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The Digital Switchover One Trusts plans to eliminate paper

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1 The Digital Switchover One Trusts plans to eliminate paper
Dave Lang – Programme Director THIS

2 A brief history of CHFT….
An in-house PAS and a series of connected systems Reasonable levels of integration Patient centric clinical viewer Some financial investment User experience variable The national programme for IT

3 The why……

4 Patient benefits… Reduction in the number of unnecessary tests
Reduction in length of stay (LOS) Increase in patient safety, reduction in medical errors Reduce repeat admissions Reduction in paper based transactions Reduction in adverse drug events

5 Main benefits….. Overall increase in patient satisfaction and outcome…. Overall increase in staff satisfaction and well being….

6 The What - 6 underlying principles
Your Care, Our Concern will be our mission and our values will be built around People, Patients, Partnerships and Pride (which is at the heart of the approach) We will be clinically led and treat patients, staff and partners as we would expect to be treated ourselves Collaboration in the interests of patient care will be central to how we work both within and outside CHFT Real time patient information will always be at hand for us and our partners to provide the best seamless care We will ensure regulatory compliance by improving our access to care for patients and prioritising their safety We will meet the financial circumstances and use this challenge as a driver for change and not solely as a constraint

7 data continuity & full HIE
EMR Adoption Model “Paperless” patient record environment for highest quality of care, data continuity & full HIE Full electronic clinical decision support, and highest medication safety Completely electronic diagnostic image management Electronic order entry with decision support and result reporting Clinical ordering and documentation – especially nursing care Example CHU Liege: A specific module is developed in the ERP of the University Hospital (CHU) of Liège: the dialysis’ module. It covers patients’ dialysis treatment in the institution. The digitalization of this type of patients’ file allows the CHU to decentralize the treatments in various locations as the ERP is accessible through the CHU network. Such a system is also available for Radiotherapy’s treatments. Furthermore, the reports can easily be sent to the general practitioner. A patient-centered electronic data repository Electronic diagnostic and pharmacy department information

8 Level of investment 2011 HIMSS Analytics based on yearly averages from 2007 through 2011 from HIMSS AnalyticsTM Database (U.S.A.)

9 The how….. Three key strands to the Programme
Infrastructure Tactical & New Systems Electronic Patient Record Developed a strategy for our EPR/Clinical Systems This is supported by a SOC

10 Developing our strategy

11 System Architecture Hybrid Solution
Still will have an IE (Ensemble) at its core Decisions about portal to be made Some functionality may be developed

12 THE SOC Investment model
Initial cost Annual ongoing Deployment Mid point 6 Year cost Full EPR Programme £4m - £10m £1m - £2.2m £5m-£7m £22.6m Of which: Core EPR £16.5m Vital Pack £1.8m E-prescribing £300k - £800k £75k - £200k £200k – £300k £1.6m

13 These have been taken from a handful of other EPR Business Cases
Benefits These have been taken from a handful of other EPR Business Cases They have been adjusted for the size of CHFT They have been further reduced to take into account some tangible benefits CHFT have already accrued through good practice and the LEAN work in place at CHFT The table shows some preliminary work forecasting benefits accrual over years Year 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Early Clinical quick wins 569 1516 651 488 5389 EPR main 273 6557 9971 12613 14329 14572 58316 EPR additional 223 562 832 994 1098 3709 Total 842 8296 12049 14095 15974 16159 67414

14 So what have we been doing
Developing Governance model and designing Structure Getting clinical buy-in Engaging with the organisation Deploying Infrastructure & Tacticals Market Research including site visits, demo’s and conferences

15 So what next Continue to explore the market Develop OBS
Consider our procurement options Develop the FBC Procure a solution

16 ID Description Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Pre-Procurement 1 Organisational Readiness 2 Patient Involvement 3 Develop FBC 4 Demos & Do See 5 Develop Vision 6 Board Sign off Vision 7 Workshops 8 Develop OBS 9 Board Sign off OBS 10 Agree Shortlist 11 Understand Procurement Options 12 Board sign off FBC 13 Procurement 14 Trust signs contract with EPR Supplier 15 EDMS (Document Management) Tactical's 16 Maternity 17 Theatres 18 eWhiteboards (Bed Management) 19 Digital Dictation and Voice Recognition DD VR 20 Vital signs 21 eRostering 22 Self service ESR 23 Wireless Projects 24 eHealth Infrastructure 25 Video Conferencing 26 Community Agile Working Pilot 27 Wireless Network - CRH EPR Enabler 28 Wireless Network - HRI 29 Single sign-On 30 Core IT Infrastructure 31 Acre Mills 32 Unified Comms 33 Replacement PC's

17 So why am I here today.. We recognise this as the biggest programme ever for CHFT Not trying to do anything new (reinvent wheel) We want to learn from what other people are doing Test our thinking Maybe we can help each other

18 The IM&T modernisation programme…
Dave Lang THIS

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