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University of Southern California Diamond Howard “Palmam qui meruit ferat” Let whoever earns the palm, bear it.

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1 University of Southern California Diamond Howard “Palmam qui meruit ferat” Let whoever earns the palm, bear it

2 USC Alma Mater “All Hail to Alma Mater To thy glory we sing; All Hail to Southern California Loud let thy praises ring; Where Western sky meets Western sea Our college stands in majesty; Sing our love to Alma Mater, Hail, all hail to thee!”

3 Map of USC

4 History The University of Southern California was founded by Judge Robert Maclay Widney in 1880. The university’s original purpose was to educate in the liberal arts area. The University came to be known for its athletic teams.

5 Famous Alumni Neil Armstrong; the first human to step on the moon Will Ferrell; acclaimed actor and comedian John Wayne; Hollywood screen legend George Lucas; creator of the Star Wars trilogy Mohamed Morsi; the first democratically- elected president in Egyptian history

6 Traditions The week preceding the annual football matchup with UCLA is known as "Troy Week" and features a number of traditions including CONQUEST! "The Ultimate Trojan Experience", Save Tommy Night, the CONQUEST! Bonfire, and all-night vigils by the Trojan Knights to protect the campus from UCLA Bruins.

7 Mascot Traveler is the mascot for the USC Trojans. Traveler is a white horse bearing a Trojan warrior; its first appearance was in 1961 during a football game against Georgia Tech. The mascot has not provoked any controversy.

8 USC description Public University Co-educational Located in Los Angeles, California Large College (Over 41,000 students) No religious affiliation About 360,000 living alumni Known for being academically strong with high national and international rankings

9 Sports Facilities Dalands Swim Stadium Tennis Courts Trojan Family Tennis Courts Cromwell Track & Field McAlister (North Campus) Field Physical Education Building

10 Libraries 23 libraries for general fields of study (medical, law, arts, etc.)

11 Dining Centers California Pizza Kitchen Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Lemonade Moreton Fig Panda Express

12 Recreational Facilities Lyon Recreation Center HSC Fitness Center

13 Diversity

14 Requirements USC didn’t published a min. GPA/ Most freshman accepted have an average GPA of 3.8 unweighted SAT=1960-2230 ACT=29-33 A student must have valuable leadership, communication, and time management skills No specific classes, credits, or discipline record are required for admission

15 Application The Common Application will prompt you to answer one of five essay questions. Your response should be approximately 250-500 words and demonstrate your ability to express yourself in a clear, organized manner. This will help admission counselors get to know you and assess how well you might fit in at USC. Dec. 1 st, 2014 -Merit Scholarship consideration. First-year and transfer deadline for some Cinematic Arts and Dramatic Arts programs, all Music programs, Dance, the Iovine and Young Academy, and the World Bachelor of Business program. Jan. 15 th, 2015- Final first-year deadline for regular consideration. Early Enrollment- the practice of allowing high school students to be accelerated into college, one or more years before the traditional age of college entrance, and without obtaining a high school diploma USC does not allow early enrollment Transcripts are required to apply for USC

16 Academics Pre-med: Chemistry, biology and physics Minor- a subject or course of study pursued by a student as a supplement or subordinate to a degree Someone would want to have a double major if they are interested in another field of study Liberal Arts- a college with an emphasis on undergraduate study in the arts and sciences Internships are important because it establishes relationships with mentors and provides first-hand experience relevant to that desired field

17 Academics (contd.) There are internships available in business and management, marketing and PR, accounting and consulting, communications and digital media, etc. Student are put on academic probation if GPA drops below 2.0 and are given a certain amount of time to bring that GPA back up. If the student cannot, they will be dismissed from the university. Must have 3.5 GPA to be considered for the Honors Program

18 Surrounding Area Activities Cafes- Little Garden, Law School Café, Litera Tea, etc. Restaurants- The Lab, McKays, Rosso Oro’s, etc. Museums- Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, Fisher Museum of Art Malls- Fashion District, The Grove, Beverly Center, etc. Grocery Stores- Trader Joe’s, Ralph’s, Superior Grocer’s Nightlife- 901 Club, Golden Gopher, Bar 107 Bookstores- USC Bookstore Parks- Alumni Park, Argue Plaza, Queen’s Courtyard, etc. Concert Venues- Bing Theatre, Annenburg Auditorium, Alfred Newman Recital hall

19 Scholarships Available scholarships- Mock Family Scholarship, Stamps Leadership Scholarship, National Merit Finalist, etc. Grants do not have to be paid back; Loans have to be paid back often with interest Students average $29,400 in loans Federal student aid is awarded based on the student and parent income and assets, household size, number of children in college FAFSA- The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is a form that can be prepared annually by current and prospective college students (undergraduate and graduate) in the United States to determine their eligibility for student financial aid.

