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Language points. 1. 值得进一步发展 2. 游览,观光 3. 成就感 4. 一到达顶部 5. 以 … 方向 6. 增添 7. 发出 8. 和环境相配 9. 与 … 相连接 10. 踢进制胜的一球 11. 提出不同的意见 deserve to be developed further.

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Presentation on theme: "Language points. 1. 值得进一步发展 2. 游览,观光 3. 成就感 4. 一到达顶部 5. 以 … 方向 6. 增添 7. 发出 8. 和环境相配 9. 与 … 相连接 10. 踢进制胜的一球 11. 提出不同的意见 deserve to be developed further."— Presentation transcript:

1 Language points


3 1. 值得进一步发展 2. 游览,观光 3. 成就感 4. 一到达顶部 5. 以 … 方向 6. 增添 7. 发出 8. 和环境相配 9. 与 … 相连接 10. 踢进制胜的一球 11. 提出不同的意见 deserve to be developed further go sightseeing a sense of achievement upon reaching the top in the direction add to give out match the environment be connected to score the winning goal put forward an agreement

4 12. 在 … 的帮助下 13. 在现实中 14. 借助 … 的便利 15. 不需要冒着 … 的风险 16. 让历史再现 17. 让学生可以经历 … 18, 为城市规划提供绝佳 的技术 19. 让设计进入电脑 20. 修改 21. 进行建设 22. 长期看 23. 与 … 比起来, with the aid of in reality in the convenience of without the risk of bring history alive allow students to experience provide fantastic technology for urban planning carry out construction Compared with\to, in the long term enter the design into a computer make changes (to)


6 1. Not only will he or she feel every step of climbing Mount Qomolangma, but the user will also experience the cold, smells, sights and sounds of the surrounding environment. 难句翻译 观众不仅能感觉到攀登珠穆郎玛峰的每一步, 还 能体验到周围环境中的寒冷, 气味, 景观和声音。 not only…but also 不但 … 而且 …but also 中的 also 可省去 ; but also 也可换成 but…as well

7 not only 放在句首, 所在分句用部分倒装 他不但喜欢英语, 也喜欢汉语。 He likes not only English but also Chinese. =______________________________________ __________ Not only does he like English, but also Chinese. 你不但没认识到自己的错误,而且还一犯再犯。 知识梳理 Not only did you not realize your mistakes, but you also made them again and again.

8 否定词放在句首, 主句用局部倒装, 常见的否定词 有 : never, hardly, seldom, rarely( 很少,难 得), little, nowhere, in no way( 决不 ), at no time( 决不 ), not only, in no case( 决不 ),not until 等等。 知识拓展

9 1. I have been living in the United States for twenty years, but seldom _____ so lonely as now. ( 2007 辽宁卷) A. have I felt B. I had felt C. I have felt D. had I felt

10 2. Not until all the fish died in the river, ____ how serious the pollution was. A. did the villagers realize B. the villagers realized C. the villagers did realize D. didn’t the villagers realize

11 一到达山顶,他 / 她就会享受到一种愉悦感和成就 感。 2. He or she will enjoy a feeling of happiness and a sense of achievement upon reaching the top. upon/on +n./doing: prep. 一 …… 就 …… 表示 “ 一 … 就 …” 的连词还有: the moment\minute ; immediately; no sooner…than; hardly…when… 难句翻译 知识梳理

12 一到达巴黎, 著名影星就被他的一大群影迷 认出了。 ____________________, the famous film star was recognized by a large crowd of his fans. On his arrival in Paris =As soon as he arrived,… =Hardly had he arrived when… =No sooner had he arrived than… =Immediately he arrived,… =The moment he arrived,… 合作探究

13 3. To add to the virtual world of RealCine, the headsets even have small openings that give out smells to match the environment. 给 Realcine 锦上添花的是, 耳机上甚至有些小孔, 可以释放出与环境相匹配的气味。 难句翻译 add to give out

14 *Please add all the figures up. _______ *The bad weather added to our difficulties. ________ *If the tea is too strong, add some water (to it). ____________ *The bill added up to 200 dollars._________ 加起来 增添了 往 … 添加 … 总计 add…to … 往 … 添加 … add to: 使增强,增添了 add …up: 把 … 加起来 add up to: 总计为,合计 快译快答 In conclusion 快译快答

