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Spirit-Controlled Temperaments Second Glance Couples Ministry Communications Forum William A. Covington - Presenter.

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1 Spirit-Controlled Temperaments Second Glance Couples Ministry Communications Forum William A. Covington - Presenter

2 Spirit-Controlled Temperaments  Definitions: Temperament – Combination of inborn traits that subconsciously affect all our behavior. Character – Result of temperament being modified Personality – Outward expression of yourself – what people see

3 Spirit-Controlled Temperaments  Capitalize on the strengths  Do not allow weaknesses to control situation  No temperament is better than another  Temperaments are a TOOL used to better understand behavior


5 SANGUINE  CHARACTERISTICS: Warm Buoyant Lively Enjoy people who are receptive by nature

6 SANGUINE  External impressions easily find their way into their hearts and as a result, they react readily by way of spontaneous response.  Make decisions through feelings rather than reflective thoughts.  They are life of the party – Extroverts !

7 SANGUINE  Seldom at lost for words  Speaks without thinking  Do not like to be alone  Never lacks friends!  Noisy, blustering, friendly ways make them appear more confident than they really are.

8 SANGUINE  Naïve, impulsive and congenial nature opens hearts and doors to them.  Their energy and lovable disposition gets them by the rough spots of life.

9 SANGUINE  Strengths  Warm emotions  Friendly  Fun-loving  Outgoing  Enthusiastic  Talkative  Responsive  Compassionate  Stimulating  Ambitious Weaknesses Lack in discipline Weak-willed Egotistical Emotionally excitable Unstable Prone to exaggerate Disorganized Hot-tempered Manipulative Restless

10 SANGUINE  Biblical Example  PETER  Matt 4:18-20,17:4;John21:1-11;Lk 5:5  Acts 2:14ff,4:13,5:41

11 CHOLERIC  CHARACTERISTICS: Quick Active Practical Strong-willed Self-sufficient Very independent

12 CHOLERIC  They tend to be decisive and opinionated, therefore, they find it easy to make decisions both for themselves and others. They can be extroverts but not to the degree of Sanguine.  They thrive on activity.

13 CHOLERIC  The environment does not need to stimulate them because they stimulate the environment.  They rarely do anything, “ just for nothing ”.  There is an underlying reason for practically everything they do.

14 CHOLERIC  They are not frightened by adversities.  In fact, misfortunes tend to encourage Cholerics.  They are determined to succeed when others have failed  They are strong natural leaders.  They do not sympathize easily with others

15 CHOLERIC  They do not show their emotions easily.  They are often embarrassed or disgusted by their tears, and therefore are very insensitive to other’s needs.

16 CHOLERIC  Strengths  Strong-willed  Determined  Independent  Decisive  Active and energetic  Practical  Optimistic/confident  Productive  Goal-oriented  Strong natural leader Weaknesses Unemotional/cold Self-sufficient Impetuous Domineering Unforgiving Hostile/volatile Sarcastic/cruel Impatient Unsympathetic Opinionated

17 CHOLERIC  Biblical Example  PAUL  I Cor 9:24-27, II Cor 10:3-5, Eph 5:18  Acts 7, 8, 9

18 MELANCHOLY  Characteristics Analytical Self-sacrificing Gifted Perfectionists Sensitive emotional nature Moody

19 MELANCHOLY  They are the richest of temperaments, leaning toward the fine arts.  They don’t make friends easily, but when they do they are good faithful friends. They are reluctant to take people at face value, therefore prone to be suspicious of others.

20 MELANCHOLY  Their exceptional analytical ability cause them to diagnose accurately the obstacles and dangers of any project in which they are involved.  They are the most pessimistic of the temperaments. If they are confronted about their pessimistic outlook, they will tell you that they are not being negative they are being realistic.

21 MELANCHOLY  They sometimes display some moods where they can produce great work, but usually this is followed by some periods of deep depression.  They find their greatest joy through self- sacrifice. They enjoy making themselves suffer.  They often choose for their vocations very hard self-sacrificing tasks.

22 MELANCHOLY  Strengths  Gifted  Analytical  Perfectionist  Self-disciplined  Industrious  Self-sacrificing  Aesthetic  Creative  Loyal/faithful Weaknesses Moody Deeply emotional Easily offended Pessimistic Negative Critical and Picky Theoretical/impractical Suspicious/revengeful Self-centered/indecisive

23 MELANCHOLY  Biblical Example  MOSES  Ex 3:7-14,16, 18,32;Num 11;Acts 7:22; Num, Lev

24 PHLEGMATIC  Characteristics Calm Easygoing Seldom become angry Never-get-upset individuals

25 PHLEGMATIC  They are the most likable of all the temperaments. Life for them is mellow and pleasant. It is an experience in which they avoid as much involvement as possible.  They often feel much more than what they are willing to admit.  They have a dry sense of humor.

26 PHLEGMATIC  They attract friends because they enjoy people and have a natural good humor with people.  They have a positive approach to life. Although they are the very hard to motivate, they can produce very well once motivated.  They prefer the day-to-day routine.

27 PHLEGMATIC  They often act like Christians before they accept Christ, usually because they are more polite and diplomatic about expression of their old sin nature.

28 PHLEGMATIC  Strengths  Calm/Cool  Easygoing  Diplomatic  Dependable  Orderly  Practical  Humorous  Agreeable Weaknesses Passive/Unmotivated Procrastinator Indecisive Worrisome Unsure Stubborn Selfish Stingy Slow and Lazy

29 PHLEGMATIC  Biblical Example  ABRAHAM  Gen 13:1-9,14:14ff,15:1,16:1-4

30 Temperament Blends  No one person has a single one, but a mixture.  We have a primary and a secondary temperament.  These are called BLENDS.

31 Final Words on Temperaments  To control these temperaments, we need to be filled with the Holy Ghost.  Evidence of “Infilling” Desire to have more of God  Eph. 3:14-19,5:15-21 Holy boldness  Acts 2:4, 4:8-13,31;9:17ff;13:52

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