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Betty Campbell Chaisson, ACB, ALB November 16, 2014 Club Rescue Mission.

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1 Betty Campbell Chaisson, ACB, ALB November 16, 2014 Club Rescue Mission

2 “The Toastmasters Club which has the right sort of program does not lose its members.” Ralph Smedley was quoted.. "The club whose membership is shrinking has something the matter with it.“

3 Mission  District Mission We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.  My Area Governor Mission Continually strive to better myself and teach what I learn along the way so that others may grow, flourish, develop and refine their personal talents.

4 Critical Club Analysis “What happens if we take this or that action?"  Required resources to support members  Thought-provoking educational speeches that encourage experimentation  Introduce group of peers who share experiences, ideas and knowledge

5 Asking Socratic Questions  What are the strengths and weaknesses of….?  What is another way to look at it….?  What do we understand about the needs of the possible members  Do they know about the support systems Toastmaster offers  What assistance have they got to date?

6 Strengths District assigned two DTM coaches LGEM supports w/mentoring available Demo Meeting June 12-14 = 2 real members joining Geographical advantage/location Opportunities Sharp Education Growth curve Membership Camapaign Innovation on Educational Developments Utilze Toastmasters resources to mentor 28 years since Charter for club Threats Coaches leave prior to sustaining Load members w/ too much and lose Competition with club next building Loss of reliability and trust Gap in expereince, knowledge Weaknesses 3 Phantom members, 2 coaches and LGEM Both new members are first timers ResourcesNo Website/Welcome package No lecturn/banner/timing lights SWOT Analysis

7 Strategic Solutions  Training Needs Assessment  Reinvent with events to boost knowledge  Create Club Success Plan  Social Media Website  Give it all you got

8 A Healthy club is where?

9 Mutually Beneficial Learning  Provide advice and counsel  Effectively direct and develop members  Information/knowledge source  Share experiences  Guide by a using self-discovery approach

10 Member Resources  Comprehensive Member Info Package  Website Agenda’s that include descriptions  Scripts for roles to help familiarize themselves with protocol and etiquette  Educational power points posted on website  Assign a mentor for every member

11 First Impressions  Adjust your Attitude  Straighten your posture  Smile  Make eye contact  Raise your eyebrows  Shake hands  Lean in slighty

12  Free Educational sessions set-up  Marketing letters for HR contact  Newsletter submissions  Marketing posters distributed Marketing Resources

13 Successful Club Series  address the quality of club meetings  offer tips on attracting/maintaining members  fulfills ACS & ALB requirements Numerous Toastmaster Tools How to rebuild a Toastmasters Club A Step-by-step Guide

14 Where the Club is now…


16 Club Coaching Opportunities

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