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Of Plymouth Plantation William Bradford

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1 Of Plymouth Plantation William Bradford

2 Primary Sources When reading a primary source, distinguish
between the facts – and the author’s opinions, biases, assumptions and personal point of view Fact: The Pilgrims crossed the ocean from England and landed safely on Cape Cod Opinion/POV: Bradford describes natives as “savage barbarians”

3 Bradford’s “Tone” Words
Weather was “sharp and violent” Wilderness was “hideous and desolate” Ocean separates Pilgrims from all civil parts of the world

4 The First Encounter FACT: Pilgrims discover the Native Americans’ corn and beans stored inside their houses. The Pilgrims take the food and consequently do not starve How does Bradford interpret the Pilgrims’ discovery of the Native Americans’ corn and beans and what does this tell you of his beliefs?

5 Opinion and Point of View vs. Facts
Bradford believes that God led them to find the food in order to save them from starving. Bradford believes that God plays an active role in their daily lives.

6 The First Encounter “Thus it pleased God to vanquish their enemies [Indians]and give them [Pilgrims] deliverance; and by His special providence so to dispose that not any one of them [Pilgrims] were either hurt or hit…”

7 The First Encounter Sounds like not only did God give them permission to shoot their muskats at the Native Americans, but did them a special favor, seeing to it that no Pilgrims were harmed by Natives.

8 The Starving Time Dead of winter in Massachusetts Infected with scurvy (Ewww…what’s that?) Scarcely 50 Pilgrims remained!!!! Showing true love for their friends, William Brewster and Miles Standish took care of the sick and dying …

9 Characterization What methods does Bradford use to characterize Brewster and Standish as “heroic?”

10 Characterization of Brewster and Standish
Characters’ Actions “…there was but six or seven sound persons who to their great commendations, spared no pains night or day, but with abundance of toil and hazard of their own health fetched them wood…did all the homely and necessary offices for them…which queasy stomachs cannot endure to hear named…willingly and cheerfully…showing herein true love unto their friends.” Narrator’s Direct Comments “…two of these seven were Mr. Wm. Brewster and Myles Standish, their Captain and Military Commander…” Feelings of Other Characters “… unto whom myself and many others were much beholden in our low and sick condition.”

11 Indian Relations

12 Indian Relations -Samoset
broken English learned from hanging around English fisherman up north brings Pilgrims information about their new country introduces them to other Native Americans

13 Indian Relations - Squanto
speaks English very well; went to England! taught Pilgrims to fish, hunt, and farm stayed with Pilgrims until his death

14 Indian Relations - Massasoit
a Chief who develops peace agreement with Pilgrims

15 First Thanksgiving

16 Can you…Do you? Describe how Bradford views God’s actions? Know what it the greatest danger to the Pilgrims during their early months at Plymouth? Why Of Plymouth Plantation is considered a primary source? Describe the content of Bradford’s account? Discuss his biases or opinions? Find the “tone words” for evidence? Describe his overall point of view?

17 Between Heaven and Hell – The Puritan Tradition
Human beings are inherently evil and so must struggle to overcome their sinful nature Personal salvation depends solely on the grace of God, not individual effort The Bible is the supreme authority on earth Textbook pg

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