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Statutes ALWD Rule 14 Copyright 2003, 2006. Darby Dickerson. Permission given to use for educational purposes.

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1 Statutes ALWD Rule 14 Copyright 2003, Darby Dickerson. Permission given to use for educational purposes.

2 Which Source? Rule 14.1 In most instances, cite a code instead of a session law. When two codes contain the same statute, usually cite the official code. –You may use the print or online version. –Appendix 1 identifies official codes with green stars. If the official code is not available, cite the unofficial code. If a code is not available, site the slip law.

3 Full Citation for Federal Statutes Currently in Force: Rule 14.2 Title number●Code abbreviation●§● Section number●(Publisher [only if commercial]●Date). 11 U.S.C. § 2517 (2000).

4 Common Mistakes Forgetting to insert a space after the section symbol. Forgetting to cite to the most specific subsections possible. –Citing § 1400 instead of the more specific § 1400(a)(2). Forgetting to close spaces between the section and subsection. –Incorrect = § 1400 (a)(2)

5 More Common Mistakes Forgetting to use two section symbols (§§) when citing multiple sections. –18 U.S.C. §§ (2000). Forgetting to use only one section symbol when citing multiple subsections. –18 U.S.C. § 1961(a)-(d) (2000). Remember to consult ALWD Rule 6 for details about citing sections and subsections.

6 Publisher: Rule 14.2(e) Do not include a publisher for the official code (U.S.C.). Include the publisher for the unofficial codes: –U.S.C.A. = (West) –U.S.C.S. = (Lexis)

7 Date: Rule 14.2(f) Include the year of the volume you are citing. Typically use the date on the copyright page. –Special note: The U.S.C. is published every six years. All volumes are now from the 2000 edition. –But 2006 volumes should start appearing soon.

8 Dates and Supplements Consult Rule 8 about citing main volumes and supplements. Cite whichever the material at issue is found. –Main only: U.S.C. = (2000) U.S.C.A. = (West 2006) –Supp. only: U.S.C. = (Supp. 2005) U.S.C.A. = (West Supp. 2006) –Both: U.S.C. = (2000 & Supp. 2004) U.S.C.A. = (West 1998 & Supp. 2006)

9 Federal Statutes No Longer in Force: Rule 14.3 Same format, but add the reason why the statute is no longer in force. –26 U.S.C. § 1071(a) (repealed 1995). –The date is the year the statute lost effect.

10 State Statutes: Rule 14.4 Each state has a slightly different format. –Always consult Appendix 1. –Always try to cite the official code. –Sometimes you must insert additional words into the title (such as the Texas Agriculture Code). In these situations, abbreviate words that appear in Appendix 3.

11 Electronic Statutes: Rule 14.5 You may use, but check for accuracy. Format: –Ga. Stat. Ann. § (Westlaw current through 2005 Extraordinary 2d Gen. Assembly). –Use whatever designation for the legislative session that appears on the database.

12 Short Citations for Federal and State Statutes: Rule 14.6 If id. is appropriate, use id. –18 U.S.C. § 1965 (2000). –Id. at § –Id. If id. is not appropriate, retain all components of the full citation except the publisher and date parenthetical. –18 U.S.C. § 1965 (2000). –Smith, 289 U.S. at 41. –18 U.S.C. § Best not to use the other short form options.

13 Statutes in Text: Sidebar 14.2 When a statute is referred to in textual material, do not abbreviate the code name, except for U.S.C. You may use the word “section” or “Section,” or use a section symbol; just be consistent throughout the paper. Example: Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated Section (4)(b) provides....

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