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Zápatí prezentace 1 Transformation… but from where to where? 27 th of November 2014 ∙Stefan Fillibeck.

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1 Zápatí prezentace 1 Transformation… but from where to where? 27 th of November 2014 ∙Stefan Fillibeck

2 2 Change of communication habits… >1.7 billion social users >400 million tweets per day about product, services, and brands >100 views average number of times a person checks their phone each day >6.8 billion Mobile phones in use Logic Point

3 3 The real game changers … Logic Point

4 4 Based on Internet and social networks… Logic Point

5 5 Shift in pre-sales… Customers are 60% through the buying process before they talk to you - Apple Inc. 9 of 10 business buyers say when they are ready to buy, they will find you -IDG Enterprise Logic Point Only 3% of cold calls result in an appointment… whereas 67% of second-degree LinkedIn referrals result in a meeting! -Microsoft 73% of sales people using social media to sell outperform those who don’t -A Sales Guy Consulting

6 6 It is not about the figures or devices… Source: IDC Logic Point

7 7 The impacts… Logic Point A reverse process of selling and servicing today

8 8 The delimitation or evolution… Communication Center Interactive customer center IM, Chat, Mobile Internet integration, Web-RTC Voice calls Disconnected communicatio n CRM Social listening BI and analytics Call center Logic Point Finally it is not about the technology it is “just” about the rapidly changing customer expectations

9 9 Logic Point About me… Stefan Fillibeck - CEO of Logic point s.r.o. Main business – Customer Relationship Management, Business reengineering, Service Center and Customer Care Management, Business Consulting Trend and technology research and development

10 10 Logic Point About us… We see ourselves equally as competent business advisors, process management specialists and CRM experts. This image is acknowledged through several awards, certificates and partnerships

11 11 Logic Point About our customers… A small excerpt of our prestigious national and international long-term customers we have convinced with the quality of our products and services Implementing a holistic CRM-Strategy in the bank- sector and leasing sector Designing a worldwide importer and car-dealer CRM solution to optimize the lead-, customer-, and service management structure and to support sales activities CZ and SVK Developing and implementing a company wide integrated solution to support the modern e-shop and the internal service center Creating a powerful website production and maintenance system based on Microsoft CRM CRM-based Real estate management in the areas retail, industry, hotel and investments. Integrating a contract management and customer care solution into an international publishing environment Implementing the processes and systems to support mortgage management and customer service activities Designing and implementing a tailor-made solution to support customer relationship management and service management Rolling out a CRM system to optimize existing customer contact management and service management System integration of CRM and the accounting system to support financial processes Developing and implementing a solution to support sales and back-office processes CRM-Solution for customer management, contact management and invoice management System Optimization and connection to the internal e-shop and introduction of tools for managing marketing campaigns Implementation of MS Dynamics CRM for Sales and Sales-Management for Opportunity management and project management Integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to support all sales and service processes Developing and implementing a pan- European online content management platform based on Microsoft CRM Automotive CRM and Service Management implementation IRELAND Automotive CRM and Service Management implementation BARCELONA-ALGERIA

12 12 Their demands… Logic Point

13 13 The Top-10 “real” requests… CTI + SBR Process Automation Triggered Event/exception handling Multi channel Management Real-Time Dashboards and BI Cross Channel history Web Chat and IM Social Network and Web-Integration SMS integration KPI and SLA Management Logic Point

14 14 Logic Point The needed Infrastructure… It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel - It is important to fit the existing wheels properly CRM-Layer

15 15 Logic Point … and new Customer Centricity The mission is to engage in a partnership with a customer and inspire: Trust in your mindset Certainty about your capabilities Conviction about your products/services Comfort with your professionalism This is what makes the difference today and supports your business tomorrow

16 The available insights… Track products, brand, competitors, and campaigns in real-time Listen to the voices of your customers, prospects with embedded social insights Identify and connect with influential voices in the community Get alerted when sentiment changes 90% of consumers regularly research products online before buying them. 44% of consumers today complain about products and services by social networks, and they are more likely to accept what they hear through social networks over advertising. 20% of customers who do complain by social media expect a response within one hour. Logic Point

17 Realtime Content… Immediate insights into your customers from directly within your CRM experience Get real-time company and contact information from many sources Spend time focusing on how to proactively help your customers…become that trusted business partner Here, I can see Jim’s role at Northwind Traders. I can see that the company has just completed an acquisition – does that make this opportunity even bigger than I had thought? I can see where Jim has previously been employed. Are those existing customers of ours? You can start to see how much you can learn about this prospect from right within your system. Logic Point

18 18 Logic Point Finally the good message is… Customers know what they want Sales is getting easier if the agents are skilled Social media can be actively used for lead and feeback management Social analytics show you new market opportunities CRM is available for all target groups The needed technology is already available Good reviews increase your chances by over 70%

19 19 Logic Point Questions…

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