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Iraq Arica Kaiser Period 2. General Information Motto: الله أكبر (Arabic) "Allahu Akbar" “God is the Greatest" Anthem: Mawtini (موطني) "My Homeland" Population.

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Presentation on theme: "Iraq Arica Kaiser Period 2. General Information Motto: الله أكبر (Arabic) "Allahu Akbar" “God is the Greatest" Anthem: Mawtini (موطني) "My Homeland" Population."— Presentation transcript:

1 Iraq Arica Kaiser Period 2

2 General Information Motto: الله أكبر (Arabic) "Allahu Akbar" “God is the Greatest" Anthem: Mawtini (موطني) "My Homeland" Population 2011 estimate- 30,399,572 Density- 187.6/sq mi. ; 73.5/km 2

3 Government Structure The politics of Iraq takes place in a framework of a federal parliamentary representative democratic republic. It is a multi-party system whereby the executive power is exercised by the Prime Minister of the Council of Ministers as the head of government, as well as the President of Iraq, and legislative power is vested in the Council of Representatives and the Federation Council.Iraq Iraq is a parliamentary democracy with a federal system of government. Preisdent: Jalal Talabani.

4 Economics The Iraqi Dinar- the basic unit of money in Iraq; equal to 1,000 fils Examples: 100 US Dollar = 117,167 Iraqi Dinar 50 US Dollar = 58,583.5 Iraqi Dinar 1 US Dollar = 1,171.67 Iraqi Dinar

5 Tourist Attractions Places to see in Baghdad are old churches and monasteries - Kadhimain Shrine, Church of Meskenta(2), The Latin Church (1), Syrian Catholic Church, Latin Church;Walls and Gates-Mu'adham (North) Gate, Dhafariya (Wastani) Gate, Halaba (Talisman) Gate, and Basaliya Gate;The Abbasid.

6 Customs Not many Christians have been left in Iraq, since the war broke out in 2003. However, the small population of Iraqi Christians does celebrate the festive occasion with enthusiasm. The government of Iraq declared Christmas as an official holiday for the first time in 2008. The most common greeting is the handshake coupled with eye contact and a smile. The standard Arabic/Islamic greeting is "asalaamu alaikum" ("peace be with you"), to which the response is "wa alaikum salaam" ("and peace be unto you"). Good friends of the same sex may greet each other with a handshake and a kiss on each cheek, starting with the right. Expect to be introduced to each person individually at a small social function. At a large function, you may introduce yourself.

7 Languages Arabic is the majority language. Kurdish is spoken by approximately 20%,South Azeri is spoken by 5% - 10% of people. Arabic, Kurdish, Persian, and South Azeri are written with versions of the Arabic script How to say in Arabic: 'Assalamu' alikum '' means Peace be upon you''. '' Walkikum Assalam warhamutu Allah '' means, And same Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon you '' Friend- asdekae'ee

8 Education Despite endless daily challenges, the education system in Iraq continues to function. Actions thus far include but are not limited to : 3600 schools rehabilitated 120,000 teachers recruited Focus on girls’ education Curriculum Reform Provision of Learning Resources Distance learning programs for out of school children (i.e. in Syria) Organizational chart reform Increasing collaboration with External partners There’s all girl schools, private schools, all boy schools, & public schools. Secondary schools. There’s a little over 40 schools in Iraq.

9 Military Size= 550 000 - 750 000 soldiers (Working on 1 million) 18-49 years of age for voluntary military service Males serve, woman can’t but they can work for them. Doing things such as: radio, logistics, communications and medical roles.

10 Transportation Public transportation: Taxis (charge twice the amount shown on meter), Railroad tracks, and car hire (available at the airport and Baghdad) Gas Cost: $0.18 USD per gallon; 0.18 US Dollar = 211.333 Iraqi Dinar Primary transportation system: Roads, Ports, Airports

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