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How to Enhance Your Career With Networking Jeanette Miller U.S. Department of Energy Oak Ridge February 3, 2005.

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1 How to Enhance Your Career With Networking Jeanette Miller U.S. Department of Energy Oak Ridge February 3, 2005

2 The Game of Networking Applied Every Day Unconsciously Contacts Relationships Making Friends Referrals For Jobs Today’s Answer For Lost Art of Conversation, Letter Writing

3 The Old Cliché’ “It’s Not What You Know - Its Who You Know!” Simple But Effective Concept of Networking Creating Links From People You Know To People They Know Exposure To Maximum Opportunities

4 Why Network? Accomplishes Career Goals Less Than 15% Of People Get Jobs Through Want Ads Rest Of Job Openings Part Of The “Hidden” Job Market - Networking 75% Found Through Networking The Most Powerful/Cost-Effective Marketing Tool Available

5 The Concept of Networking Master The Art To Enhance Career Development Know What You Want! Is It A New Position/Job/Promotion? Is It A Letter Of Recommendation? Is It A “Work Relationship” Question? Is It Simply Guidance On How To Approach A Particular Scenario?

6 Applying Networking To Enhance Your Career Know What You Have To Offer Establish Personal/Professional Goals Evaluate Current Performance And Plan For Improvement Utilize/Embrace Experience/Guidance Of Seasoned Co-Workers Pass It On Be A Resource For Others

7 How To Succeed Honor The Code/Golden Rule “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto YOU” Take Suggestions and Provide Feedback Follow-Up On Leads Provided By Sources Make Networking YOUR Priority Life Goals and Career Goals Important

8 New In Your Career Or Looking For A Job? First Priority – NETWORKING Create List Of Valuable Referrals/Contacts Promote Yourself To Them Updated Resume Keep Track Of Contacts/Stay In Touch Be A Resource For Them Look For Opportunities At Work (Volunteer)

9 Possible Sources College Alumni Association Extended Family Friends’ Parents Or Other Family Members Professors/Advisors/Coaches/Tutors Former Bosses/Members of Clubs Clergy

10 Value of These Sources Learn What Its Like From Their Perspective Helps You Understand Aptitudes/Training Needed To Get Into Particular Field Inside Scoop on Training Programs Insider Information On An Organization

11 Barriers to Successful Networking Indifference-“Ho-Hum, Let It Slide, I’ll Just Drift Along”-(You Can’t Drift Your Way To The Top Of Your Career) Indecision (The Thief Of Opportunity) Doubt (Will Destroy Chances Of Success) Worry (Some is Good-But Don’t Let It Overcome YOU) Timidness (Timid People Don’t Get Promoted)—Building Your Courage

12 Enhancing Networking Opportunities At Work Join Professional Organizations -Expand Your Network -Develop Your Personal/Professional Skills Be Aware of Top Management’s Community Involvement Attend Functions – Show Support Build A Bond For The Future Add New Contacts To Your Network

13 Getting That Ideal Job Be Qualified Have Good Resume Know The System. Research The Organization Do Your Research On The Interviewer Attempt To Network With Person You Would Be Replacing Learn Details Of Specific Position Requirements Utilize Network Contacts Connected To The Employer

14 Sum It Up Realize YOU Have Something To Offer Honor The Code Greater Visibility Increased Information Make Networking A Priority Continually Look For Opportunities Remember – No One Is Ever Too Old or TOO SUCCESSFUL To Network

15 Quotes To Live By “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” (Henry Ford) “Be true to your work, your word, and your friend.” (Henry David Thoreau) "It's lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself.“ (Muhammad Ali)

16 Sources for Professional Networking Help Quintessential Careers AQs.html Monster. Com Build Courage To Face The Enemies Within

17 Sources….. The Career Center-DePaul hop/skills.html Four Steps To Cringe-Free Networking ticles/cringe_free_networking.html Cornell University Career Services ontactsNetwork/generalInfo.html

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