likes Sweet and Smiling Face face is the Index of mind Negative thoughts reflects in the Appearance also 13By B.K. Shib Prasad

14 Ego is the root cause of Anger, Anger out of Emotional expectation I People should respect me People should Listen to me Emotional expectation and thoughts belongingness I should lead and force or command everyone Whatever I say is right Too much delicate Inside weeping burst with time 14By B.K. Shib Prasad

15 Intellectual or Habitual Habitual anger cannot control self Occasional Too much rigid, stick to the rules Allow the self to break but will not bend Too much logical Uncompromising 15By B.K. Shib Prasad

16 Behavior out of Anger Trembling Broke down object Throw away the objects Tear apart the garments cloths Through out files or food Lambasting Continuously Roaring Self Infliction, cut some body organs Life is in their HAND – death is in their MIND 16By B.K. Shib Prasad

17 Broaden Your Objective in the Life Anger always come from Frustrated expectation by Elliot Larsen 17By B.K. Shib Prasad

18 Fear and fault instigate Lose of self control Do not afraid of Blackmailing Anything happens wrong then honestly express to parent, well wisher Do not afraid of blackmailing that can damage Fear, suspicion Doubt,assumption disclose of the hidden mistake cause tremendous anger Man can go to the extent of murder and anything 18By B.K. Shib Prasad

19 To relieve mental Pressure Share to family, friends, faculty or guide 19By B.K. Shib Prasad

20 Accept the Change Be observer of the world Drama See the different Role people are playing Eye should act like camera Anger is One letter Short to Danger D+ anger= 20By B.K. Shib Prasad

21 People Feel Anger as an asset 21By B.K. Shib Prasad

22 Practice Silence and Meditation Power of Silence Power of stability peace of Mind Be source of Love, compassion and sacrifice 22By B.K. Shib Prasad

23 Anger is the great force, if you can control it, transmuted into power it can move whole world, by William Shenstone Do not expect Regard Do not expect sweet word Do not expect Love and affection Do not expect all the salvation Do not expect success in all the steps 23By B.K. Shib Prasad

24 Anger Management Distraction Deviation Addiction 24By B.K. Shib Prasad

25 He is fool who cannot be angry, He is wise who will not, by What to do with power post, position and Pound People without any of them leading a happy life Give other who donate other never get tense Giver side always used to be happy Do not expect for your sacrifice 25By B.K. Shib Prasad

26 Understand the situation of other Compassion, calmness and understanding of other situation 26By B.K. Shib Prasad

27 Do not get disturbed by society Let whole world may be one side still do not confuse of victory do not get disturbed by group criticism and suppression Be optimist, Al Mighty Father is with you as long as You are Honest. Society always try to find a cause to criticize 27By B.K. Shib Prasad

28 Tolerating abuse is also sin Do not allow anyone to demoralise or abuse Tolerating abuse is also sin, save and protect self and as per need inform to proper authority Do not stand after a person who is unnecessarily want to disturb and demoralize you, get away from him Save self from fire and gun of anger with courage Similarly saving self from irrational bitter wording from other The person may be overlooking his own fault and may be making other responsible for that. Reveal the truth with courage once still the person cannot understand then leave the matter Time will reveal the matter, remain standstill, undisturbed and unhindered Neither Give pain to other nor accept pain from other Mean do not allow the bullet of anger of other to enter into your heart 28By B.K. Shib Prasad

29 Relax self at seashore, under open sky with, green environment Brain and Mind also need relaxation devote time for them for self talk to get rid of self negative talk Physical environment can cool down mental tension and give relaxation 29By B.K. Shib Prasad

30 Weak people take support of anger Strong and Mighty knows how to handle Angry People are those who are most afraid By Dr Robert Anthony 30By B.K. Shib Prasad

31 Food has effect on mind Meat and Flesh Food can instigate Anger Vegetarian Lifestyle can reduce their anger drastically with the practice of Meditation 31By B.K. Shib Prasad

32 Enjoy life like Krishna/do not spoil with fighting It is better to direct your anger towards problem not to people: To focus your energy towards answer not excuses by William Arthur 32By B.K. Shib Prasad

33 Get Rid of Different form of anger Fighting/ aggression Argument/ objection/howling/ roaring conflict 33By B.K. Shib Prasad

34 Forgive and forget 34By B.K. Shib Prasad

35 Anger Come out of Ignorance/Similarly out of little knowledge Anyone becomes can angry, it is easy but to angry with right person, at right time with right purpose and objective it is not easy by Aristotle Anger Leads to controversy, conflicts and arguments disturbing self and other 35By B.K. Shib Prasad

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