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Engine Tune-Up Chapter 47.

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1 Engine Tune-Up Chapter 47

2 Engine Tune-Up A modern tune-up is performed as a part of routine maintenance instead of a drive-ability problem. People used to wait until the vehicle ran poorly to do a tune up  When modern vehicles run poorly, it’s usually a sensor or computer related problem and seldom will a tune-up repair the it!

3 Engine Tune-Up - Spark Plugs
Some vehicle do not schedule a spark plug replacement until 100,000 miles!

4 Engine Tune-Up - Minor Tune
Service and replacement items in a minor tune up include: 1 2 3 4 5 6

5 Engine Tune-Up - Major Tune
Service and replacement items in a major tune up include: 1 2 3 4 5 6

6 Engine Tune-Up - Diagnostic tools
Diagnostic tools used during a major tune up include: 1 2 3 4 5 6

7 Engine Tune-Up - Performance factors
Performance factors affected by a tune up include: 1 2 3 4 5 6

8 Engine Tune-Up - Rough Idle
Both Techs are ASE Certified Master Technicians Technician at the right says a tune-up will not correct a rough idle in most cases. When modern vehicles run poorly, it’s usually a sensor or computer related problem and seldom will a tune-up repair the it! Technician at the left says the rough idle is most likely due to a defective or malfunctioning sensor, actuator, or ECM.

9 Engine Tune-Up - Information
It important to gather engine and vehicle performance information before performing the tune-up

10 Engine Tune-Up - Temperature
It important to bring the engine up to full operating temperature prior to diagnosing an operating condition

11 Engine Tune-Up - Service Records
It is important to maintain a vehicle’s service records

12 Engine Tune-Up - Safety Rules
OBD II automobiles require the battery be disconnected when performing vehicle service and maintenance.

13 Engine Tune-Up - Safety Rules
Four (4) safety rules to follow when performing a tune-up: 1 2 3 4

14 Engine Tune-Up - Procedures
Vehicle inspections performed during any tune-up:

15 Engine Tune-Up - Procedures
Steps in replacing spark plug wires: 1 2 3

16 Engine Tune-Up - Procedures
When replacing spark plugs in an aluminum engine the engine should be warm

17 Engine Tune-Up - Procedures
Tools used to remove and replace spark plugs:

18 Engine Tune-Up - Procedures
Color observed on a spark plug removed from an efficiently operating engine

19 Engine Tune-Up - Procedures
Steps that must be performed before installing a spark plug in an engine

20 Engine Tune-Up - Procedures
Spark plugs must be installed first , ______ ______ before ???????????

21 Engine Tune-Up - Procedures
When installing spark plugs equipped with metal sealing washers the spark plug should be threaded in until it bottoms, then tightened an additional _____ turn.

22 Engine Tune-Up - Procedures
Spark plug wires that are not put on the correct cylinder’s spark plug cause the engine to misfire, run poorly, or not run at all (backfires when trying to start).

23 Engine Tune-Up - Procedures
The suggested replacement interval for one- and two-wire O2 sensors, For three wire sensors

24 Engine Tune-Up - Procedures
The recommended procedure for replacing an O2 sensor

25 Engine Tune-Up - Procedures
A compression test is performed during an engine’s life to check the engine’s mechanical condition without disassembly.

26 Engine Tune-Up - Procedures
Three (3) primary adjustments performed during a tune-up:

27 Engine Tune-Up - Diesel Tune-Up
Diesel engines require periodic maintenance similar to gasoline engines, but don’t have spark plugs to replace or an oxygen sensor to fail.

28 Engine Tune-Up - Diesel Tune-Up
The typical service tasks performed during diesel engine maintenance intervals include:

29 Engine Tune-Up - Diesel Tune-Up
Describe/Define a maintenance interval:

30 Engine Tune-Up Questions?
Refer to the Tune-up chapter (47) in your textbook. Make sure your name, date, and period are on your assignment before you turn it in .

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