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U SABILITY TESTING PLAN FOR T HE C APTURE OF S AMPO Zhejia Tapani Pirjo Kakko Yuan Gao Yini Wang Li yicheng.

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1 U SABILITY TESTING PLAN FOR T HE C APTURE OF S AMPO Zhejia Tapani Pirjo Kakko Yuan Gao Yini Wang Li yicheng

2 C ASE DESCRIPTION We made usability testing plan for board game--The Capture of Sampo from Tuonela Oy. Target group: Mainly for young people and partically middle people. Time of period: all testing groups were performed during 15.11.2010-22.11.2010 Location: at home or others Simplified instruction

3 F OCUS First impression Playability Graphics

4 T ESTING PERSONS Age distribution: 15-25 (68%) 25-40(22%)? Sex ratio: female(67%) male(23%) Game experiences: some levels The number of users: 5 pairs

5 T ESTING PROTOCOL The actual game was deliveried to players before testing. Players had 20-30mins to read instructions and got familar with the game. Observers observed during the whole testing period and gave players certain help when they had problems. When players required questions, observers had to write down those questions for later data analysis and then provided them help. Depend on situation, observers only videotaped few testing groups.

6 T ESTING PROTOCOL Tasks: Playing in pairs Player should play this game in comfortable environment. The playing period was within half an hour. After game completion, players need to fill in questionnaire.

7 T EAM MEMBER ROLES Pirjo Kakko: Questionnaire, collecting testing group data Yini Wang, Yuan Gao and Yicheng Li :Collecting testing group data Zhejia Tapani: project leader, final data collection

8 GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE TEST PLAYERS Total of 9 players were participating in the test Players age and status: 67% were students aged 18-23 years 2 of the players were adults aged 30-45 years and with academic backround One player was a 14 years old schoolgirl 67% of the players were female Almost all the test persons announced to play board games occasionally One person was playing a lot of board games

9 TEST SITUATION All the testings took place in either testers or test persons’ home 44 % (2 pairs) wanted to continue the game after the agreed ½ hour playing time 2 pairs playing was taken to video, but this didn't give us additional information to the test results.

10 RESULTS ANALYSIS Question 1-2 QuestionsHighes t point Lowest point Average point Analysis 1.How is this game interesting? 423.22The attraction level of this game was at the middle level and less players think it was very interesting. 2.Attraction of graphic design? 523.22There are 3-players that think the graphic design was a success. Most of other players think it is just average.

11 QUESTION 3-5 QuestionsHighest point Lowest point Average point Analysis 3.How understandable is the game instruction? 422.44According to the research, most of players can not get the rules clearly after reading instruction. 4.Could it be more fun with more players? 513.11There is one player think it is totally boring to play it with just 2 people. Others think it is fine with 2 people 5.Is the game’s main idea attractive? 524Most of players think the idea of this game is interesting and have the passion to play it

12 QUESTION 6-9 QuestionsHighest point Lowest point Average point Analysis 6. The target group of this game? 30-40 year old13-17 year old13-22 year oldMost of players think the target group would be age between 13- 17. This game requires less skills and tactics to play, it will be more suitable for youth. 7. How difficult is this game? 423 Seldom players think it is difficult to play, most of them think it is one of easiest board games to play. It would be more fun if improving the difficult level of the game. 8.If players are willing to buy this game? 523.11 Seldom players have strong willing to buy this game. Most testers doubt about after purchase. At least from results, the future sales is not positive. 9. How often do players play the board game? MonthlyHardly neverOnce a yearMost testers don’t play board games regularly, a few players play the board game monthly.

13 QUESTIONS 10-12 Question10: What was your overall impression of the game? For the impression of the game only one user (female 14) reported that game is boring. Consider game’s theme and Gloomy appearance, maybe it is not suitable for children. For other users 18 to 45 reported that game is interesting and if more players can involved the game it will be perfect. Question11: Compared to other board games, do you think what uniqueness of this game are? For 3 users who have lot of experience of other board games they said the story of this game is unique. Others user said the game was more existing than normal games. The way to play the game is special (no dices, hour- glasses in the game and the way of being winner). Question12: Of your opinion, what was unpleasant in this game? Almost all the user is confusing instructions when they play the game. Even some of them have few years’ experience of board game; they also have the same problem.

14 QUESTIONS 13-15 Question13: Of your opinion, what would you improve in this game? After analysis all the answers, there are 3 most important parts need to improve. Make instruction easy to read Make high quality graphic Increase more players Question14: What do you think, what are the most interesting parts in this game? This question is similar like Question11 and most of answers are the same (they are interesting in the theme). But few of users do not like this game (they did not tell us the reason). Question15: Other comments? Only 2 of users answer this question. One of the users said it was quite good game.(female 14. do not some experience for board game). The other user said this game should be improved a lot. (female 20, always play board game).

15 T HE SUMMARY OF RESULTS Recommended target group age is between 13-17 years old The graphical design is adored by certain people not all. After testing, seldom players have strong willing to buy this game The theme of this game is interesting and unique Improvements: Simplied, clear instruction More tactics in this game More players participating in

16 CONCLUSION The difficulties Hard to clearly interpret 5 pages instructions to testers Even after explaination, testers still can not play the game without obversers’support Finnish and English instruction have different scoring rules, it is hard for observers to choose appropriate one for testers. Limitations Limited testers only 9 person Different testing location and environment Short time period The testing sample game is just prototype

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