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Human Resources Recruitment and Placement Module 7 National Guard Technician Personnel Management Course July 2014.

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2 Human Resources Recruitment and Placement Module 7 National Guard Technician Personnel Management Course July 2014

3 Human Resources – Resources Branch Merit Principles/Prohibited Practices Compatibility 1 Mar 2014 Ohio Merit Plan USA Staffing/ Selection Manager RIF National Guard Technician Personnel Management Course July 2014

4 Human Resources – Resources Branch Mission of Recruitment and Placement –To fill positions with qualified applicants –Uphold the Merit Principles –Avoid Prohibited Practices National Guard Technician Personnel Management Course July 2014

5 Human Resources – Resources Branch References: TPR 300 Ohio Merit Placement Plan TPR 303 Military Technician Compatibility TPR 715 Voluntary and Non-Disciplinary Actions National Guard Technician Personnel Management Course July 2014

6 5 Merit System Principles 5 U.S.C. 2301(b) Recruit, select and advance on merit after fair and open competition. Treat employees and applicants fairly and equally. Provide Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value Maintain High Standards of Integrity, Conduct, and Concern for the Public Interest Manage Employees Efficiently and Effectively Retain or Separate Employees on the Basis of Performance Educate/Train Employees When It will Result in Better Organizational or Individual Performance Protect employees from improper political influence, arbitrary action, and personal favoritism Protect Employees Against Reprisal for Lawful Disclosure of Information in Whistleblower situations.

7 6 Prohibited Personnel Practices 5 U.S.C. 2302 (b) Employees who have authority to take, direct others to take, recommend, or approve any personnel action Shall Not... Illegally discriminate for or against any employee Solicit or consider improper employment recommendations Coerce an employee’s political activity Obstruct a person’s right to compete for employment Influence any person to withdraw from competition for a position Give unauthorized preference or improper advantage Appoint, employ, promote, or advice a relative Retaliate against a whistleblower, weather an employee or an applicant Retaliate against employees or applicants for filing an appeal Violate Any Law, Rule, or Regulation Implementing or Directly Concerning the Merit System Principles

8 7 Occupational Match-up (MOS or AFSC) military & civilian positions Grade/Rank - Military structure is preeminent over technician structure Military Assignment - Unit Compatibility TPR 303 Military Membership - Appointment TPR 303 Military Technician Compatibility Technician Employees must meet Compatibility or will risk losing their technician job. Typically have 12 months to become compatible.

9 8 Individual appointment exception; CLASP; Must include an solid justification as to why current criteria is insufficient to meet the units needs. Record Kept in HRO Must include proposed resolution See Compatibility Guide for clarification Compatibility Waivers

10 9 Ohio Merit Promotion & Placement Plan Updated: 1 March 2014 gulations-and-policies/Scan_1.pdf gulations-and-policies/Scan_1.pdf

11 What information is found in the Ohio Merit Placement Plan? Chapters: 1)General Information 2)Exception to Competition 3)Vacancy Announcements 4)Application Procedures 5)Referral and Selection Procedures 6)Records 7)Key Staff Positions 8)Grievances and Complaints Appendices:  Instructions for completing an SF-52  Merit Announcement Request  Selection Instructions and Checklist

12 Chapter 1: General Information  Plan upholds Merit System Principles and the Prohibited Personnel Practices outlined in 5 U.S.C. 2302(b)  Developed IWA regulatory guidance issued by OPM, DoD, and the National Guard Bureau for placement and promotion of non-dual and dual status technicians authorized by Title 32 U.S.C. 709, in support the Ohio Army and Air National Guard.  Purpose: To fill Technician Vacancies with qualified, high-performance individuals, on the basis of merit based factors, without discrimination.  The Ohio National Guard is an Equal Opportunity Employer

13 Chapter 2: Exceptions to Competition  Classification reviews that correct an existing standard or upgrade a position due to additional duties.  Placement of over-graded Technicians as a result of a RIF  Reassignments to one position to another without Promotion or Change to Lower Grade  Developmental Promotions  Re-promotion to a grade from which a technician was demoted without personal cause and not at their request.  Temporary promotions NTE 120 days  Selection of a Technician from the RPL  Reemployment IWA USERRA  PPP Placement  Placement as a corrective action by a court decision  Temporary Appointments with a NTE date

