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Unit 4 GrammarGrammar Oxford English 7A Grammar A in at on 用法.

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2 Unit 4 GrammarGrammar Oxford English 7A

3 Grammar A in at on 用法

4 in Parts of day Months Seasons years The party is in the evening. Christmas is in December. In Canada, it is very cold in winter. David was born in 1990.

5 on Days Dates We start school on Monday. The holiday starts on 15th July.

6 at clock time mealtimes festivals age The film start at six o’clock. I read the newspaper at breakfast. People give presents at Christmas. Children in China go to school at 6.

7 Exercises A: 1. __ autumn 2. __October 3. __2003 in

8 4.___ a rainy evening 5.___May,4 6.___noon 7.___night 8.___two o’clock 9.___ the morning of October 1st, 2003 on at on

9 What is Millie doing in October? The National Day is ___ Tuesday. Eric’s birthday is _____6th October. I’m going to see the doctor ____ three o’clock ___ the afternoon ___ 12 th October. I always take Eddie for a walk ____the evening. We have a long holiday ___October. at on in on

10 1. Birds fly to the south _____ autumn. 2. He got home _____ the morning of the 4 th last month. 3. My father usually goes fishing ____ the weekend. 4. It is a good idea to go for a walk ____ a sunny morning. 5. I don’t have a party ____ this week. in on at Fill in the blanks with in, on or at where necessary.

11 6. He often takes Eddie for a walk _____ the evening. 7. We’ll have a party ____ next week. 8. The story happened _____ a cold winter morning. 9. My friends give me some presents _____ Christmas every year. 10. He likes reading newspapers_______ breakfast. in on at

12 (频率副词) Adverbs of frequency 0% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% B I eat apples every day, I ____ have an apple after school. Simon loves eating cakes. He _____ has them between meals. I have milk three times a week, I _____ drink after school. Millie _____has fish for lunch. She does not like it very much. Sandy doesn ’ t have time to go outside, she ____eats hamburgers. Daniel hates carrots, so he _____eats them.neverseldom sometimesoftenusuallyalways neverseldom sometimesoftenusuallyalways

13 Adverbs of frequency 频度副词 0% never 20% seldom 40% sometimes 60% often 80% usually 100% always roller skating n. 溜旱冰

14 Where do we put an adverb of frequency? I am always happy. He often goes home by bike.

15 Sandy’s activities Mon.Tues.Wed.Tues.Fri.Sat.Sun.

16 Sandy dances. Sandy listens to music. Sandy plays basketball. Sandy plays computer games Sandy watches a film. always usually seldom sometimes often

17 一. 根据首字母及句意补全单词 1.The girls o_____ eat vegetables but the boys s _____ eat them. 2.Simon is in bad health. He a______ stays at home and watches TV. He n _______ exercises. 3.Millie comes to school on time but s_________ she is late. ften eldom lways ever ometimes

18 太阳总是从东方升起, 西方落下. The sun ________ rises in the east and sets in the west. 他通常10点钟睡觉. He _______ goes to bed at ten o’clock. 他上学经常迟到. He is ______ late for school. always usually often

19 有时他晚饭后去图书馆. He __________ goes to the library after supper. 莉莉不常读报. Lily ________reads newspaper. 我上学从来不迟到. I am ______late for school. never seldom sometimes

20 Talk about how often you do something in pairs. 1. How often do you watch TV? 2. How often do you play basketball? 3. How often do you see your grandparents? 4. How often do you eat chocolate? 5. How often do you eat fruit?

21 对划线部分提问: 1.I have meals three times a day. 2.Hobo walks to his pool many times a day. How often do you have meals? How often does Hobo walk to his pool?

22 3.I’m always hungry. 4.He walks to his home once a week. 5.They sometimes play football. 6.You are late six times a year. How often are you hungry? How often does he walk to his home? How often do they play football? How often are you late?

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