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Ed Woodrick – WA4YIH Georgia D-STAR

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1 Ed Woodrick – WA4YIH Georgia D-STAR
D-STAR Programming Ed Woodrick – WA4YIH Georgia D-STAR

2 What is Programming? Programming your radio the old way Crystals
Two for each channel Receive Transmit ~$10-15 each Specifications Operating Frequency IF Frequency for RX Series or Parallel Load Capacitance Overtone multiplier

3 Frequency Agile Icom 2-AT No more crystals Features
Selectable 5 kHz channel Dup + - Off

4 CTCSS / PL / Subtone Install in radio Set the tone
Open case to change tone

5 Today’s FM Radio Channel Number Bank Frequency Duplex Offset Step Size
Repeater Tone (Sometimes used) Tone Squelch Frequency (Sometimes used) DTCS Code (Seldom used) DTCS Direction (Seldom used)

6 D-STAR Programming Channel Number Bank Frequency Duplex Offset
Step Size DV Squelch (Seldom used) DV Squelch Code (Seldom used) YOUR RPT1 RPT2

7 Set Once My Call Sign /NOTE TX Message
Four characters that are sent with your call sign. No specific requirements. Common usage is your name. TX Message 20 characters that can be sent when transmitting. Will show in other users display if enabled. Common usage is your location Multiple messages can be programmed and then selected

8 The Big 3 RPT1 RPT2 YOUR

9 RPT1 Repeater Call Sign Module Identifier in 8th Character Examples
A – 1.2 GHz B – 440 MHz C – 146 MHz Examples KJ4BDF B K4WAK B K1XC C

10 RPT2 Repeater Call Sign ‘G’ in 8th Character Examples 12345678

11 YOUR / UR CQCQCQ Examples

12 Basic Programming 443.4500 DUP+ 5.0000 MHz Offset UR CQCQCQ

13 Advanced Programming Repeater Info Echo Test Examples
YOUR 8th character = I Echo Test YOUR 8th character = E Examples KJ4BDF I K4WAK E K1XC I RPT1 and RPT2 stay the same

14 Building Memories

15 Linking System to Link to Module in 7th Character ‘L’ in 8th Character
Examples KJ4BDFBL K4WAK BL REF001CL REF002AL RPT1 and RPT2 stay the same Unlink with U in 8th Character

16 Building Memories

17 Call Sign Routing Find Paul Eakin wherever he is
YOUR Call Sign KJ4G To Call a Specific Repeater /Call Sign /KJ4BDFB

18 Building Memories

19 Sample Operation To link repeater to a reflector
Listen, Identify (Memory 1) Kerchunk Memory 5 Robin replies “Remote System Connected” Switch to Memory 1 Talk Unlink Repeater, Kerchunk Memory 7

20 D-STAR Calculator

21 D-STAR Calculator

22 D-STAR Calculator Shows Radio Programming

23 D-STAR Calculator Shows What to Do

24 No Computer? Set Frequency Verify / Set Offset Switch to DV mode
Kerchunk Use One-Touch Modify RPT2

25 Demonstration Set Frequency, Duplex, and Mode Get Repeater Information
Set VFO Mode Switch Band as appropriate Enter frequency Press and hold DUP until +DUP Press and hold Mode until DV Get Repeater Information Kerchunk Press and hold RX->TX You can now talk, not through gateway

26 More Check Call sign Memories Press Menu Rotate until Call Sign
Enter (5) Check memories All on one screen on IC-91 Rotate then enter for IC-80

27 More Modify RPT2 Talk Select (5) Scroll Right with Right Arrow (6)
Rotate until ‘G’ Enter Menu Talk

28 Loading a 80/880
Select Standard Memory Listing Copy table, including headers Paste into Excel Remove and sort rows as desired Renumber channels Reduce to files of 100 rows Save as CSV

29 Loading a 80/880 Open CS 80/880 Select Memory Channels Import file
Write to radio

30 Loading Repeater Memories
Same process Includes 1.2 GHz modules

31 Regional Repeater Lists Regional Maps
Repeaters Near a Location Reflectors Nets

32 D-STAR Resources D-STAR Info Newsletter – published quarterly, available in print or download on Web Last heard list D-STAR info and D-STAR Calculator General D-STAR Yahoo Group Southeast D-STAR Weather Net Yahoo Group Icom Support - DV Dongle Info –

33 Questions?

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