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Written Expression Error Sentence : 1 Atthawut Trakitthornkul Fundamental English Secondary 6.

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1 Written Expression Error Sentence : 1 Atthawut Trakitthornkul Fundamental English Secondary 6

2 1.The duties of the secretary (a) are (b) to take the minutes, (c) mailing the correspondence, and calling the members before (d) meetings. (b) is correct but to take is incorrect : to take should be taking to provide for parallelism with –ing forms mailing and calling

3 2. If biennials were planted this year, They (a) will be (b) likely (c) to bloom (d) next year. (a) is correct but will be is incorrect : will be should be would to provide for parallelism with if forms were planted

4 3. The value (a) of the dollar (b) declines (c) as the rate of inflation (d) raises. (d) is correct but raises is incorrect : raises should be to rise (adjective to modify the rate of inflation) to refer to an increase in the rate inflation.

5 4. Even though a member (a) has drank (b) too much the night (c) before, the counselors at Alcoholics Anonymous will try (d) to convince him or her to sober up and stop drinking again. (a) is correct but has drank is incorrect : has drank should be has drunk because has requires a participle ( verb 3)

6 5. Anthropologists assert that many of the early American Plains Indians did not engage in planting crops (a) but (b) to hunt, (c) living (d) primarily on buffalo meat. (b) is correct but to hunt is incorrect to hunt should be hunting to provide for parallelism with the phrase in planting

7 6. The neutron bomb provides the (a) capable of a (b) limited nuclear war (c ) in which buildings (d) would be preserved, but people would be destroyed. (a) is correct but capable is incorrect : capable should be capability because capable is adjective. This function requires noun (capability)

8 7. The differential attractions of the sun and the moon (a) have a direct effect (b) in the (c) rising and falling (d) of the tides. (b) is correct but in is incorrect : in should be on because effect requires a preposition on ( effect on )

9 8. With special enzymes that are (a) call restriction enzymes, it is possible (b) to (c) split off segments of DNA (d) from the donor organism. (a) is correct but call is incorrect : call should be called because be requires past participle ( be called) to support passive voice.

10 9. Before TV, the common man (a) seldom never (b) has the opportunity to see and (c) hear his leaders express (d) their views. (a) is correct but seldom never is incorrect : seldom never should be deleted seldom because seldom never is repetitive.

11 10. (a) If it receives (b) enough rain at proper time, hay (c) will grow quickly, (d) as grass. (d) is correct but as is incorrect : as should be like because this function requires a preposition ( like) As functions as a conjunction.

12 11. Psychology Today (a) is (b) interesting, informative, and (c) it is easy (d) to read. (c) is correct but it is is incorrect : It is should be deleted to provide for parallel structures with adjectives interesting, informative, and easy.

13 12.(a) Before she died, Andrew Jackson’s daughter, (b) who (c) lives in the family mansion, (d) used to take tourists through her home. (c) is correct but lives is incorrect : lives should be lived in order to maintain the point of view in the past. (died / used)

14 13.It is essential that the temperature (a) is not elevated (b) to a point where the substance formed (c) may become unstable and decompose into (d) its constituent elements. (a) is correct but is not is incorrect : Is not should be be not because a verb word must be used in a clause after an impersonal expression.

15 14. Two of (a) the players from the Yankees (b) has been (c) chosen (d) to participate in the all star game. (b) is correct but has is incorrect : Has should be have to agree with the plural subjects. ( two)

16 15. John Phillip Sousa, (a) who (b) many people consider the (c) greatest composer of marches, wrote his music during the era (d) known as the Gay 90s. (a) is correct but who is incorrect : who should be whom because it is the complement of the clause many people consider. Whom functions as object.

17 16. Although (a) it can be (b) derived from oil, coal, and tar, kerosene is usually (c) produced (d) by refine it from petroleum. (d) is correct but by refine is incorrect : By refine should be by refining after preposition by + noun or (gerund)

18 17. Aeronomy (a) is (b) the study of (c) the earth’s upper atmosphere, which includes (d) their composition, temperature, density, and chemical reactions. (d) is correct but their is incorrect : their should be its because there must be agreement with the singular noun ( atmosphere)

19 18. The new model (a) costs twice (b) more than (c) last (d) year’s model. (b) is correct but more than is incorrect : More than should be as much as because multiple numbers are usually followed by the phrase as much as

20 19. The purpose (a) of the United Nations, (b) broad speaking, (c) is to maintain peace and security and (d) to encourage respect for human rights. (b) is correct but board speaking is incorrect : board speaking should be broadly speaking because broadly to qualify the manner in which the speaking was done.

21 20. (a) Aging in (b) most animals can be readily modified when (c) they (d) will limit caloric intake. (d) is correct but will limit is incorrect : will limit should be “limit” because a present tense verb is used after when.

22 21. (a) Even though Miss Alabama lost the beauty contest, she (b) was still (c ) more prettier (d) than the other girls in the Miss America pageant. (c) is correct but more prettier is incorrect : more prettier should be prettier because pretty is two- syllable adjective that ends y changed y to -ier

23 22. Although Congressional representatives and senators may serve an unlimited number of (a) term, the president (b) is limited to two,( c ) for a total (d) of eight years. (a) is correct but term is incorrect : term should be terms because a number of + plural noun

24 23. Although we are (a) concerned about the problem of energy sources, we (b) must not fail ( c ) recognizing the need (d) for environmental protection. (c) is correct but recognizing is incorrect : recognizing should be to recognize because verb to fail requires an infinitive.( to + verb)

25 24. (a) Because of the movement of a glacier, (b) the form ( c ) of the Great Lakes was very (d) slow. (b) is correct but form is incorrect : form should be formation because nouns derived from verb by adding –ation : form means structure but formation means the process of forming over time.

26 25. (a) In 1776 to 1800, (b) the population of the U.S. continued ( c ) to rise, (d) reaching five million citizens by the turn of the century. (a) is correct but in is incorrect : in should be from because from is used with to : to express the time limit

27 End of Error sentences

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