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1. Name, Title Date Today, we live in a mobile-first, cloud-first world.

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2 Name, Title Date

3 Today, we live in a mobile-first, cloud-first world

4 of tech budgets controlled by departments other than IT 27 % Enterprise leaders are reimagining their businesses CEO priorities engaged employees satisfied customers Growing expectation personal, individualized service Becoming more responsive Transforming to a digital believe they make better and faster tech decisions than IT 79 % of C-level executives Outperforming enterprises are 54 % more likely to Enhancing the customer experience enhancing customer experience top priority 3 / 4 decision makers digital savvy CEO’s business performance best indicator of Sense/ respond business model Make/sell business model of CxOs now look to partners who will have an equal hand in creating business value 60 % CxOs believe social/digital interaction is the new imperative 7 in 10 Responding to ongoing needs for efficiency and growth exploiting a fundamentally different digital paradigm dual goals CIOs 70 % to reduce IT costs Would increase risk and accelerate business agility of collaborate extensively with their customers business

5 Coles Coles built an employee portal that is driving a sense of allegiance and pride in Coles that translates into superior customer service and increased business. Unleashing latent talents and sparking innovation Leading enterprises are transforming to digital 5 Accelerating decision making Lotus F1 Team Lotus F1 Team is analyzing and sharing data from over 200 sensors to make the calls that make the difference between winning and losing. Providing proactive service ThyssenKrupp Elevator ThyssenKrupp Elevator continuously monitors data from “things” in 1.1 million elevators around the world to fix them before they break. Realizing the branch of the future today Nedbank Nedbank reduced queue times in the branch by delivering a new video banking service that connects clients face-to-face with experts in a call center. Transforming the travel experience Delta Delta is providing travelers with new conveniences via its Fly Delta app and easy in- flight purchases, plus saves 1.2M gallons of fuel annually with electronic flight bags.

6 Becoming a responsive, customer-obsessed enterprise 6 Transforming to a digital business Tapping into new opportunities with the Internet of Things Inspiring innovation across the company Making information security a top priority Connecting everything with the cloud Starting with mobile for every new initiative Building infrastructure to be flexible Protecting the privacy of customers Becoming more responsive Breaking down the walls of the traditional workplace Making it easy for employees to get the same view of information Encouraging collaboration across the business Making mobile and social “business as usual” Helping employees to do their best work with connected technologies Moving faster to take on new opportunities Enhancing the customer experience Building teams around the customer Finding new ways to connect with customers online Putting the customer first in every decision Anticipating customer behavior and needs Making every buyer feel understood Creating great customer experiences that they will want to share Understanding your customer’s industry Engaging with customers across the channels they want to use Empowerin g the front line with direct access to information and tools Responding to customers without delay Working smarter with intelligent automation

7 We’re reimagining Microsoft… Digital Work & Life Experiences Cloud OS Device OS & Hardware Our Core Microsoft is the productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world. We will reinvent productivity to empower every person and every organization on the planet to do more and achieve more.

8 Improving energy efficiency in our buildings and datacenters Our Microsoft technology environment 8 Empowering our field with modern business apps and devices 210,000 SharePoint sites in the cloud Federated business intelligence portfolio for 1,000 apps >1 million devices hit the Microsoft network 300,000 System Center managed devices 180,000+ users 513 site locations in 113 countries “All of Microsoft runs in the cloud” 4.5 million Remote connections each month 100,000+ Microsoft employees on Yammer 6.6 million Lync calls each month Providing great, useful apps to our employees and vendors

9 Reimagining the enterprise with Microsoft 9 Deliver fluid experiences that transcend time, place, context, and device Respond more quickly to changing business needs with a flexible, hybrid cloud Unlock insights on any data and make smarter, faster decisions Work like a network in a modern workplace Devices & Mobility Cloud Productivity & Enterprise Social Business Insights & Mission Critical Cloud Platform 1.5 billion people use Windows every day 200 million Windows 8 licenses Rated highest for supporting critical data needs in the cloud Mission-critical usage has jumped 2/3 enterprise seats covered 1.1 billion people use Office 85% of Fortune million users 7 of the top 10 Fortune 500 companies 60% of the Fortune % of Fortune in 3 servers run Windows Server More than 90% of Fortune Global %

10 Transforming businesses with the Internet of Your Things Envisionin g the future 10 Improving customer experiences with big data Helping millions of victims of cybercrime fight back every day Building the city of the future Skype Translator

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13 Transforming to digital …and protecting assets in a mobile-first, cloud-first world. Reimagining the enterprise with Microsoft 13 Empowering people …to be responsive and make an impact from anywhere. Activating the business …with customer-centric solutions. … comprehensive and connected solutions… …culture of reliability, security and privacy … Global excellence in hybrid cloud services… … familiar and fluid experiences …spanning consumer and business…

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19 Get connected Industry, business & IT perspectives Events & webcasts Social channels Reimagining the enterprise with Microsoft Next steps  [Insert next steps  for your audience here]


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