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  Case study in Lille (France) for office buildings.

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1 Case study in Lille (France) for office buildings

2 Manuel OOMEN Christelle GRANIER Alliances & Partnerships
Director PHILIPS LIGHTING Christelle GRANIER Alliances & Partnerships Manager SOMFY

3 Light balancing ® : What is it ?
Philips and Somfy combine their industry leader expertise to reinvent the way to live the office spaces Intelligent balancing of the best of « natural daylight » with the best of « electrical ligthing » to optimize the occupants’ comfort & energy saving

4 Maximum comfort Light balancing ® : Minimum energy Philips and Somfy
balance electrical & natural light to optimize the working environnement in buildings

5 Light balancing ® : How Does it work ?
Smart Blind + Smart Ligthing

6 Light balancing ® : How Does it work ?
Smart Blind + Smart Ligthing

7 Light balancing ® : How Does it work ?
Smart Blind + Smart Ligthing

8 A day at work …with Light balancing ®

9 Light balancing ® : Why ? 1.… Well being of building occupants (comfortable buildings) Daylight is important for comfort and wellbeing Research learns that light impacts our biorhythms (circadian rhythm) and thereby our mood, sleep and performance But Daylight alone is not sufficient Electrical lighting is often needed to see well and perform tasks comfortable and safe.

10 Light balancing ® : Why ? 2…Because energy savings is required
for lower operational cost, meeting regulations, green certifications, CO2 targets, etc… Integrated lighting & blinds systems strongly: Reduce building operation cost Up to 70% reduction on Lighting electricity bill Up to 60% reduction on HVAC energy Source: UTC Power Energy Efficient Building Seminar’ Beijing, China Increases building value & rental rates Up to 5% higher asset valuation Up to 3% higher rental rates Reference: The Economics of Green Building


12 Example of Light balancing ® integration : Sequana Tower
CHALLENGE Reduce energy consumption 4/times less than average tower in Paris area = reach 90 Kwh/sq / year SOLUTION 3500 SOMFY automated venetian blinds + wheater station PHILIPS T5 high performance LED lighting system + presence detection |Controlled by light balancing system | RESULTS Targeted energy consumption have been met In addition , Target of 10 for visual comfort was obtained performance measured according HQE environmental rating procedure

13 Light balancing ® 2014 Field Test : ONIX building
Project Info Customer Rabot Dutilleul , real estate Group Rodolphe DEBORRE , Group Scientific Director Location Lille , France – Euralille business district Architect Dominique Perrault Architecture Design Team Terrell International (structures), INEX (fluids HQE), Jean-Paul Lamoureux (lighting and acoustics), RPO (economist), Marion Consulting (façades)

14 Demonstrate tangible data of energy savings by using Light balancing ®
ONIX building (Lille) Demonstrate tangible data of energy savings by using Light balancing ® Building Site analysis Methodology Independent 3rd party for analysis and modeling savings with Light balancing IES, , Expert in Predicitive Building analysis Industrial Partner Soltis 99 , blind fabric by Office Spaces Setup 2nd Floor , manual blind , no lighting control 3rd Floor , light balancing

15 For more information:


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