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Linking farmers to agro input supply chains from global to local levels Using ICT to deploy agro input market information systems in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Presentation on theme: "Linking farmers to agro input supply chains from global to local levels Using ICT to deploy agro input market information systems in sub-Saharan Africa."— Presentation transcript:

1 Linking farmers to agro input supply chains from global to local levels Using ICT to deploy agro input market information systems in sub-Saharan Africa Patrice Annequin | MIS specialist | IFDC | Accra, Ghana | |

2 IFDC in a snapshot International Fertilizer Development Center Public International Organization created in 1974 (1 st green revolution vs 1 st oil peak) – HQ in Alabama, USA 500+ staff in Africa in 22 countries Technology transfer (fertilizer production, management & use) Integrated Soil Fertility Management Agro input distribution / agro dealers Value chain development Market Information Systems … ICT ! Activities Offices Regional offices

3 Challenges and Opportunities Very low level of use of agro inputs by small scale farmers, resulting in low productivity Weak farm input supply chains No agro input MIS in SSA Since 2000 … NEPAD, AGRA, PPPs … Innovative ICT solutions Mobile phones for most agro dealers and pre-commercial farmers kg/ha of nutrients 2007-2008 Fertilizer Consumption Target: from 8 to 50 kg/ha/yr by 2015

4 African farmers pay the highest price 2006 figures for 1 ton of urea

5 Monthly international prices (ICIS, April 2011) Fertilizers are too expensive for too many !

6 IFDC strategy Improve ACCESSILIBITY, AVAILABILITY and PROFITABILITY of agro inputs for farmers – Better technologies / usage – Cheaper prices for inputs – Better markets / output prices Part of the solution : Create and improve market linkages between FARMERS and AGRO INPUT DEALERS and their SUPPLIERS AGRO INPUT MIS POLICIES & ECONOMICS POLICIES & ECONOMICS CAPACITY BUILDING TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE

7 Previous attempts in the MIS space 80’s & 90’s: AFTMEN – experts network [dead] – Prepare liberalization of gov’t control fertilizer markets – Printed / mailed quarterly newsletters 2000-2004: [dead] – Agro input prices in 4 West Africa countries – ICT: excel / Html / dreamweaver | all in house 2005-2007: [dead] – Output / input prices & offers in 10 West Africa countries – ICT: web + (early) mobile | Busylab (TradeNet / Esoko) Key lessons learnt: 1. Always separate programs from technology ! 2. ICT is only 10% of costs and efforts of deploying MIS

8 Current IFDC MIS strategy 1.Engage public and private partners to fill the gaps and deploy multi layer and inter- related MISs – Continental > regional > national – Public & opened | Private & closed 2.Tap into existing information to build “web portals” and data centers 3.Use a range of ICT tools to push and pull information from / to “clients / suppliers” OUTSOURCE TECHNOLOGY BUILD PPP BUILD PPP DON’T REINVENT THINK BIG & SMALL

9 Web-based portal for Africa International and regional organizations Fertilizer producers & importers Fertilizers o Agro input MIS for East Africa o Regional and national organizations o Agro dealers & buyers (FBOs) All agro inputs Inputs & outputs o Mobile apps for end users o Local organizations and associations o Individual farmers & input retailers 2 interlinked initiatives in Africa

10 All African countries All free content Managed by IFDC Developed in Ghana by Ver. 1 launched in March 2010 Secured servers in Feb 2011 (NL) Built for collaborative management (CMS)

11 PARTNERS CONTENTS ICT TOOLS Statistics Directories Policies Market news Publications CMS MS reporting services

12 For Eastern and Southern Africa

13 PARTNERSCONTENTSICT TOOLS Prices Catalogues Directories Statistics Market news Publications Blogs CMS MS reporting services Mailchimp [newsletters] mobile apps East Africa Farmers Association East Africa Grains Council ???

14 Sharing roles & responsibilities Methodologies Build partnerships and pay for set up costs Collect prices and market information Map agro dealers MIS Trainings & TA Pull, push and manage info by SMS (& the web) – Prices, offers – Polls, stocks, profiling – Networks, groups – Billing Low cost MIS solutions for SMEs, groups and associations (licenses) PROGRAMS TECHNOLOGY

15 Collecting prices from AMITSA agro dealers 9 countries 150 towns 250 agro-dealers Nokia phones Mobi Java app 50 agro-inputs Fertilizers Seeds Pesticides Retail prices Sales trends

16 Sending prices by SMS to agro dealers 5,750 agro dealers mapped & profiled (name, mobile number, location) [total est. 20,000 ] 120,000 SMS sent each month with local, national and regional prices Using esoko SMS push and Networks apps

17 Online price search & analysis Pesticide average price (US$) per pack FungicideHerbicideInsecticide Copper Hydroxide (eq 50%) Mancozeb (80% WP) 2,4-D Amine (720 G/l Sl) Glyphosa te (360 g/l) Chlorpyrifos- ethyl (480 G/l) Dimetho ate (400 G/l) Country1 kg 1 litre Burundi 2.446.87 10.3711.39 Kenya 12.1012.247.6310.8323.8612.63 Malawi 11.5911.3811.8611.4015.6515.96 Mozambique 12.479.84 8.00 13.57 Rwanda 4.164.9618.3110.6110.998.67 Tanzania 7.315.959.0414.22 Uganda 3.995.826.306.805.767.04 Zambia 6.5010.44 11.9514.8129.09

18 The starting point for much more Making available … Contents Contacts + ICT tools + Technical support + Business models Enable users to : Communicate Share the right info Plan and forecast Do more business Faster Cheaper Broader

19 Next – business uses in the supply chain Manage my distributor networks Technical advise, marketing campaigns Forecast and stock management Input suppliers Manage “my 50 best farmers” Technical advise, marketing campaigns Get better deals from suppliers Agro dealers Get better deals from agro dealers Get customized technical advices Prepare aggregated purchases Farmers (groups)

20 Next – public use and value chains management Inform on policies, taxes, regulations Gather and share data, statistics Manage subsidy programs Min Agri & public MIS Manage internal communication Provide services to members Manage advocacy campaigns Agro input Associations Improve linkages to input supply chain Manage agri business clusters M&E Projects / NGO agribusinesses

21 Twitter: @AMITSAnews Twitter: @AfricFertilizer Follow us ! Use us !

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