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IRD/Savoirs et Développement 1 Some ESTIME results for the MIRA screening meeting Rigas Arvanitis.

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1 IRD/Savoirs et Développement 1 Some ESTIME results for the MIRA screening meeting Rigas Arvanitis

2 IRD/Savoirs et Développement2 ESTIME Objectives Description of the state-of-the-art in research in all scientific fields Design of indicators for policy making Participate in the debates on how to enhance research (evaluation, university, etc.) Promote “science studies” in Med countries

3 IRD/Savoirs et Développement3 ESTIME results on research Growing production A peculiar form of specialisation : Engineering and applaied physico- chemical sciences Small but dynamic research communities Institutional changes in some countries Economic relevance is becoming a reality

4 IRD/Savoirs et Développement4

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8 8 Growth pattern

9 IRD/Savoirs et Développement9 Social sciences production: Maghreb -- 1980_ 86 1987_ 92 1993_ 98 1999_ 2004 1980_ 2004 Morocco 17022234320446637703 Algeria 568 821120018153005 Tunisa 737 924130815702850

10 IRD/Savoirs et Développement10 A marked specialization pattern1/3

11 IRD/Savoirs et Développement11 A marked specialization pattern2/3

12 IRD/Savoirs et Développement12 A marked specialization pattern3/3

13 IRD/Savoirs et Développement13

14 IRD/Savoirs et Développement14 Research personnel CountryPersonnel – Head count EPTEPT/ 10 6 h Algeria 12000 ‘enseignants- chercheurs’ (?) 1400 researchers, 5000 (?) 156 Jordan 42151 (of which 15 800 Sc. & Eng and 62% univ.) 1464280 Lebanon 13 770professors (?) + 316 researchers f.t. 712178 Morocco 14 616 professors 2900 researchers 8000 doctoral candidates 5000 + 8000 166 (433) Tunisia 25445 prof. of which 758F.T. and 9723 students 3rd cycle 14650492 (1465)

15 IRD/Savoirs et Développement15 Budgets for R&D as % of GDP Pays199820012004 Algeria0,160,270,21 Egypt0,200,19- Jordan0,380,34 (2003) Lebanon0,22 (2006) Morocco0,320,710,80 Palestin.T. Half million for science fund Syria0,2 (?) Tunisia0,430,531,00

16 IRD/Savoirs et Développement16 A diversification of funding sources Tunisia: relative diminishing funds and more international cooperation + RD in entreprises. Morocco: More private sector (6% in 1998  12,3% en 2003). Lebanon: diversification of funds at AUB (int. coop., foundations, NGOs, entreprises); public funding is lowing (in relative termes at IRAL). Syria: creation of research funds in the universities.

17 IRD/Savoirs et Développement17 Low absorption capacity of national research systems Important difference between promised budgets and implemented funds ( eg. In all countris where data was available) Important differential between allocated funds and spent funds (in som ecases can go up 60%) Some institutions have a low ability to respond to international funds.

18 IRD/Savoirs et Développement18 Three models of governance Syria Egypt Iraq Centralized type of governance, but decentralized performance Research in large public research centres and universities Large public universities Lebanon Jordan Decentralized governance Research in pub+private universities Algeria Morocco Tunisia Centralized governance Large public universities Research mainly in universities and public research institutes

19 IRD/Savoirs et Développement19 Some additional results (1) Strong structuring of the research activity (eg. Tunisia, Morocco) Active evolutions : Egypt Evaluation (teams, programmes) is still not in the agenda Social sciences out of the radar... But more than half of the students.

20 IRD/Savoirs et Développement20 Some additional results (2) Growing R&D activity in enterprises Bridging institutions are rare and have still a low activity /tech transfer units have low activity: legal issues. Inventive policies in innovation (a world of innovation) A suggestion: have more private consultancies in charge of relating the research-enterprises linkages.

21 IRD/Savoirs et Développement21 Some ideas for the future Create a reference center for bibliometric data + effort on enhancing production visibility Some coordination with research on innovation – EMIS Additional work needed for both collection and analyzing data (partnerships + observatories)

22 IRD/Savoirs et Développement22 Thank you !

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