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1.Which kind of news media is more convenient and cheaper for us to read? Try to answer the following questions: Newspapers.

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3 1.Which kind of news media is more convenient and cheaper for us to read? Try to answer the following questions: Newspapers.

4 2.Which kinds of newspapers do you often read? The People’s Daily, The Chinese Youth Daily, The Guangming Daily, China Daily, English Weekly,etc.

5 3.Who write the news we read in these newspapers? Reporters.

6 How is the news made and written?


8 Careful-reading: 1.What’s the basic task for a reporter? A.To report events that happened. B.To reflect opinions according to readers’ tastes. C.To develop stories as the editors tell him or her. D.To draw readers’ attention.

9  2. Editors and reporters do the following EXCEPT _____. A. switch their roles sometimes B. tell readers what’s going on C. decide how to report events D. make informed decisions ☻

10  3. How does a journalist decide what he’s going to write ? A. He has to do exactly as his editor tells him. B. He simply records what happens. C. He’ll ask his editor’s opinion before making a decision. D. He needn’t make his reports more balanced and interesting. ☻

11  4. Which is the first thing a journalist does in writing a report ? A. Discuss with his editor. B. Prepare interview questions. C. Make appointments for interviews. D. Think how to present his material. ☻

12  5. What makes the best article for an editor ? A. It must be the latest news. B. It must be international news. C. It must be about famous people and things. D. It differs from person to person. ☻

13  6. What does Chen Ying most want to write about ? A. About exploring the mysteries in life. B. About those the readers know little about. C. About people who are most unlucky. D. About the importance of spiritual fulfilment. ☻

14 7.The passage proves that: A. We can understand the world better by reading the headlines. B. The headlines must be written by talented journalists. C. Publishing papers needs much and is worth doing so. D. The headlines must be true.

15 relate sb/sth 理解或同情 … relate…to.. 把 … 与 … 联系起来 be related to… 与 … 有关系 ① Some adults can’t relate to children. ② The report related the rise in crime to the increase in unemployment. ③ Wealth is seldom related to happiness. =Wealth is seldom in relation to happiness.

16 for once 就此一回 1. For once he told a white lie. 2. Just for once she arrived on time.

17 rather than 并列连词,连接两个并列成分, 表示是 … 而不是 …”, 它连接的主要成分如下: ( 1 )名词 What attracted him is her personality rather than her beauty. ( 2 )形容词 The color seems green rather than blue. ( 3 )谓语动词 He ran rather than walked to the school.

18 (4) 不定式 I come here to help you rather than (to) harm you. (5) 介词短语 Victory is awarded to the team rather than to an individual. (6) 分句 We should know what he meant rather than what he said.

19 keep “ 使继续处于某种状态 ”, 后面接复合 宾语,宾语补足语可以是形容词,分词, 副词或介词短语. 他们点起篝火以保暖。 They lit a fire to ____ ________ ____. 很抱歉,让你久等了。 Sorry to have ___ ___ _______. 有一次,他得了感冒,使他卧床三天。 Once a cold kept him ___ ____ for three days. keep themselves warm keptyouwaiting inbed

20 It (This) is / was the first / second / last … time that… ( 从句用完成时) ① This is the first time that I have visited China. ② It was the second time that we had met each other. ③ I was struck by her beauty the first time I saw her. ( the first time 引导状语从句 )

21 on all sides = on every side =in all directions/in every direction 在各方面,到处,四面八方 ① The frightened rabbits ran away on all sides. ②士兵们正从四面八方发起进攻。 The soldiers were attacking on all sides.

22 tolerate 容忍、宽容 be tolerant (adj) of… 容忍、宽容 许多工人不能忍受长时间的工作。 我的父母宽恕了我对音乐的选择 。 Many workers couldn’t tolerate the long hours’ work. My parents were tolerant of my choice of music.

23 inform sb. of sth./ that... 通知,告诉,获悉,告知 我很遗憾地告诉你,这个周末我不能 和你一起去野餐了。 I am sorry to inform you that I won’t be able to have a picnic with you this weekend. 他把你的决定告诉了我。 He informed me of your decision.

24 seldom 很少、不常 (hardly) ① seldom 放句首, 句子用部分倒装。 Seldom have I seen such a big apple. ②含 seldom 的句子,反意疑问句用肯定 的问句 。 She seldom goes out for dinner, ________? does she

25 addict 使入迷, 使沉溺, 使上瘾 become/be /get addicted to 对 … 上瘾 ①许多学生对电脑游戏上瘾。 ②这个小伙子吸毒成瘾。 Many students are addicted to computer games. The young man gets addicted to drugs.

26 draw ( pay/give )attention to… 注意 … attract / catch / draw /get one’s attention 吸引某人的注意力 devote one’s attention to 专心于 她挥手以引起我的注意。 你必须专心听老师讲课。 She waved her hand to draw my attention. You must pay attention to the teacher.

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