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USC – Technology IP Office and Promising Biotechnologies.

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1 USC – Technology IP Office and Promising Biotechnologies

2 USC – Technology Introduction Chad Hardaway, P.E., MBA, JD Senior Licensing Associate Intellectual Property Office University of South Carolina Research Foundation Life and Physical Sciences

3 USC – Technology New Faculty New Facilities Research Focus Strategic Partnerships Enhanced Academic Reputation USC Future Keys to Success Enhanced Economic Development

4 USC – Technology Environmental Research Biomedical Sciences Next Energy Nanotechnology Focus Current Research Themes

5 USC – Technology Research Centers of Economic Excellence Funded Proposals Brain Imaging –$5 million –USC/MUSC Regenerative Medicine –$6 million –MUSC/Clemson/USC Translational Cancer Therapeutics –$5 million –MUSC/USC Drug Discovery in Cancer –$5 million –MUSC/USC Vision Science –$4.5 million –MUSC/USC

6 USC – Technology Recent Newspaper Articles

7 USC – Technology Horizon Center Plans University Private

8 USC – Technology The Vision

9 USC – Technology NSF Expenditures Data FY02 (latest available) Institution & Ranking Total $Federal Govt. State & Local Govt. Industry Institutional Funds Other Clemson (87) 134,84047,17419,66912,03555,444518 MUSC (90) 132,03075,8039489,93933,71011,630 USC (95) 123,10853,4035,1805,05054,5414,934

10 USC – Technology Intellectual Property Data ActivityFY04FY05% Change Invention Disclosures Received 516425% Patent Apps. Filed101220% Provisional Patent Apps.2047135% Licenses/Options Signed 101660% Start-up Companies Formed 24100%

11 USC – Technology Intellectual Property Data ActivityFY04FY05% Change Licensing Income Received $200K$305K53% Licensing-related Research Funding n/a$401Kn/a Total Income from Licensing $201K$709K249% CDA’s7112069% MTA’s1837105%

12 USC – Technology SBIR/STTR Awards Fiscal Year20042005 Executed Awards 3 9 Executed Awards - $$ $87,338$600,484

13 USC – Technology USC – Licensing Approaches Straight Buy-out Straight Equity USC has done deals at both extremes and at all points in between! $$$$ %%

14 USC – Technology Promising Biotechnologies Featured Technologies M3A Novel Antibiotic Compound Novel Hypertension Compound PLEOF Copolymer Networks as a Bioresorbable Scaffold for Tissue Regeneration Fluorescent Bioconjugation Hernia repair with novel collagen scaffolds Additional Technologies PAD Inhibitors for treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis Novel Methoxyestradiol Compounds Novel Resuscitative Fluid for Trauma Patients Cold Sterilization

15 USC – Technology M3A Novel Antibiotic Compound OVERVIEW Novel Antibiotic Broad spectrum activity Effective against resistant strains Drug resistance is an ongoing problem STATUS Culture process developed Initial efficacy & safety data US patent issued DEVELOPMENT NEEDS Isolate & identify compound(s) Develop production process Additional efficacy testing Preclinical safety testing

16 USC – Technology Novel Hypertension Compound OVERVIEW Effective for treatment of cardio conditions and spasmodic asthma Dual Action – L-type Ca2+ antagonist cAMP PDE inhibitor Slows rate without blocking antrioventricular conduction STATUS In vivo testing on carotid arterial blood pressure Preliminary in vivo safety data In vitro testing on cardio and smooth muscle effects US patent pending DEVELOPMENT NEEDS Additional efficacy testing Preclinical safety testing Development to market

17 USC – Technology PLEOF Copolymer Networks as a Bioresorbable Scaffold for Tissue Regeneration OVERVIEW 40 M affected by arthritis in US. 1 M patients undergo surgery for osteoarthritis of knee, hip, shoulder, and spine every year. These PLEOF compounds can be used to repair/ replace damaged bone, cartilage, etc. STATUS Preliminary in vitro and in vivo data collected Can be produced in large quantities US Patent Pending DEVELOPMENT NEEDS Additional efficacy testing Preclinical safety testing Short FDA approval route as device Develop to Market Spinal Fracture Injection of Composite

18 USC – Technology Process for linking nanoparticles Fluorescent signal created with linkage Wide applications including pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and various other nanotech uses OVERVIEW DEVELOPMENT STATUSDEVELOPMENT NEED Lab testing complete Variety of reactions tested Hundreds of novel dyes made Patent pending Target market analysis Financial & business analysis Validation of target applications Fluorescent Bioconjugation

19 USC – Technology Hernia repair with novel collagen scaffolds OVERVIEW Currently there is no wide acceptance of Engineered soft tissues and no gold standard for repair of ventral hernias. This technology offers a tissue engineered repair system that can rapidly vascularize to repair ventral hernial defects as well as other defects. STATUS Repaired over 30 rat ventral hernias Demonstrated the control release technology causes rapid neovascularization Demonstrated differentiated skeletal muscle within the repair site. DEVELOPMENT NEEDS Establish the technology to obtain full thickness muscular repair Transfer technology to large animal studies Initiate the FDA approval process. Before After

20 USC – Technology IP Office Contact Information Lisa Rooney, JD, Director 803-777-6450 Chad Hardaway, P.E., MBA., JD Senior Licensing Associate 803-777-4031 USC Research Foundation Intellectual Property Office 901 Sumter Street, Suite 514 Columbia, SC 29208 Web Site

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