14 Chapter 3: Vacancy Announcements  Vacancy Requests/ What do you need? When do you send it?  SF-52, AGOH Form 690-52  Area of Consideration/ Min & Max Rank Requirements/ Length of Announcement/ Compatibility  Vacancy Announcements/ USA Jobs  Staffer will build JOA in USA Staffing based on the PD of the position  You will be able to review the announcement before it is posted  Developmental Positions  Statement of differences  Cannot be Supervisory, Managerial, or Small Shop Chief Positions

15 Chapter 4: Application Procedures  Eligibility for Advertised Positions  Only information submitted in the application will be considered to determine the eligibility of the applicant.  Military Grade Requirements  Min/Max Rank Requirements; will not cause grade inversion  Selective Placement Factors  KSA or Specialized Experience from NGB Qualification Standards  Conditions of Employment  Continued military membership for all dual-status positions; Security Requirements, Training Requirements; Medical/ Physical Requirements.

16 Chapter 4: Application Procedures Continued  Application Procedures  Apply online through USA Jobs or through Fax  Must submit all required documentation in JOA and online questionnaire  Applicant Evaluation Procedures  HR Staffing Specialist evaluates all applicants based on NGB Qualification Standards, AOC, and Rank requirements.  Forwards Selection Certificate to Selecting Official(s) Specified on the AGOH Form 690-52

17 Chapter 5: Referral And Selection Procedures  Referral and Selection Procedures  Procedures for the Selecting Official  EEO Review Process  Notification – HR will notify Selecting Official when the Selection has been approved  Start Date- HR determines with coordination of Selecting Official

18 Chapter 8: Grievances and Complaints  Grievances (Labor Relations)  If a Technician believes that proper procedures were not followed in filling a position, they may submit a grievance under the Agency Administrative Procedures  Discrimination (EO Office)  Complaints of allegations of discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, age, handicapping condition, or national origin made during any phase of a selection process will be considered under Ohio National Guard discrimination complaint procedures. Individuals should contact the State Equal Employment Office for information and procedures on filing a complaint.  Other Complaints (Human Resources Officer)  Directed to the Director for Human Resources. All inquires will be considered and every effort made to resolve the complaints.

19 How to Complete an SF-52

20 How to Complete a Merit Announcement Request

21 Selection Instructions and Checklist

22 21 Hiring Flexibilities Recruitment, Relocation, and Retention Incentive Advance In-Hire Rate: Superior Quals or Special Agency Need

23 22 Workforce Restructuring, Realignment, Reorganization & Reduction in Force Ref: TPR 351

24 23 What Causes a RIF Budget Deficits Force Structure Changes Unit Deactivations Unit Relocation Unit Consolidations or Reorganizations Aircraft Conversions or Reductions

25 Force Management: Mgmt-directed reassignments, CLG, VERA/VSIP, Cert of expected separation, hiring freezes/controls, attrition Goal: close out RIF, avoid specific notices 60 Days: All affected technicians have specific notices (Blackout periods during FY closeout & Dec-Jan), DoD PPP Registration Reduction in Force Timeline 1 Year: General RIF Notice, Competitive areas & levels, Establish Retention register elements (Tenure, Performance, SCD) Post-RIF: Final actions, DoD PPP 1 yr, ONG RPL 2 yrs Goal: Ensure timeliness and preservation of entitlements RIF Effective Date: Final Separations, Reassignments & Changes to Lower Grade implemented Ongoing: Reporting on affected technicians and personnel actions, Town hall meetings, FAQ response, Individual counseling, military selective retention, labor-management communication

26 Human Resources – Resources Branch Points of Contact Ms. Dana Pharis– Branch Manager 614-336-7049 CMSgt Caroline French – Classification Specialist 614-336-7390 Ms. Beverly Sherwin – Staffing Specialist 614-336-7313 National Guard Technician Personnel Management Course July 2014

27 Human Resources – Resources Branch National Guard Technician Personnel Management Course July 2014 Where to find information:

28 Human Resources Development What can I clarify? National Guard Technician Personnel Management Course July 2014

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