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How to Share the Hope of Jesus Christ With Missional Communities Yvette Moy August 3, 2013.

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1 How to Share the Hope of Jesus Christ With Missional Communities Yvette Moy August 3, 2013

2 What’s the challenge? 4,400 people groups in world Largest bloc are Muslim peoples (2,000 or 45 percent) U.S. has 361 people groups 59 unreached people groups 500,000 Muslims in NCA

3 How to begin? Praying in the places you expect prayers to be answered (neighborhood) Jesus sent 70 … two ahead of him to every city (Luke10:1) Pray with Scripture Pray for fruits of Spirit

4 What to pray? Courage to approach and love Muslims Spirit to give us right words at right time Divine encounters with Muslims we do not know That Muslims would receive visions and dreams of Jesus

5 How it happens Presence – wordless witness Sharing – biblical truths about the Messiah with Muslims Invitation – to follow Jesus Participation – active commitment of new Muslim Background Believer to share the Good News

6 Why a missional community? Go and make disciples Disciples make disciples High invitation, high challenge Teach people to do mission in small groups with Muslims. Use Discovery Bible.

7 Why disciple? Discipleship is the process of becoming who Jesus would be if he were you (Dallas Willard) One tree can give you a lot of fruit Each piece of fruit is the seed for multiplication Each fruit has dozens of seeds One disciple will produce thousands of disciples

8 What we want is an orchard Extended family size is 20-40 Person of peace is someone God has prepared to receive the Gospel Once the person of peace has emerged, Muslim household (family, friends, community) are converted as well

9 Communal nature of fish Need one Muslim to turn first so other Muslims can follow Muslim groups need someone to lead out by turning first An outsider seldom turns an entire Muslim people group

10 Why Persons of Peace? God clears way for relational transfer of the Gospel along pre-existing lines We must be flexible in favor of Lord’s leadership among Muslim Background Believers You must do all you can to live as the MBB lives (work, rest, meals, diet, signs of respect, pace of living)

11 Why Muslim Background Believers should lead? Stay in MBB networks Train, nurture and support Muslim Background Believers Reproducible, sustainable and cultural communities

12 What are signs of missional leader? Ability to see God in the ordinary world of action Muslims attentive to his voice Teachers cannot teach what they do not personally know and cannot lead where they themselves will not go

13 What is a Missional Community? Social and economic unit: to run a household was to effectively lead a community We’re not merely a church building, event or program: We’re a body We’re called to communicate and incarnate the message of the Gospel with Muslim Background Believers

14 How to Reach Muslims with Missional Communities Multiple touches Sense of unity and absolute dependence on God Extend hospitality House church movement that will penetrate the whole city or Muslim groups with the Gospel

15 What is God saying to me and what am I going to do about it? A spiritual family develops and is now a household of indigenous leaders who will create households of their own I do. You watch. (needs a lot of info on vision) I do. You help. (imitate with more info) You do. I help. (innovation: how is this going to look in my life?) You do. I watch. (innovation and information)

16 Bibliography Releasing Workers of 11 th Hour by Ben Naja And You Will Be a Blessing by Ben Naja and Mussa Sy Prayerwalking by Steve Hawthorne and Graham Kendrick Building a Discipling Culture by Mike Breen and Steve Cockram Bridges by Fouad Masri Leading Kingdom Movements by Mike Breen Tradecraft for the Church on Mission by Rodney Calfee Strangers Next Door by J.D. Payne The Shaping of Things to Come by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch Multiplying Missional Leaders by Mike Breen

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