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Unit 2 I used to be afraid of the dark. I used to be afraid of the dark. 北京市十一学校 吴湘波.

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2 Unit 2 I used to be afraid of the dark. I used to be afraid of the dark. 北京市十一学校 吴湘波

3 Period V: Self-check & Revision

4 be interested in sth / doing sth eg: He is interested in English videos. He is interested in watching English videos on a / the swim team on a / the soccer team eg: I used to be on the school volleyball team.

5 be afraid to do sth. 害怕行为本身 of sth / doing sth 害怕行为产生的结果 be terrified of sth / doing sth She was afraid to speak in class. And she was afraid of being laughed at. He is terrified of the dark.

6 do sth with + n.+ adv. /prep. I go to sleep with my bedroom light on. He walked into the classroom with a book in his hand. She hurried off with a medicine box under her arm.

7 all the time He listens to the teacher all the time in class. chew gum It isn’t a good habit to chew gum in public places.

8 not …… anymore/any more 不再 …… I don’t have the time to play any more. or: I don’t have any more time to play. hardly ever : seldom / hardly We hardly (ever) /seldom leave school before five o’clock. hard : adj. hard work adv. work hard She made big progress through hard work. She studies very hard.

9 have time to do sth for sth / doing sth I have enough time to do sports. He doesn’t have time for a free talk.

10 in the last few years = in the past few years (注意适用的时态 ) He was seldom late for school in the last/past five years. Beijing has changed a lot in the last/past five years.

11 go right home = at once; directly ( 直接地 ) Please go right home after school. spend time (in) doing sth/on sth He used to spend a lot of time (in) playing games with his friends. Lily spent an hour (in) doing her homework. Lily spent an hour on her homework.

12 1. 我以前个子矮,现在长高了。 I ___________ short, but now, I _______ tall. 2. 很多人小的时候都惧怕黑暗。 Most people ___________ terrified of the dark when they ________ children. were used to beam used to be 1)Finish Part 1(P15) am afraid of, worry about, have to, miss, used to 2) 根据提示完成下面的句子

13 3. 我通常开着灯睡觉。 I usually sleep _________ the light _________. 4. 你以前很害羞,对不对? You used to ______ _______, _______ you? with on be shy didn't

14 5. 她以前是留长发的。 She used ________ _______ long hair. 6. 我以前不喜欢考试,但现在,我再也不担 心考试了。 I ________ ________ to like tests, but now, I don’t ________ ________ tests any more. to have didn’t use worryabout

15 7. 以前我总是花很多时间跟朋友踢球。 I used to ________ a lot of time ________ games with friends. 8. 现在我放了学就直接回家。 Now, I ______ _______ _______ after school. spendplaying gorighthome

16 9. 近几年我的生活变化较大。 My life _______ _________ a lot in the past few years. 10. 我喜欢看漫画,而我父亲小时候喜欢看 故事书。 I _______ reading comics, but my father ______ ______ _______ reading story books. has changed usedto like

17 Unscramble these sentences. 1.use, you, did, to, have, hair, straight 2. used, to, really, outgoing, she, be 3. swim, to, be, on, team, used, I, the 4. use, to, did, to, go, by, school, they, bus Did you use to have straight hair? She used to be really outgoing. I used to be on the swim team. Did they use to go to school by bus?

18 Writing( 两个题中任选一个 ) 1: Look at the picture and write about Yu Mei 2: Write something to show that you’ve changed a lot. A. Fill in the chart by yourself. I used to be ( have, do )Now I am ( have, do ) B. Talk about yourself with your partner.

19 It seems that I’ve changed a lot. I used to … appearance personality activities be afraid of have+ be + sth. n. V-ing

20 Sample 1: How time flies! It is ( has been ) more than two years since I went to the middle school. Great changes have taken place in myself. As for my appearance, I used to be thin, but now I am fatter. And I used to have long hair because I think having this hair style makes me cute but now I’m wearing short hair in order to spend more time dealing with my lessons. Also my personality has changed a lot, too. For example, I used to be more outgoing in the past than now. It takes me much more time to learn my lessons and I can hardly enjoy myself. As for my behavior, I used not to talk in class, but now I become used to talking actively both in class as well as after class.

21 Sample 2: I think it ’ s one of my bad changes that should be changed back. When I was in the primary school, I used not to be a fan of sports, but now I ’ m caring about sports so much that I often spend my spare time watching sports matches. I think it proves the saying that time can change everything. I used to get up at about 7 o ’ clock and arrive at school at around 7:40, but now I have to get up at 6:40 and arrive at school twenty minutes earlier. Also, I used to go to school by car in the past, but now I go to school by riding the bike`. I seldom talk with my friends on the phone now though I used to have this habit. What ’ s more, computer is not a big attraction for me anymore but it used to be my favorite. Well, in a word, as time goes by, I ’ m not what I used to be.

22 Standard for writing practice 写作评档标准 1. 第一档: 文章立意好,主题鲜明,内容充实,结构完整,有 合理的、恰当的开头和结尾,语言得体,句式丰富,用词精准。 语法错误很少。 2. 第二档: 文章立意较好,主题较鲜明,内容较充实,结构较 完整,有开头和结尾,句式较丰富,用词正确。语法错误较少。 3. 第三档: 文章有立意,主题不够鲜明,有内容但不够充实, 基本完成写作任务,句式较单一。 语法错误较多。 4. 第四档:文章没有立意,缺乏主题,不能完成写作任务,语法 结构差,语法错误较多。

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