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Innovation ecology and entrepreneurship Michael J. Cima.

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1 Innovation ecology and entrepreneurship Michael J. Cima

2 Great inventors and innovators Curiosity – Collecting solutions for problems that have not yet been encountered – Tool box of orthogonal nonlinearities Empathy – Truly experience and understand the problems that others face Leadership – The path to a solution often requires skills that go beyond any one individual – Confidence balanced by objectivity – Infectious enthusiasm

3 Attributes of innovative groups Small They have a clear image of excellence Able to reinvent their mission Diversity of experience – They have a perspective that gives them an “unfair advantage” Absence of a fear of failure

4 Environment for innovation Creative centers – Research centers, Universities, etc. Capital – VC, angel, credit cards, etc. People of the “start-up infrastructure” Time – Every new idea begins with a negative net present value

5 MIT Innovation Ecosystem & Pipeline Basic+Applied Research Commercial Promise & Viability University Spin-Off Emerging Growth Established Company Support / Alum Offices: Academic / Research Offices Student / Informal Organizations Joost Bonsen © 2008 ~

6 2009 InvenTeams Students teams discover the problem they want to work on ~500 students, teachers and mentors working on 30 teams 4:1 students : adults 20% rural, 13% urban, and 67% suburban 80% of schools are public Upperclassmen 28% Female Invention Education: InvenTeams

7 MIT Glass Lab Only craft art where a team is required No credit, club activity The most over subscribed class at MIT Students, staff, faculty from all parts of campus

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