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COMP 2903 A5 – Online Salvation Danny Silver JSOCS, Acadia University.

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1 COMP 2903 A5 – Online Salvation Danny Silver JSOCS, Acadia University

2 Paul Farhi American Journalism Review, Dec 2007 General writer with the Washington Post cles/paul+farhi/ cles/paul+farhi/

3 Think, Pair, Share HOW MANY OF YOU READ THE NEWSPAPER (on paper or online)? WHY? WHY NOT?

4 CNN News Article CNN: The Newspaper Industry in Decline eqIk&feature=related eqIk&feature=related The Future of News: Panel and Discussion #1

5 Embattled Newpaper Business Note: About $7B spent per year on news gathering !!

6 Embattled Newpaper Business Newspapers are looking to reinvent themselves on the web They were the first in the media to move to the web – easy to do really Growth: 2003 = $1.2B, 2006 = $2.6B Local newspaper websites most popular source of news and largest source of advertising for local businesses

7 Embattled Newpaper Business But growth has stopped in online Newspaper Website viewers – up only 2.6% in 2007 over 2006 When web users view they do so for short periods of time – attracts 10% of all such viewers – 35 minutes/month (Oct, 2007) = 68 seconds/day – This is 3 times longer than nearest competitor – < 50% as long as viewers of Google, Yahoo, MS

8 Embattled Newpaper Business Local newspapers are most effected The advantage of early adopter of the web has now vanished: – Online ad growth on web newspapers has started to slow – Kijiji rules for classified ads not the Chronicle Herald – TV cable stations have integrated websites for ads – Others? Can online ad revenue grow to replace dollars lost on print news ?

9 “The Vanishing Newspaper” Philip Mayer author Says – both newspapers and advertisers need to shift to the Internet Shed the big overhead of print However, print is still of greater value CPM = cost to reach one thousand readers – CPM print = 1, CPM online = 10.. Why? Top right, P.21 It could take a decade for online revenue to catch print

10 So Should I Really Consider Journalism ? Decline in value of news will mean decline in payment for writers Question: Do you see an online business model for newspapers so they can continue to do deep reporting and attracted talented journalists? What impact will that have on our news? Politics? Country? Our lives?

11 Possible Solutions Add more – more channels, more content Find a niche Do the news better online – not just print and pictures Connect with web partners – Yahoo!, job search providers, blogs, classified ad companies (Advertiser + kijiji) Match readers with articles and articles with ads – user modeling

12 Possible Solutions Search engines should better share with News groups their profits Stop making news free – make people pay for it => UID/Password for access – Walter Hussman, Jr. – Arkansas Decomrat Gazette – Charges $4.95 per month Your final thoughts?

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