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GEM: Grace Entertainment Media An Interactive Hub for Christian Media.

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1 GEM: Grace Entertainment Media An Interactive Hub for Christian Media

2 GEM: Mission To provide Christian media content across all social-internet media platforms so that users around the world can be exposed to Christian values in their everyday walk through life. Provide revenue streams for Christian Churches and Non-profit organizations to help support their programs.

3 GEM: Background Early stage multi-media company Provides Christian filtered content across media segments: Movies, TV, Music, etc. Experienced management team (over 20 yrs. each) Monetization through Advertising, Affiliate agreements (royalties), User fees Access via all computer-smart devices Company addressing market need at time when Social Media is growing at 20% per year

4 GEM: Market Factors (Drivers) Utilization of Social Media is increasing as minutes of use increase (21%/year). World-wide purchasing of goods and services is increasing across four regions. Religion is still a very important concept to 80% of the general US public. People located in all regions are over 50% likely to purchase products via internet/social media.

5 SM Total Time Spent by Device: (Minutes in 000,000,000) 22% Nielsen, The Social Media Report 2012

6 How Likely to Purchase Via SM in 2013 (Nielson 2012) Nielsen, The Social Media Report 2012

7 GEM: Characteristics of Respondents- Existing Research Data Surveys by Gallup Poll and Nielsen-2011- 2012 and databases Surveys by Gallup Poll and Nielsen-2011- 2012 and databases Major Characteristics: Respondents Major Characteristics: Respondents ◦Time on Devices, ◦Importance of Religion ◦Likely to Purchase via SM

8 Importance of Religion-all respondents Gallup Poll:

9 GEM: Environmental Factors-2 Church membership & attendance declining-provide religion (ministries) online Social care (c to b) interactions increasing-highest in younger age groups Advertising on-line is positive-68% (largest revenue source for media companies)

10 Church Membership (% respondents) Gallup Poll:

11 How Often Do You Attend Church Gallup Poll:

12 % Engaged in Social Care by Age % Engaged in Social Care by Age Nielson Social Media Report 2012

13 Social Media Revenue-Ad Perception Nielson Social Media Report 2012

14 GEM: BUSINESS MODEL GEM: BUSINESS MODEL Provide 10 networks (segments) with multiple channels (categories) of content for Social Media users Monetization through Advertising, Affiliation Agreements (fees generated per transaction) and User fees Experienced (20+ years each) Management


16 GEM Movies On Demand Demo Site

17 GEM: The Solution Will be the World’s Leading Christian Media Source: GEM: The Solution Will be the World’s Leading Christian Media Source: 1. Our Facebook will be Gracebook; 2. Our iTunes: HeTunes; 3. Our Netflix GEMFlix, 4. Our Amazon? Amazing! 5. Not TBN but GBN - New TV: movies, talk shows, news, sports, comedy, docs, etc.

18 GEM Movies On Demand Demo Site

19 GEM:anagement and Business Model GEM: Management and Business Model Management personnel over 20 yrs each in experience Revenues based on existing social media business models Business model unique to this market (Christian SM users)

20 Chairman/ President/Founder Ken R. Unger 1. Over 30 years professional experience. 2. Reaching mainstream and nondenominational Christians 3. Music, radio, books and films. 4. Degrees in Marketing, Management, Psychology and a Masters in Theology. Business Development Consultant Clark Danielson 1.Over 20 years experience in investment services, education and business management. 2.Managed investment portfolios at Morgan Stanley and Seidler, acquired funds for research and institutional development. 3.Investment management, Health care research and education. 4.Degrees: BA Political Science, Masters in Public Administration, Doctoral coursework COO/CFO S. J. Andre 1.Over 20 years in financial management and reporting, long range planning, cash-debt management, SEC compliance, business development and shareholder relations, 2.2. Startups and the management of rapid growth as well as established firms in both the private and public sector and entertainment. 3.Sandra has a BS in Business Administration and an MBA in Business. VP Corporate Development Tom Keegan 1.Entertainment industry veteran of over 30 years. 2.Over 500 productions for ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and National Syndication Turner Media Group, Fox News, Salem Communications, IBM, The National Football League, etc 3.Ran a Christian TV network. Director Ron Pierce 1.27 years total IT experience in Web Architecture, Engineering, Design and Implementation. 2.2. He's also built huge projects both in the gov. and private sector 3.Fully qualified in web portal design, architecture and implementation.

21 GEM: Monetization 1. Advertising (largest revenue sources) 2. Marketing & Merchandising o A. Affiliates (Amazon, etc.) o B. GEM-Brands (Clothes, books, etc.) o C. Promotions (i.e. New Artists, Movies, Books, etc.) 3. Premium Services (Movies, Music and Publishing on demand, etc.)

22 Business Model

23 GEM: PRO FORMA 3-year projects Profit Margins ROI

24 GEM: Return on Investment Year1-3 (In $000,000) Year 1Year 2Year 3 Total Revenues 14.34616.69225.038 Gross Profit 4.815.623.4 Gross Profit Margin.33.93 ROI.57 Assumptions: Advertising-25 cos. @ $5,000; 6,250 users @$30 * 5% royalty * 183days; Web hosting 31,250 users @ $10/month; Capital raise $6 million in year 1; Investor payout $9 million in year 2

25 Terms of Investment $500,000 = 2.5% stake in company Investors have first right of refusal to continue to invest at a later date for new issues of stock. First $500,000 invested receives 5% stake in company Investor payout in year two at 1.5 times original investment.

26 Strategy/Timetable Initial Build Out: First 90 Days o Launch Initial Sites/Beta test (60 days) o Initiate Traffic (Free) Ramp Up: 6-12 Months o Perform Customer Validation o Add content based on results o Implement Monetization (Premium services, on- demand programs, ad revenues, etc.) o Launch official site Aggressive Marketing: Years Two & Three

27 DISCLAIMER Grace Entertainment Media (GEM) Grace Entertainment Media (GEM) and/or Ken R. Unger does NOT represent to be a United States Securities Dealer or Broker or US Investment Advisor. As a Representative of Grace Entertainment Media (GEM) and/or Ken R. Unger, we make no Warranties or Guarantees or any representations to the investor, buyer, seller or Transaction. All due diligence is the responsibility of the Buyer, and seller, or borrower and lender. This information presented and any related documents are never to be considered a solicitation for any purpose in any form or content and are provided here for educational purposes only. This information presented and any related documents hereto is a response to a formal request of information only. Upon receipt of the information and/or documents, the recipient hereby acknowledges this disclaimer. We do not provide securities or security related advice. No information herein shall be construed as a solicitation of investment funds or a securities offering in any way.

28 Q & A GEM Your Interactive Christian Media SuperSite Copyright 2013, Ken R Unger & Clark Danielson Ken R Unger: KenRUnger@aol.comKen R Unger:, Phone (714) 814 – 3200Phone (714) 814 – 3200 Clark Danielson:, Phone

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