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CREATIVITY, GENIUS And Their Place within a Positive Psychology.

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1 CREATIVITY, GENIUS And Their Place within a Positive Psychology

2 Outline §Definitions of the Two Phenomena §Manifestations of the Phenomena l Individual l Sociocultural §Their Placement within Movement

3 Definitions of Phenomena §Creativity: Two Requirements l Originality l Adaptiveness §Genius: Three Conceptions l Distinctiveness l Impact l Intellect

4 Individual Level §Measurement Strategies l Productivity l Eminence l Intelligence l Cognitive Style l Personality l Biography

5 Productivity §Concept: Output §Illustrations l Quetelet l Lehman l Dennis §Evaluation l Pros l Cons

6 Eminence §Concept: Reputation §Illustrations l Galton l J. M. Cattell §Evaluation l Pros l Cons

7 Intelligence §Concept: IQ §Illustrations l Binet l Terman §Evaluation l Pros l Cons Sternberg Gardner

8 Cognitive Style §Concept: Imagination §Illustrations l Guilford l Mednick §Evaluation l Pros l Cons

9 Personality §Concept: Disposition §Illustrations l Cox l Roe l R. B. Cattell l Eysenck §Evaluation l Pros l Cons

10 Biography §Concept: Origins §Illustrations l Galton l Ellis l J. M. Cattell §Evaluation l Pros l Cons

11 Central Issues §Individual Differences l Cross-Sectional Distribution l Cross-Sectional Continuity §Longitudinal Changes l Developmental Antecedents l Career Trajectories

12 Central Issues (Continued) §Nature versus Nurture l Talent Development l Expertise Acquisition §Mad-Genius Controversy l Theoretical Traditions Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis Gestalt and Humanistic Schools l Empirical Integration

13 Sociocultural Level §Two Types of Analytical Strategies §Cross-Cultural Analyses l Concept: Ortgeist l Illustrations Alphonse de Candolle Human Area Relations Files l Evaluation Pros Cons

14 Sociocultural Level §Transhistorical Analyses l Concept: Zeitgeist l Illustrations Pitirim Sorokin: Social and Cultural Dynamics Alfred Kroeber: Configurations of Culture Growth Derek Price: Big Science, Little Science David McClelland: The Achieving Society l Evaluation

15 Their Placement with Movement §Importance and Relevance §Yet Peripheral Status §Some Possible Explanations §Potential Solutions

16 Importance and Relevance §Creativity as l A Symptom of Human Health l A Symptom of Cultural Vitality §Genius as l The Peak of Human Performance l The Acme of Golden Ages

17 Yet Peripheral Status §Topic seldom listed among the core areas of research in the field §Issue seldom represented in conferences on positive psychology §Research seldom if ever honored with relevant awards or recognition §Topic attracts relatively few investigators

18 Some Possible Explanations §Divine Origins l Creativity l Genius §Mad (Creative) Genius §Craft Traditions l Guilds and Apprentices l Acquired Expertise

19 Potential Solutions §Demystify the psychological and sociological processes underlying the two phenomena §Stress continuity between creative genius and everyday forms of creativity, including in both children and older adults §Link creativity and genius with more mainstream issues in positive psychology

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