20 Career Services Mid-career median pay for those with Chemistry majors is $85,700 The projected employment increase for common jobs associated with a Chemistry major 10.5% The Career Services Center helps students assess themselves, explore careers, develop job skills, and search for jobs

21 Social Activities Clubs- Student Government, 4Corners, African Americans in Health, Art Council, etc. Fraternity- a brotherhood that share the same profession or interest (Gamma Zeta Alpha, Alpha lota Pi, Sigma Delta Alpha) Sorority- a sisterhood that share the same profession or interest (Sigma Delta Sigma, Sigma Lambda Gamma, Lambda Kappa Sigma) USC offers many volunteer based programs: Camp Kesem USC- Organize summer camp for children with cancer; Club H20- Supplies clean water for communities that do not have access to clean water Intramural Programs- Soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, swimming, badminton, etc.

22 Campus Living There are 28 housing arrangements for undergraduates and 11 graduate housing arrangements. In the dorms, the student re expected to make reasonable efforts to communicate and live cooperatively with the roommate(s) occupying the Premises concurrently with the Resident, and to be respectful of their differences and their respective living habits. $10,334 a year and students can live in them year-round

23 Meal Plans Cardinal Meal Plan: $2,650 per semester-Unlimited meal swipes in Café 84, EVK & Parkside Restaurant,7 complimentary guest meals per semester Gold Meal Plan: $2,960 per semester-Unlimited meal swipes in Café 84, EVK & Parkside Restaurant, $500 Dining Dollars per semester which may be used in USC Hospitality, University Park Campus & Health Sciences Campus, retail and residential dining venues,7 complimentary guest meals per semester Trojan Meal Plan: $3,200 per semester-$3200 Dining Dollars per semester which may be used in USC Hospitality University Park Campus & Health Sciences Campus retail and residential dining venues

24 Questions 1.What summer programs are available for high school students? 2.Does USC offer extension courses or have a program that allows non- admitted students to enroll in courses? 3.Does USC accept applications from home-schooled students? 4.How do the grades I earn during my senior year of high school factor into USC's admission decision? 5.What resources are available for finding internships across the country and abroad? 6.Is it possible to delay or defer my admission to a future term? 7.Is it possible to switch majors prior to enrollment? 8.Does USC allow students who have only a GED to transfer? 9.What study abroad programs does USC offer? 10.Does USC provide opportunities for undergraduates to conduct research?

25 USC takes its digital innovations to New York The USC 2014 Global Conversation will give attendees a peek at the digital future by Carl MarzialiOctober 14, 2014 Orli Belman, Institute for Creative Technologies, Light Stage dome.At the USC Institute for Creative Technologies, facial scans help create realistic virtual humans for Hollywood. (Photo/Institute for Creative Technologies ) USC will host its 2014 Global Conversation this week in the media capital of the world — New York City — offering East Coast alumni, friends and journalists a peek at the digital future. The Oct. 15 event at Time Warner Center will include presentations on the changing experience of reality and the digital future of medicine, along with demonstrations by USC’s renowned immersive reality incubator, the Institute for Creative Technologies, home to innovations such as the open-source viewers that informed the design of the Oculus Rift headset. USC as a digital leader USC Provost Elizabeth Garrett will host the “Defining Future Reality” showcase, inspired by the university’s 10-year, $1 billion Digital USC initiative. “USC has for decades stood on the frontiers of digital research and technology that transform the way people live, learn and approach difficult challenges,” Garrett said. “The 2014 USC Global Conversation brings together leading voices from many disciplines and industries to build on this auspicious moment, when our institutional strength and vision directly align with societal need.” The keynote speaker will be Jimmy Iovine, co-founder/CEO of Beats Electronics and Beats Music, founder and former chairman of Universal Music Group’s Interscope Geffen A&M Records unit, and namesake donor with Andre “Dr. Dre” Young to USC’s Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation. Voices from the USC tech world Speakers include: Biological imaging leader Scott Fraser, who directs interdisciplinary research initiatives at USC and will discuss advances in biomedical imaging at the cellular level Computer scientist Hao Li, a specialist in 3-D technology recently named one of the world’s top innovators under 35 by MIT Technology Review, on the implications of increasingly fast and affordable creation of 3-D content Alex McDowell of the USC School of Cinematic Arts on how the creation of virtual worlds can influence real-world urban planning. McDowell pioneered world building in the film Minority Report and has developed it through initiatives such as the Leviathan Project. Leslie Saxon on the digitization of medicine and the potential for continuous wireless diagnostics through wearable computing devices Arthur Toga, director of the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, a division of the USC Institute of Neuorimaging and Informatics that has one of the world’s largest archives of brain scans, on how scientists can use imaging and informatics to understand normal and abnormal brain function Julie Zissimopoulos, an expert on access to health care at the USC Leonard D. Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics, on why strategies to delay aging are more cost-effective than disease-specific treatment or even prevention. Immersion in digital innovation Attendees also will experience hands-on demonstrations of immersive and virtual reality technologies developed at the Institute for Creative Technologies, such as the open-source virtual reality viewer that influenced Oculus Rift (also available for demonstration), an exposure therapy system for treating post-traumatic stress and a rapid generator of any user’s avatar for insertion into video games. Several of the institute’s innovations already have entered the mainstream, including realistic digital rendering of humans and immersive treatment of psychological conditions. The USC Global Conversation in New York City follows the inaugural 2012 Global Conversation in London. The global conversation events are held every other year, alternating with a global conference series hosted by USC President C. L. Max Nikias.

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