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Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information 1 Our Most Important Mission - Improving Education.

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1 Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information 1 Our Most Important Mission - Improving Education

2 Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information 2 Executing Complex Projects … Requiring Integrated Solutions … With Advanced Technology and Systems Integration Skills …Across Lockheed Martin and With Our Partners … For Our Government Customers Delivering Products and Services That Perform … with Extraordinary Reliability Distinguished by Whole Systems Thinking

3 Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information 3 3 LM STS Overview Lockheed Martin Simulation, Training and Support #1 Department of Defense Adult Training Provider Human Performance Engineering Training System Development Distributed Mission/System Operations Interactive Courseware & Gaming Technologies “ ” Aeronautical Systems Information Systems & Global Services Space Systems “ ” Powered By Innovation, Guided By Integrity, We Help Our Customers Achieve Their Most Challenging Goals Missiles & Fire Control Sandia National Laboratory Systems Integration Maritime Systems & Sensors Reinvent How People Prepare for Their Tomorrow Electronic Systems Simulation, Training & Support

4 Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information 4 America will not remain true to its highest ideals—and America's place as a global economic leader will be put at risk...if we don't do a far better job than we've been doing of educating our sons and daughters; unless we give them the knowledge and skills they need in this new and changing world. President Barack Obama March 10, 2009

5 Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information 5

6 6 Student Achievement is Important Global Competitiveness National Security STEM Pipeline Percent of Students Scoring Below Basic Levels Nationally Source: National Assessment of Educational Progress 2005 1, 2007 2 ( Basic Science Basic Mathematics Grade 4 8 12 11 21 21 A Critical Need for Improvement “Reaffirming and strengthening America’s role as the world’s engine of scientific discovery and technological innovation is essential to meeting the challenges of this century, That’s why I am committed to making the improvement of STEM education over the next decade a national priority.” --President Barack Obama, 11/23/09

7 Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information 7 “The President has called for us to think about this question in a more fundamental way. And that is... how might we engineer online courses that actually improve their ability to teach you as each child goes through them. A learning lab, a grand challenge that would ensure that every child has access to education material in a manner that befits their learning style, that learns over time.” “We will devote more than 3% of our GDP to research and development … Just think what this will allow us to accomplish: solar cells as cheap as paint, and green buildings that produce all of the energy they consume; learning software as effective as a personal tutor; prosthetics so advanced that you could play the piano again; an expansion of the frontiers of human knowledge about ourselves and world the around us. We can do this.”

8 Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information

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