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Sponsored by: UNCW Shared Services Steering Committee March 5, 2014 and March 14, 2014 Rev: H UNCW SHARED SERVICES WORKSHOPS.

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1 Sponsored by: UNCW Shared Services Steering Committee March 5, 2014 and March 14, 2014 Rev: H UNCW SHARED SERVICES WORKSHOPS

2 OverviewCharlie Maimone Chair Steering Committee Data Collection and Review JoAnn McDowell Chair HR Workgroup Workshop Exercise Steering Committee Workshop Agenda

3 “The transition we are making will not be easy. As we face a future of increasingly limited resources and even higher accountability for our operational efficiency, it is a challenge we must meet together, capturing ideas from all who are responsible for UNCW's continued excellence. We must collaborate as a campus, not simply within our own units or divisions, to put us in a greater position to capitalize on existing resources.” Gary L. Miller UNCW Shared Services

4 Steering Committee Charlie Maimone Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs Steve McFarland Vice Provost & Senior Associate; Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Larry Clark Dean, Cameron School of Business Sharon Boyd Associate Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs Brian Victor Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs David Glew Department Chair, Management Cameron School of Business

5 Charge to Workgroups Steering Committee Human Resources Management Report Writing Services CHARGE: Recommend an organizational model that maintains or improves on our quality of services while saving time and/or money for the university Budget Management

6 Work Groups BUDGETHRREPORT WRITING Data Gathering Major Processes This is what you told us Need automated workflows Subject matter experts Less paper Reduce redundancy Remove functions from employees who seldom perform them HR functions widely distributed Compress & redistribute work by subject matter experts Increase use of technology Grouping of reports with subject matter experts Standardization Reduce inventory by service type not departmental division

7 University Budget Council Review-Report Writing Endorse the Report Writing Shared Services as a project worth investigation More analysis to determine the number of individuals needed

8 Report Writing Steering Committee The Report Center design should include employee input Provide the following enhancements to reporting… CHARGE: Plan the Implementation of a single Shared Services Reporting Center, inclusive of reporting infrastructure

9 Report Writing Steering Committee Cont’d Improve data report integrity, availability and flexibility Increase data report writing productivity Reduce fragmentation of work associated with data report writing Eliminate duplicate data tracking and reporting Reduce the time required for accurate data report development Include measurable outcomes

10 University Budget Committee Review- Budget & HR Recommend both the Budget Management and HR Shared Services Reports for further review Recommended a blended HR & Budget work group Identified several areas for further attention and analysis

11 Steering Committee HR/Budget CHARGE: Appoint a blended work team to consolidate the Budget and HR recommendations.

12 Shared Services at a More Detailed Level JoAnn McDowell Interim Assoc. Vice Chancellor for HR

13 Recommend an organizational model that maintains or improves on our quality of services while saving time and/or money for the university The Organizational Charge

14 Process Steps Held 3 in-person data collection sessions with 300 staff: – To understand distribution of administrative work among 6 career bands – To gather feedback for improved work processes Subject matter experts “mapped” 7 key HR processes – Identified inefficiencies and developed optimal process flow recommendations

15 Processes Examined-HR EPA Staffing SPA Staffing Temporary Employment Classification Supplemental Pay Salary Administration Onboarding * Mapping process included input from over 30 customers/suppliers of HR services

16 Processes Examined-Budget Cost Shares SCRI Flexes Activity Codes Position Control Special Projects Year End

17 Here is What You Reported


19 Distribution of Work (1)

20 Distribution of Work (2)

21 Here is What You Said “...Admins across campus currently have some of the same basic tasks which would be more effectively and accurately performed if done centrally.”

22 Here is What You Said “There are folks doing similar tasks and none of them are experts. Sometimes it seems more time is spent locating the latest processes (and possibly never finding them)…”

23 Visually………

24 Current Staffing

25 Summary of Findings (1) Data collection: – Work tasks fragmented among 300 individuals performing functions of 56 HR FTE and 71 non-HR (Travel, Purchasing, Other) FTE – Work processes inefficient and inconsistent – Huge inefficiencies due to central offices interaction with 300 +/- individuals

26 Summary of Findings (2) Data collection (con’t): – Limited Individuals with complete process knowledge – Process implementation not standardized

27 Summary of Findings (3) Process mapping: – Lack of automation – redundant and error prone procedures – Time consuming loops exist – Task fragmentation – Inconsistent process implementation – Excellent customer service is difficult

28 Next Steps Designing for Success

29 Group1 Identify strategies to ensure open communication and provide all employees with input and feedback opportunities.

30 Group 2 Identify strategies to evaluate baseline knowledge and expertise needed by employees and subject matter experts.

31 Group 3 Identify strategies to ensure excellent customer service and accountability of service providers.

32 Group 4 Identify strategies to maintain flexibility, performance, workload management and student services for departments; ensuring work is distributed fairly throughout the university.

33 All Groups Identify strategies for how we can help your colleagues feel more comfortable.

34 Please Provide Top 3-5 Strategies Remember: We are asking for STRATEGIES not solutions!

35 What are the Dots For? Select best strategies Can distribute dots any way you choose

36 One More Thing! Are there any other important shared service factors we have not included ?

37 Shared Services Workshop Sponsored by: UNCW Shared Services Steering Committee March 2014 Rev: H

38 The Process Starts With Data Division # of employees in data collection Human ResourcesTravelPurchasing Other Business Budget Gen Admin & OtherTOTALS FTE Academic Affairs 15930.6010.1213.9711.7716.2173.08155.76 Business Affairs 5811.401.147.977.701.9427.5357.67 Chancellor's Office 172.891.631.730.981.317.6116.15 Student Affairs 489. University Adv’t 161.340.860.931.130.7310.7715.76 Blank 40.910. Grand Total30256.1716.9428.7425.5923.98145.74296.96

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