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Decolonization and Revolution Podcast Review Another fish joke What do you call a fish with no eyes?

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2 Decolonization and Revolution Podcast Review

3 Another fish joke What do you call a fish with no eyes?

4 Decolonization Revolution Aided by World Wars and Cold War Internal struggles Came full circle: Dictatorial to Dictatorial Some began as anti- Christian movements Non-Violent protest: Boycotts and marches Western Educated Colonial elites Long standing in duration, but weak govts. as targets Leaders with dilemma of western ways v. traditional cultural Resulted in changed relations with west…usually worse relations European elite replaced with colonial upper class Different causes In reality, minimal gains for lowest classes First rulers were movement leaders Class of intellectuals emphasizing an “ism”

5 Decolonization in... Middle EastAfrica Rise of Palestine League Rise of National Congress Independent and secular Turkey Colonized late… independence comes last Balfour Declaration Muslims united against Jewish state, divided on everything else Mandate system Violence only when Europeans stalled Arab Nationalism helps defeat Ottomans Settler colonies=More violence Non Settler colonies=Negotiations/peaceful demonstrations Most relied on peaceful means

6 Decolonization... EgyptIndia Led by Western Ed. elites Cold War battle/Superpower help Produced by Arab Nationalism Gandhi's non violence and cultural symbols National Congress v. Muslim League Creation of 2 nations Nationalization of Suez Civilian Authority Classic Non Align Nasser's Militarism USSR Model Salt March was height of movement E./W. Pakistan- Muslim State India-Hindu dominated Pakistan/ Bangladesh

7 Revolution in... RussiaChinaCuba Czar v Lenin Batista v Castro Mao v Warlords and Shek Briefly democratic Noticeable Successes for women Exploited via Spheres of Influence Abandoned Confucianism Revolution incorporated urban workers Women in Medicine Model for rest of LA Marxist State Attempted Land Reforms Single Party/ Authoritative Cold War enemies with West Most impacted by WW1

8 Revolution in... MexicoIran Constitution based on republic Exploited via Spheres One Party Authority- PRI Anti-American feelings Step back for women Khoemini v. Shah Fundamentalism Peasant support Diaz v a group of revolutionaries Maintain close ties With global economy

9 Independence in… Vietnam Kenya Algeria Ghana French Colony Wars for liberation Independ- ence and revolution Many occupied Abandoned Confucianism Rejected middle class nationalism Ho Chi Minh and peasant Marxism Always violence Valuable oil Most peaceful Strikes and boycotts Nkurmah Large settler colony Non settler colony Settler colony Gradual withdrawal Kenyatta Mass Underground movements using guerilla tactics Vietcong FLN Mau

10 1. Indian Natl. Congress 2. Gandhi 3. Salt March 4. Jawaharlal Nehru 5. Muslim League 6. Modernization v. Nationalism (based on tradition factors) 7. Young Turks 8. Ataturk 5. Secular State, no fez or veil 6. Pahlevi Dynasty 7. Balfour Declaration 8. Palestine League 9. Mandates 10. Ho Chi Minh 3. Gold Coast/Ghana (independence history) 4. Nkrumah 5. Organization of African Unity 6. Pan Africanism 7. Neo Colonialism 8. De Klerk (include leader of what country) 9. Nelson Mandela 10. Mau Mau 11. Gamal Abdul Nasser( include leader of what country) 12. East and West Pakistan 13. Bangladesh 1.Kenyatta 2. African National Congress

11 Another fish joke What do you call a fish with no eyes? “Fsh”

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