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Preparing Our TQPs “Qualities” business is searching desperate for.

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1 Preparing Our TQPs “Qualities” business is searching desperate for

2 Ability to create “self- motivation” in others

3 Ken Blanchard Quote “People who feel good about themselves, do good work” —Ken Blanchard “One Minute Manager”

4 Ken Blanchard Quote -- revised “People who do good work, feel good about themselves” —Ken Blanchard “One Minute Manager” —Revised thinking

5 The Quality Connection All work is done within a system, and all systems, large and small, are governed by the rules of quality.

6 Dr. Deming’s Lesson Quality Problems? 85% are caused by the system 15% are caused by employees

7 Celebrate Failures!

8 Improvement… Innovation… Experiementation… Occassional failure… Closer to success

9 Branson quote “Reward excellent failures. Punish mediocre successes.” —Sir Richard Branson, Founder Virgin Atlantic Airways

10 Quote: Success is seldom... "Success is rarely final, and failure is seldom fatal." -Thomas J. Watson Sr., founder IBM

11 Quote: Forgivenes s and permission "It's easier to get forgiveness than permission.“


13 Incremental improvement vs. Breakthrough

14 A Typical Question “Do you think we might be able to notch up quality a bit this year? Is there any room for a little productivity increase?”

15 “If you remember nothing else, remember this: Business efficiencies are essentially… infinite.” —Jack Welch, CEO, GE —Jack Welch, CEO, GE

16 Harley ad

17 Create symbols of urgency

18 “Take a car. Cut the roof off. I’ll drive it home tonight.” —Lee Iacocca

19 “If things seem under control, you’re just not going fast enough.” -Mario Andretti

20 Embrace Perfection

21 99.9% 48,000 lost pieces of mail each hour in the USA

22 2 unsafe landings at Mumbai Airport each day 99.9%

23 22,000 checks deducted from the wrong account each hour in the USA 99.9%

24 Unsafe drinking water for 1 hour each month 99.9%

25 1,100 incorrect surgical operations per week in India 99.9%

26 140,000 falsified tax returns each year in the USA 99.9%

27 250 newborn babies dropped at birth by doctors each day in India 99.9%

28 500,000 wrong drug prescriptions each year in India 99.9%

29 Your heart fails to beat 32,000 times each year 99.9%

30 "It is very dangerous to try to leap a chasm in two bounds." -Chinese proverb Chinese proverb

31 Integrate Quality with… Everything else!

32 The Old Paradigm “Quality is number one!” “…no, wait, productivity is key!” “…sorry, speed is the new priority” “…stop! We have a new cost reduction program!”

33 Q=P

34 Discard “Customer Satisfaction”

35 “The Age of the Never Satisfied Customer” -Regis McKenna

36 But what about… Customer Delight? Customer Surprise? Customer Bewilderment? Customer Enchantment?

37 END

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