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Marketing – How it can help your business Liza Browne.

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1 Marketing – How it can help your business Liza Browne

2 What is Marketing… Marketing is the process that gets you more clients. doing things that makes sure more people know about you or your company and the services your provide. not about everyone knowing about you, it’s about the right people knowing about you!

3 Why do I need it… Business doesn’t always grow on it’s own Because marketing works, and you can do it for low cost. Because not doing it means you are fighting a constant battle to keep or grow your client numbers.

4 Where do I start… Think of yourself and your service as a brand or product. Describe yourself in 100 words. Who you are, your qualifications and experience, your expertise. Describe your services in 100 words. What are the things you do that make your service attractive? Local? Reliable? Professional? Success stories? Have a vision for where you want to get to? Set business success goals… An extra day of appointments? 20% increase in clients in the next 6 months? Take the vision and the services you offer and start to create your marketing material.

5 Your basic business tools Business Cards Website Brochures

6 What do I do first Have a business card and a brochure It creates a professional impression Use the internet to get cards and brochures done Make sure you include your phone number / email address / website Copy what others have done no need to reinvent the wheel Be consistent - deliver on your promise can provide samples and templates

7 Know your audience / market Who are the primary users / purchasers of your service Moms / parents Adults with speech or voice concerns Where do they find out about services like yours? Who are the key influencers in their world Doctors Pre-schools / schools ENT teams Psychologists Credible Referrers

8 €€€ New Clients Schools Others? Marketing focus = business results Psychologists Doctors Parents EENT Specialists Key Influencers Customers Profit

9 What next… So, now we know who they are and who they trust, how do we reach them? Two ways Directly Indirectly

10 Going directly to potential clients Using An Post to mailshot Very simple and effective way to target potential new clients Costs about €250 to mailshot people in the local area for up to 500 addresses 3 simple steps – select area, design card with details and then purchase Make an introductory offer such as discounted first visit

11 Indirect network.. Approach people or groups in the network of influencers. Write letters to schools / health professionals. Let them know: you are in their area, what you do, the conditions you treat, ask them to display your brochures. Offer to host a talk with their team

12 Website Keep it simple and uncrowded Stick to the 5 simple rules Who you are What you do Where you are located How you work How to contact you (and when, if that’s important) Use examples of cases you have worked on or conditions that benefit from SLT Plenty of low cost website design / development options

13 How do I get people to view the website Make sure you are listed on the association website Research local group listings locally – and add your name and site details Many communities have business association listings – find one for your area and get listed under community services. “Adwords” from Google For example if you are based in Athlone you would want to buy the words speech / language therapy / athlone / westmeath / language delays / developmental delays/ When you are creating a website your design team can work with you to include these You can buy these words as well as a service called PPC which essentially means you only pay if people see your ads and click through to your website

14 Examples of websites

15 Web design companies

16 Networking Join local business organsiations Chambers of commerce Business networks in your area This is a low cost option. You are networking with others and it’s all about getting your name out there Good to meet others and understand what's happening in your area

17 A little PR Local newspapers are always looking for content. Give them a story, essentially you will have written it for them. Create a FAQ document or give them a list of surprising facts about SLT e.g. famous people who have benefited or who could benefit from it. Case studies, children/adults who have had very positive results.

18 What if I don’t do anything? You will find it harder to build up your practice. You won’t reach the people you need your services. Remember… It works… it really does!

19 Final thoughts Marketing works, its about working hard and working smart. It’s about making your work pay. Take it a step at a time. Monitor what works best for you and do more of it. Contact me at or 0858500839 if you would like more

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