15 牛刀小试 ① Thousands of new books from abroad have been ________ the school library. ② Setting off fireworks can_______ the atmosphere of the festival. ③ You must have made a mistake when you _______ the bill _____, because the bill ___________ more than 1000 yuan. added to add to addedup added up to

16 give out ① send out (vt.) 散发(光、热、气味等) ② hand out (vt. ) 分发 hand in 上交 ③ announce (vt.) 发布,公布 ④ be used up (vi.) 用光,耗尽 ⑤ be tired out (vi.) 精疲力尽 知识梳理

17 *When my boy made the same mistake again, my patience gave out. *After climbing up the mountain, I gave out. *The flowers in the garden give out a pleasant smell. *In order to go to school, the 7-year-old boy made money by giving out leaflets in the street. 用光, 耗尽 筋疲力尽 散发出 分发 快译快答

18 give 常用短语: give away (vt.) (1) 赠送; (2) 泄露 ( 秘密 ), 出卖; give in (vi.) 屈服于 give in to sb./sth. 向某人 / 某事屈服 give off (vt.) 放出 ( 光、烟、气味等 ) , 散发 give up 放弃 give up +n./doing 知识拓展

19 1. In those days , he used to give _____ a part of his income to help his friend. 2. Both sides argued with reason , and neither would give _____. 3. If they are burned , they give _____ poisonous gases. 4. When they made ready to climb the next ridge (山脊), they found that their oxygen had given ______. 5. Both the man and horse gave _____ after the long ride. 6. All hope of finding the missing aircraft was given _____ and the search stopped. away in off out up

20 4. An argument has been put forward that some viewers will be disappointed by RealCine because VR is not real. 有人提出不同意见,认为一些用户可能会对 Realcine 失望,因为虚拟现实毕竟不是真的。 put forward 提出 The peace plan was put forward last August is still under discussion. 难句翻译 知识梳理 同位语从句

21 put 常用短语: put away (vt.) 收拾起来, 放好 ; 储蓄 =put aside put down (vt.) 放下 ; 写下 put off (vt.) 推迟 put out (vt.) 伸出 ; 扑灭 put up (vt.) 挂起, 张贴 ; 举起, 抬起 ; 留宿 put up with 忍受 put on: 穿上,上演 put…together: 把 … 组装起来 知识拓展

22 *The forest guards often find campfires that have not been _____ completely. A. turned down B. put out C. put away D. turned over

23 *People often_____ couplets( 对联 ) in the Spring Festival in China. A. put up B. take down C. set off D. start with

24 *I don't know how his parents ____ his bad behavior. A. put up B. put down C. put up with D. put forward

25 5.This kind of urban planning is in the long term cheaper and more practical, compared with the way most urban planning is done today. that,in which 1.__________(compare) yourself to other people, you will find your problems are not so terrible. 2. __________(compare) with western countries, China is still under-developed. 3.________(compare)these two products, and you’ll find this one is better. Comparing 4.The poets often compare life _____a river. (to, with) Compared to Compare 填填看

26 1.not only… but also 2.upon/ on +n/ doing 3.add to 4.give out 5.put forward 蓦然回首


28 III. Multiple choice. 1. More trees have been planted and flowers grown to _______ the beauty of the park. A. increase B. add to C. plus D. raise

29 2.Not only _____ a promise , but also he kept it. A.did he make B. he made C. does he make D. has he made

30 3. It is recommended that the project _____ until all the preparations have been made. not started B. will not be started C. not be started D. would not start Read the last sentence of the article.

31 4.Students in English-speaking countries usually address their man teacher “sir”, but _______ their woman teacher “madam”. A.seldom they address B. do they seldom address C. seldom do they address D. they seldom do address

32 5. I adore my English teacher because he can always create an atmosphere ______ all the students feel respected and cared for. A.that B. when C. where D. which Read the second sentence of Para2.

33 6.Under the environment of fierce competition, the only way John could imagine _______ stress was to get tougher by making greater efforts. A. handling B. to handle C. handled D. having handled

34 7. _______ his grades with Arnold’s, George was quite satisfied. A. Compared B. To compare C. Comparing D. Compare

35 8.--- How could I thank you enough? ----Don’t mention it. Any other man ________ that. A.would B. will do C. would have done D. had done

36 9.Information has been put forward ____ more middle school graduates will be admitted into universities. A.while B. that C. when D. as

37 10.Don't mention that at the beginning of the story, or it may _______ the shocking ending. A. give away B. give out C. give up D. give off


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