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Presenter: PhuongNQK. A shocking start Oh, my God!

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1 Presenter: PhuongNQK

2 A shocking start

3 Oh, my God!

4 Goals Introduce the concept of time management Introduce how to manage your time

5 What is our time problem?

6 I’m very busy with tons of things!

7 So am I.

8 So is everyone. We all have a reason

9 But our time is limited 

10 So… We need something like these:... we need to manage our time

11 What is time management?

12 In full word… The act of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity Help to determine the activity completion time and scope

13 In brief…

14 Then what?

15 How to manage your time? Know your time Plan your time Run with your time Review and learn

16 Know your time Precious Limited

17 Plan your time Set a goal LGP your TODOs Set milestones

18 Set a goal We need a goal to focus

19 … a SMART goal What exactly should be realised? How will we measure this? Is it feasible? Do we have control over it? Is this goal realistic and relevant to our life now? What is the timeframe to achieve this?

20 L ist GP your TODOs

21 LG roup P your TODOs What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.

22 LGP rioritize your TODOs Urgent first Quick (3 min) 80/20EasyRandom

23 Set milestones A milestone consists of a due date and specific scope of achievements. Any non-finished milestone is adjustable.

24 Run with your time Focus 100% Take regular breaks No multi-tasking Stick to your plan

25 Review and learn Ahead of schedule: Why? Will apply next time. Behind schedule: Why? How to avoid next time? Overall evaluation first Specific evaluation then …

26 Then, start a new cycle Know your time Plan your time Run with your time Review and learn

27 A quick review Anything new or wrong?

28 References /time.htm /time.htm


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