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Feb. 28, 2011 SEC Chair Report Joyce Tolliver. Administrative Review and Restructuring Working Group Appointed in Nov. 2009 by Interim Pres. Ikenberry.

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1 Feb. 28, 2011 SEC Chair Report Joyce Tolliver

2 Administrative Review and Restructuring Working Group Appointed in Nov. 2009 by Interim Pres. Ikenberry Charge: “to conduct an assessment of the organizational structure and delivery of administrative services at the University of Illinois and to recommend a set of reforms and changes to improve performance as well as to reduce cost."

3 ARR areas and subcommittees 1. Communications, Public Relations, & Publications 2. Information Technology 3. Procurement 4. Service Centers 5. Human Resources 6. Regulatory Relief 7. Facilities, Capital Program, and Auxiliaries

4 ARR Working Group Final Report Issued June 15, 2010

5 Int. President Ikenberry: [The merging of VPAA and VPTED into a new EVP position], “is intended to signal a much broader opportunity to improve functioning by reducing the number of senior executive positions at all levels, reducing layers of management, and capturing the synergies to improve performance" (my emphasis) --Massmail, 6/23/2010

6 Since our last meeting, creation of 6 new UA positions (all filled): 1. Interim VP Health Affairs 2. Interim VP Research 3. Special Assistant to the President 4. Executive Director of Human Resources 5. Executive Director of Labor and Employee Relations 6. Executive Information Technology Officer

7 Vice President of Health Affairs: ARR "The President and Chancellors are urged to consider ways to better coordinate the University's growing set of activities that deal with the training of health professionals and research in medical fields, as well as its linkage to key departments in state government, the various health-related agencies of the City of Chicago and Cook County, federal agencies, and other health partners around the State. New organizational designs may be required to ensure full articulation of all the University's health-related activities "

8 VPHA: What happened Approval of new position of Vice President of Health Affairs at meeting of Board of Trustees, Nov. 18, 2010 Feb. 2, 2011 Massmail announcing appointment of Dr. “Skip” García, UIC as Interim VPHA

9 VPHA: Consultation Consultation with University Senates Conference mandated by General Rules before appointments are made

10 General Rules "Prior to recommending to the Board of Trustees the initial appointment of any university officer except for the president and the vice presidents/chancellors, the president shall seek the advice of the University Senates Conference. On the occasion of the reappointment of any University officer, the University Senates Conference may submit its advice if it so elects."

11 How USC was consulted: 1. January 6, 2011: President sends email to USC: “I’m seeking the advice of the Senates Conference on the characteristics and qualifications of individuals who would be suitable for interim appointments for each of two University Officer positions: · Interim Vice President for Health Affairs · Interim Vice President for Research I’d like to take recommendations to the Board regarding these interim appointments at its January 20, 2011 meeting.”

12 USC’s Response Request for formal consultation at Jan. 14, 2011 meeting President promises to forward USC the CVs of individuals he has already selected

13 USC Meeting, 1/14/2011 President: forgot to bring CVs but shared names of individuals and gave oral summary of their background USC members: Searched for CVs on internet during business meeting

14 Vice President of Research: ARR Recommendation: Combine VPTED and VPAA, thus decreasing number of Vice Presidents

15 VPR: What happened Nov. 18, 2011 Board meeting: Approval of position of VPR. Feb. 2, 2011: Massmail announcing appointment of Dr. Larry Schook. Dr. Avijit Ghosh named Special Assistant to President

16 VPR: Consultation “Seek advice of USC” also mandated by General Rules

17 VPR Consultation: What happened Consultation for VPR merged with consultation for VPHA. Same procedure.

18 Exec. Director of HR: ARR Recommendations 24 and 25: an immediate review of all policies governing AP positions; a task force charged with "reviewing current benefits and making any changes to those benefits." This includes taking "immediate steps to review the potential impacts of changes to the pension system for new employees on its ability to remain competitive as an employer."

19 Exec. Director HR: What happened UA-level Director of HR appointed. Campus HR Directors now report to Executive Director of HR Feb. 11, 2011 email from President to administrative and faculty leaders announces appointment of Maureen Parks (previously director of UA HR)

20 Exec. Director of HR: Consultation October 2011 USC meeting: President informs USC of plan to centralize “back-office” HR operations Nov. 2011 USC meeting: Indications that academic HR will be included. Statutes: "As the responsible body in the teaching, research, and scholarly activities of the University, the faculty has inherent interests and rights in academic policy and governance." (III.2.b)

21 USC follow-up Letter requesting special meeting with President Request not granted

22 Executive Director of Labor and Employee Relations: ARR “There is no one position within the University charged with the responsibility of developing overall human capital strategy, labor negotiation strategies and appropriate HR systems” (p.12)

23 Ex.Dir, Labor and Employment: What happened Feb. 11, 2011 email announcing appointment of Mr. Steve Veazie

24 Ex. Dir. Labor: Consultation USC and SECs were not advised of this change.

25 Information Technology: ARR ARR recommendations 20-23: strengthen the role of the University Technology Management Team "continued strategic investments in technology” to "support the core mission and enhance revenues” "enhancement" of the Enterprise system a reduction in operating costs through such changes as the termination of our contract with Centrex for telephone service.

26 IT: What happened Position of Exec. Chief Information Officer created. Feb. 11 email message announced appointment of Mr. Michael Hites, previously of AITS. Campus CIOs now report to Mr. Hites

27 IT: Consultation Jan. 14, 2011 USC: President: “Back-office” IT operations will be consolidated; Mr. Hites is his intended appointee Feb. 18, 2011: USC: President assures USC members that no academic functions will be handled by ECIO

28 IT: Consultation-cont. Ongoing dialogue with President Hogan regarding Reporting line of CITES Impact on research aspects of IT Agility of campus-level decision-making

29 Enrollment management:ARR ARR does not make any specific recommendation regarding enrollment management

30 Recent conversations VPAA Rao has appointed working group Two external consultants visited campuses Consultants are from U Connecticut and UT- Austin



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