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Ivanovo & Youth Success Story candidate city.

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1 Ivanovo & Youth Success Story candidate city

2 Stas Baranovsky [skateboarder] Yulia Kasu [stylist] Rotterdam 2009 Turin 2010 Antwerp 2011 Braga 2012 Maribor 2013 Thessaloniki 2014..?.. 2015 candidate city

3 Max Zadvornov [journalist, punk] Katrin Bekker [designer] for What? embrace engage empower encourage Yo! employ enjoy … Let the Youth Reinvent Cities …

4 Vladimir Smirnov [photographer] Michael Shatrov [architect] 2011 Fighting for EYC2014 Title … Barcelona (Spain) Perm (Russia) Konya (Turkey) Trabzon (Turkey) 1. Thessaloniki (Greece) 2. (Russia) 3. Heraklion (Greece)

5 Sasha Zurko [economist] Katya Vinogray [engineer] from a local youth initiative… …to the national project Outcomes & Impact revival and rethinking international relations from time-worn city brands to new idea and vision a role model for other cities in Russia revitalizing youth activities

6 Max 13 [graffiti artist] David Asambadze [dj] Government of Ivanovo Region National Support the President and the Government of the Russian Federation National Council of Russian Youth and Children’s Associations (EYF member) Youth Parliamentary Assembly under the Federation Council of the Russian Federation …and over 50 Regional and Local Youth Organisations Youth Government of Ivanovo Region Youth Chamber of Ivanovo Region Ivanovo City Youth Administration

7 Anton & Nastia “Silver Pills” band [musicians] YMCA Europe European Support European Youth Card Association EYCA Assotiation des Etats Generaux des Etudiants de l’Europe DAAD German Academic Exchange Service Ivanovo sister-cities: Khmelnitski (Ukraine) Hannover (Germany) Staffordshire (England) Lodz (Poland)

8 Nikita Morkovkin [extreme rider] 2012 Second Campaign for the Title … Lecce (Italy) Badajoz (Spain) La Laguna (Spain) Perm (Russia) Tbilisi (Georgia) Katowice (Poland) Gothenburg (Sweden) Ganja (Azerbaijan) Finalists EYC2015: Cluj-Napoca (Romania) Ivanovo (Russia) Varna (Bulgaria) Vilnius (Lithuania)

9 Misha Lapin [sportsman & model] Youtube watch us on

10 Ivanovo & Youth the city to live, not to leave… candidate city


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