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Why Welcome! To: “Wearing Hats” Training Presented by:

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1 Why Welcome! To: “Wearing Hats” Training Presented by:

2 1 st Thing: The Secret! Presented by:


4 4 Reasons Network Marketing Beats Traditional Business: Cost to Start Quicker ROI Personal Training Support (Team) Presented by:


6 “Shift Happens” Presented by:

7 Top 5 Tips to Avoid Early Burnout: 1.Pace Yourself 2.Don’t Reinvent the Wheel 3.Work Through the “Slumps” 4.Don’t Put Life “On Hold” 5.Don’t Expect Perfection Presented by:


9 Avoid: 1.Excessive Email Checking 2.Aimlessly Surfing the Net 3.Getting Too Comfortable Presented by:



12 …“Captain My Captain…” Presented by:

13 What To Look For In a Network Marketing Company: 1.Solid Management Team 2.Proven Track Record 3.Debt Ratio 4.Local Distributors (Support) 5.Product Uniqueness Presented by:


15 Perspective: “Dead Poets Society” Presented by:


17 How To Avoid Failure: 1.Don’t be Afraid of Rejection 2.Don’t Set False Expectations 2.Stay Focused 3.Don’t Wear All the Hats 4.Don’t Micro-Manage Presented by:


19 Signs Your Business Is Failing: 1.Spending money that does not produce real results. 2.Spending more time thinking about what you are going to do instead of just doing it. 3.Losing as many or more of your distributors each month as you sign into the business. Presented by:

20 “October Sky:” Count the Failures Presented by:

21 Fundamentals of a Solid Business: 1.Realistic Expectations 2.Business Plan 3.Proper Training 4.Self Improvement Presented by:




25 6 Rules For Success: 1.Never Stop Learning! 2.Associations Matter. 3.Know all you can about your product and opportunity. 4.Listen to your Sponsor. 5.Set Goals. 6.Work, Work, Work! Presented by:

26 Alpha & Omega (The Secret) Presented by:

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