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John Curtis

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1 John Curtis

2 Plateauing Plateau - ‘a state of little or no change following a period of activity or progress’

3 Plateauing Challenge: Not doing enough of the right things (laziness?)
Solution: Do more of the right things Challenge: Doing the right things but stale Solution: Reinvent yourself as ‘new, fresh and exciting’

4 Plateauing Challenge: Doing the wrong things
Solution: Start doing the right things – find out how: Training Books, videos, audio, web Talk to people who’ve already got what you want

5 Plateauing Challenge: Lack Of Motivation Solution: Get Remotivated
Lost sight / belief in attainment of the current goal? Settled for ‘second best’ or existing comfort zone? Have small goal? Have already achieved initial goal? Solution: Get Remotivated Reconnect with original goal ‘Wake yourself up’ to the Forever potential Find new goal on the Marketing Plan Be creative with the Marketing Plan

6 Plateauing The view from the plateau may be good ...
... but higher up is always better!

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