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Russ Lichterman Educational Technology Specialist.

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1 Russ Lichterman Educational Technology Specialist

2  Instructional segments are recorded in the classroom  Videos are stored for student retrieval later  ET, AV, or IT departments deploy and manage equipment, personnel, and storage medium for videos

3  In-class recording often requires complicated expensive equipment  Also requires trained technical personnel  More courses/instructors than equipment available  Do-it-yourself options often have poor audio and video quality (camera in back of the room)

4  Bring dynamic, engaging content to online and hybrid courses  Offer accommodations to students for illness, emergency, inclement weather, etc.  Showcase guest speakers or special presentations  Offer alternatives to “read this article, these textbook pages, etc.”

5  Students can review material at their own pace  Video segments let online students have more of a face-to-face experience  Students can watch videos at home and come to class prepared to discuss the material (Flipped Classroom)  Instructors can share content with other instructors – don’t reinvent the wheel!

6  Instructors choose the ideal topics/portions of their in-class lectures for recording (5- 25 minutes are ideal)  With 20 minutes of training on the Swivl instructors are ready to go  Videos are recorded locally on to the iPad and can be shared directly to YouTube, saved to the gallery, or uploaded to cloud- based video storage

7  Instructors set up the Swivl in class  Record the segments live in front of students  Send them to Kaltura, YouTube, or other cloud video host  Add to Blackboard Courses

8  Adding to a Bb course via Kaltura using the Faculty Repository:


10  Adding to a Bb course via YouTube using embed code:


12  Give distance learners more of a face-to-face experience  Allow for “flipped classroom” segments to be created from traditional courses  Bring dynamic, engaging content to any student – traditional or at a distance.


14 multimedia @

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