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 We believe that in addition to using flowers for gifts and special occasions, flowers should be a fun and integral part of any home or office décor.

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2  We believe that in addition to using flowers for gifts and special occasions, flowers should be a fun and integral part of any home or office décor. Please browse our site and explore all the many resources that are available to you. Flowers can become an important part of your life and lifestyle and a life-long hobby for adults and kids alike. Come back and visit us often and we'll continue to provide you with fresh and fun ideas to keep your home and office beautiful! Welcome to flowers shop

3  Growing up in the heartland of California gave Jill Slater her love of Mother Nature and a very special appreciation for flowers.  After 15 years of successfully running her own flower shop in the Bay Area of Northern California, Jill decided to sell her business to pursue her affinity towards everything that grows with a media career.  For five years Jill was San Francisco's "Good Gardener," the flower and garden reporter for ABC 7 News, San Francisco. She is currently on the air on both Good Day and Good Evening Sacramento and she is a regular contributor on Henry's Garden on KRON-TV in San Francisco. In addition, Ms. Slater is also a frequent guest on HGTV's Decorating with Style and can be seen on HGTV's Carol Duvall's Holiday Workshop.  Her gardening and flower segments encourage uncomplicated and credible instruction on home gardening and floral design. "If I can do it, you can do it" is her mantra.  Jill's friendly approach, engaging style and enthusiasm continually give her the ability to motivate and inspire her audience both on television and in educational settings. Consequently, she is the spokesperson for several key trade organizations including the Flower Promotion Organization and the California Cut Flower Commission.  In addition to Jill Slater's regular appearances on television across the country, she writes, designs and styles for several publications - Sunset Magazine, Sunset Books, Sunset's Special Interest Publications,, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Palo Alto Weekly.  Combining her expertise as a floral designer, photography stylist and garden writer, Ms. Slater recently completed Reinvent Your Garden and Container Gardening, two books on redefining the spirit of your garden. Jill created exciting new treatments to upgrade lackluster gardens in each book.  There was excitement at the Flower Promotion Organization recently, when her national appearance on Fox Cable News Network's, Fox and Friends, brought 335,870 hits to the trade organization's website. Viewers were interested in more information on Jill's featured design.  Prior to Jill Slater's flower shop years, she worked as a television news writer-producer for ABC 7 News, San Francisco.


5  Summer Flowers is the collective name for the numerous types of flowers that are readily available during the summer months. Some flowers bloom early, such as the Sweet William and the Peony. However some bloom later in the summer like the Sunflower and Solidago. This collection of flowers is especially plentiful during the months of June, July and August.

6  During the past ten years, Dutch growers have succeeded in getting some of these flower varieties to bloom earlier or later than normal. Delphinium and Snapdragon are good examples of this. Many summer flowers are even available for delivery year round now. Products such as Lisianthus, Statice, Gypsophila, Dill, small- flower Asters and Bupleurum are in continuous supply at the Dutch auctions.

7  Even the most exotic flower of them all, the Zantedeschia, is part of the extensive assortment of Dutch summer flowers. We will continue to encounter its elegant shape during the upcoming years in festive bridal bouquets. Next to this, there are hundreds of color shades and flower shapes in the summer flower group which provide a source of inspiration for shop presentations and a real attention getter for your customers.

8  The Flower MD Is Here To Help! Flower care and handling tips from our flower doctor. Q & A on flower care and handling. To enjoy your fresh cut flowers to their fullest extent, basic care and handling is a must. That is why we've developed featuring Dr. Bridget Behe. When it comes to prolonging the enjoyment of your precious blooms, call on our flower doctor

9  Holiday Hostess Gift - Recipe by Jill Slater Materials:  2 Washcloths - holiday colors (sample features red and green) 1 Sprig holly 1 Stem Red Rose/li> 1 Sheet decorative velum 1 Yard decorative ribbon 1 Medium-sized rubber band Double-sided tape 1 Coaster 1 Watertube Floral clippers and scissors Floral preservative/food Directions: Step 1 - Make a 3-inch fold at the bottom of the long side of each washcloth. Fold this folded end to meet the edge of the opposite side of each washcloth.  Step 2 - Stack the two folded washcloths on top of each other.  Step 3 - Cut decorative velum to the height and length of the folded washcloths.  Step 4 - Roll washcloths together and wrap decorative velum around them. Secure the velum around the washcloths with double-sided tape and then a rubber band for extra security.  Step 5 - Tie the decorative ribbon in a square knot around the rubber band and place rolled washcloths on top of the coaster. (To tie a square knot: left over right, right over left).  Step 6 - Cut holly and rose short and insert them into the watertube that has filled with floral preservative/food solution. Now place watertubed flower into the top of the rolled washcloths.

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